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You have been awarded a trophy: I Like It a Lot

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by sthwalescpl, 11 March 2015.

  1. sthwalescpl

    sthwalescpl Sprtr

    (Grabs trophy, and clasps it to his chest)

    Oh my god! i'd like to thank the academy, and all those that voted for me to win this honour... "sniff" I'm truly grateful!
    I'd like to thank my mum, and my Pa, (looks skywards... chokes back a sob) wish you coulda been here to see this dad!
    I'd also like to thank my fans... I really owe it all to you guys (looks into the camera all dewey-eyed).

    I'd also like to take a moment, whilst I have this public platform, to raise the issue of homeless gibbons, please, this is an important issue (host rolls their eyes)... gibbons are being made homeless every day, lets do more to re-house them... Thank you... (blows the camera a big kiss and is ushered off stage).
  2. Haha so funny :)
    Admin likes this.
  3. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Haha :D now that is hilarious!
    Enjoy your trophy, and may it forever remind you of your mass achievements here! ;)
  4. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Oh my... Someone's confident.
    Steaming ahead no doubt :whistle: :D
  5. Lace

    Lace PV

    I need a cabinet as have 93..xx
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  6. I received one of these like it a lot trophy this morning.. Not a clue what's it's all about, or how it was earned?
    But thankyou.. Xx Do I need to write a speech! :D
    Admin likes this.
  7. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Congratulations!! :D (y)
    I did have a list here somewhere about it, but can't think where it is..
    Trophies are an 'award' system designed to help encourage activity on the site.
    As you post more, if you're a forumite, your trophies will increase.
    You will also get trophies for likes - as in if people like your content numerous times, your awards will also increase.

    So an award system (if you will) to help encourage activity and just to show a sign of recognition for being active within the community.

    Speech needed puhlease! ;)
    Anyway hope this helps...
  8. Thankyou, I'm composing, I'm composing.. Alas work calls. Hope you all have a super, naughty evening.. ;) x
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  9. LadyLily

    LadyLily PV Sprtr

    Brilliant, thanks for the laugh!
  10. Baldrick

    Baldrick PV Sprtr

    I wanna a trophy lol.

  11. Therapon

    Therapon Admin PV Sprtr

    Here ya go I spent a lot of time and effort finding this for you. Hopefully you will appreciate it.

  12. Miss-Sexy-Legs

    Miss-Sexy-Legs Admin PV Sprtr

    Omg I remember these I loved getting a new one then the ultimate accolade the blue sparkles xx
    debE likes this.
  13. Baldrick

    Baldrick PV Sprtr

    I appreciate it very much ta.
    It can go with mi other booby prize Balders lol

  14. Meandlis

    Meandlis PV Sprtr

    How weird. I was only wondering, last night, what ever happened to the trophies. o_O
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  15. Baldrick

    Baldrick PV Sprtr

    Trophies are from when the site first started? Replaced by badges and sparkles?

  16. Baldrick

    Baldrick PV Sprtr

    Oh dear I'm causing chaos.
    Balderick will be pleased lol

    Therapon likes this.
  17. Miss-Sexy-Legs

    Miss-Sexy-Legs Admin PV Sprtr

    Took up too much data so much easier now with badges
    Admin and Therapon like this.
  18. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Ahhh great fun. But people were confused when I made things like - vanilla, soft swing, hardened swinger.
    Peeps would moan like no ones business at me - "But Admin we're NOT VANILLA" LOL :rofl: :D

    Yeah. Hence they were stopped. :whistle:
    Baldrick, No longer with us and debE like this.
  19. Therapon

    Therapon Admin PV Sprtr

    Lol I remember getting one for too many posts :confused::rofl:
  20. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Ahh wasn't that my 'get a life. No a Real Life' trophy? :D
  21. Miss-Sexy-Legs

    Miss-Sexy-Legs Admin PV Sprtr

    And now you need one for none lol
  22. Therapon

    Therapon Admin PV Sprtr

    That's the one :D

    Oooo bitchy:eek:
  23. Miss-Sexy-Legs

    Miss-Sexy-Legs Admin PV Sprtr

  24. Therapon

    Therapon Admin PV Sprtr

    Bite me :)[/QUOTE]

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