Your best attributes, your worst faults

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Not just physical, also character traits, would you change anything about yourself or are you happy with who you are ?

Personally i think my sense of humour is my best attribute, although it can be a little dry at times, but a close second would be my manners, i always try to be polite, understanding and a gentleman ( except with my nutty neighbours when they play headache music at 3 am ).

Worst faults . . . I'm impulsive, can be a bit of a grumpy old git with people who are disrespectful (especially religious groups who come knocking at the door ), oh and i have a tendency to spam on the forums :whistle: :whistle::whistle:

Physically my best and worst are the same thing . . . the thick, bushy monobrow, some love it some hate it, but its staying !!
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Ohhh thats a hard one... erm best. Im loyal and always honest. I care deeply for my patients. I would fight to the end, along side my freinds, when im wrong i say so.
My worst, hmmm im impulsive. I say what i think. Im stubborn.
i over think things...
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18 July 2015
This is hard and umm.. Ok my best, Im way to soft with everyone but It takes a lot for me to trust and that is down to business, I can be your best friend for life and will always care, most say Im funny but I dont know, just daft.
Worst, same as missy, Im stubborn and like to stand my ground and am never wrong..:whistle:
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11 August 2015
I'd say I'm comfortable with the way I am and the only thing I would consider changing is my hieght. My best attibutes are that I am always willing to help out which is why I do voluntary work, I'm tolerant and think I have a sense of humour. My worst attributes, I can be quite grumpy if things don't go well, I don't take very well to people who will not take No as an answer and I can be very quiet until I feel comfortable.
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Best attributes: I'm very friendly, I like finding out what makes people tick and I am good at finding out about people...

Failings: I don't suffer fools gladly, I am a bit dismissive sometimes.


My worst attribute would most definatly be my sense of humour. It rubs some people the wrong way but it's there loss imo.

Best attribute - probably my loyalty. If you are on my good side I'd do almost anything for you.... almost.
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27 April 2015
Hmmmm Me drop a couple of stone, harder said than done after been sat driving a large vehicle for the last 20+ years and little exercise, Mrs A Team, sorry guys she wants smaller boobs !!!!! :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::(:(:boobies: most other things we are comfy in our own skins with completely to press lol xx
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My best and worse trait is probably the same thing - my relentless, take no prisoners, confidence. But it does me more favours than it harms so it isn't changing :lol:

Physically I'd like my hair back and a little less weight but I seem to be one of those people who look better as they age so on the whole I can't complain!
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