We've got one hell of a week coming up @ Townhouse! w/c 13/7/15

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5 April 2015
There's always something going on at Townhouse but this week is a real mixed bag and something for everybody :)

Weds 15th is our Greedy girls and Swinging party starting at 8.30pm. All welcome, but new guys need to have a look at our website. We get between 35 & 55 people in and it's always a good craic.

Thurs 16th we have 2 events.
From 12.30-5pm we have a Greedy Girl event on with upto 60 people attending so far; email to go on the guestlist. From 7-10pm we have a fetish life drawing class. This class has been going for over a year and is GREAT!!! Beginners welcome and it's just a fiver! :lol:

Friday 17th is our long running (10 years) BDSM/Fetish event with some of the best equipment outside of London. Always a busy one with between 85 & 120 people attending. £10 per person.

Sat 18th Is our Saturday night Swinging Party. No gimic, no theme, just filth & debauchery!! hehe Just 8 single guy places as this is mainly a couples party. Always a busy night!

Sunday...we will be slobbing out on the sofa, recovering from a mad week!!!! lol
19 March 2015
Wow sounds excellent! woohoo party time!! bet it will be amazing..
Hmm greedy girl event :whipping: :surprise: :whipping: