What's on your Xmas pressie wish list ?

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it can be an actual pressie of something that would be your fantasy gift.

Actual gift for me would be a new camera, fantasy gift would be spending xmas morning having a threesome with @Mz-Zebo and another lady. :)
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18 July 2015
Mmmm interesting and am sure santa can bring you what you want...Ok I would like...Ummmm oh hang on I shall have to think x
22 August 2015
Cant say as Im way to shy :rolleyes:

yeah right xxx

Actual would be same as @zebo were we separated at birth???
Fantasy well a full day in bed, with several of the sexy peeps on here, that sounds good to me :smoking:
Would have to run passed Mrs SnS but think she would be up for it.


Ooooooo let me think! Dont particulary need anything.
Id like to get back my family home though.. perhaps i should send over @zebo with some sharp pointy objects to evict my squatter :rofl:
Id like for mr F,s sight to be A1
id also like some RL time on a sunny beach with mr F n the lil lad.
fantasy.. ahhhh
i did say i didnt want much didnt i. :D