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What Makes Your Christmas ☺

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by louise1970, 5 December 2016.

  1. For me as grewing up I was alway taught it better to give to those less fortunate than me..but knowing that family close friends and loved ones are happy that more than makes my day ☺
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  2. Having my family with me. Watching the excitement on my two boys faces...its all i need. Xxx
  3. I used to be quite a religious person, so for me it was all about celebrating the birth of Jesus and spending time with family.
    Fast forward several years and I lost my faith, my son is a grown adult and family just want me as a taxi driver as I don't drink, so I've become to hate Christmas and just see it as commercialised and greedy.
  4. We're Pagans, and our local Pagan group has a Winter Solstice ceremony outdoors, so we don't celebrate xmas as such. We welcome the rebirth of the sun and the promise of longer days; it's a time for celebrating with friends and family. Totally agree that it has become over-commercialised, sad to see how many people put themselves into debt just for one day.
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  5. I always used to look forward to Xmas as a child as it meant either (year about) travelling to Scotland to see one set of grandparents or to Tromsø to see the others for a Norwegian Christmas.

    As I've grown older and my grandparents have been dying, it's now the case that I go either to my brothers or, with the pup(s), have it at home, on my own, and go to a local restaurant that I know the people in reasonably well, and they give me a big box of meat for the pup (last year 'twas pups plural).

    I don't particularly enjoy the celebrations and I understand that the event is mainly for children. Sometimes I wonder if perhaps it's solely an event for the purposes of keeping retailers in business(!).

    As an uncle I get to spoil my nephews and nieces rotten and at the same time manage to be happy that I don't have them of my own. My two brothers kids get their Xmas pressies about a week before Xmas and I make sure that they've been wrapped and I fly up and down the same day from London to Scotland.
    IMG_0964.JPG IMG_0973.JPG
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  6. Lace

    Lace PV Sprtr

    I guess children make Christmas and I do love seeing my nieces and nephews X
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  7. For us it's the kids, our families (although M's parents will be in Cuba for Xmas) and our dogs.

    Oh and of course each other on Xmas eve for a good seeing to lol

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  8. Watching Grandson and him (Grandad) playing with the presents :love:
  9. MP386

    MP386 PV Sprtr

    While Granny's on the brandy ... :rofl: :love::love:
  10. Family, food, and terriable t.v. also a special someone waking me up as 'sexy miss santa' but that last part has no chance of happening this year :(
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  11. I love being Uncle J because I can spoil them rotten!
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  12. Looby&Lew

    Looby&Lew PV Sprtr

    Locking the door and not letting anyone in until after New year :rofl::rofl::D
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  13. MP386

    MP386 PV Sprtr

    Does that mean no one can leave either :eek:
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  14. Looby&Lew

    Looby&Lew PV Sprtr

    If you leave you're not coming back until the New year . ..simples :D
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  15. A two week break and family time. Simples. :)
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