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What's Your Favourite Scenario For A Meet Or Liaison..

Discussion in 'General Chats' started by Welshcouple59, 6 July 2019.

  1. Welshcouple59

    Welshcouple59 PV Sprtr

    just curious as to what members favourite scenarios are for a meet...as a couple do you prefer to meet other couples or the dynamics of a threesome..and the other side to it..as a swingle do you prefer to meet other singles or couples..
    We have experienced both and really enjoyed both meets but for me mr h I would prefer to meet couples..that's not to say the threesome wasn't very exciting..but on a personal level for me as a male there is more interaction between everyone with a couple..also as a single person is it more daunting for you meeting a couple as opposed to one person..just me being curious about people's preferences..Lets see what you horny lot think.:)
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  2. GeoffRy

    GeoffRy PV Sprtr

    My pref is for sex. Ha.

    No we have only ever played with other females, both singles and more. So have not yet experienced a 2 mf couple play. Though I am keen.

    Agreed that in a threesome there is usually a spare part at various stages of the interactions but these can still be fun, to sit back and watch for a while can be very exciting.

    My personal fave playtime experience was us two with Ry's then g/f and another go single girl. I was like a kid in a candy shop. Teehee . Xx G
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  3. Welshcouple59

    Welshcouple59 PV Sprtr

    I could just imagine ..like asking for 100 10p mixed bags when your aged 10..sorry showing my age there.:rofl:.bet that was very exciting though..w..(y)
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  4. MP386

    MP386 PV Sprtr

    Since joining I have met both couples and singles , meeting couples as a single for me is more daunting as you have to impress both enough to allow things to progress.....
    Obviously meeting a single is a different dynamic, some even argue is it swinging ?
    All the meets I’ve had have been similar in the way they go .... drink maybe dinner/lunch then take things further.....
    I did have one meet earlier this year along with a single lady we met a lovely couple and had one of the most enjoyable nights I’ve ever had ,it helped I liked and felt very comfortable with the lady I went with ....
    so far I’ve never had anyone run away screaming yet ! ....
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  5. Stew

    Stew PV Sprtr

    I don’t mind singles or couples , but the golden rule is ask where the nearest chip shop is and when it closes ! That way if it doesn’t work out or there’s no connection I still get my supper !! X
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