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A safe, secure swinging site with a difference. Where members are real, genuine swingers. Safety first, for all members. Abuse is not tolerated....
By Therapon · 13 September 2018 · ·
  1. Therapon

    So what is a swingers site? Put bluntly a swingers site is a site where members join with other like minded people for sex, yes a swingers site is a sex site. If you are a couple, a single female or a single male all swingers are looking for that fun meet. You may be looking for a MFM, an FFM, a MMFF or an MF, it doesn’t make any difference because you are looking for like minded sexy people to fulfil that desire and here at Social Swinging we provide a secure site to help you find that meet.

    Social Swinging is here to help you meet those people. It may not have as many members as some of the bigger sites but then it doesn’t have all those fake profiles you find elsewhere. Join any large site and you will soon find that the couple you are talking to is really a single person. Join any large site and for couples and single females especially you will be buried in requests for sexy photo’s, chats and meets. Single guys also have problems, read all those profiles that say “single guys don’t apply, if we want you we will find you”, a poor reflection on those site.

    At Social Swinging things are different, it provides a safer swinging site where the staff actively seek to weed out the fakes before they join and if any slip through they are banned when found. Nor does the site tolerate any forms of abuse, bullying or racism. It is a community driven swingers site where all members can have their say knowing that if needed the staff will intervene if things get out of hand.

    Social Swinging is also a free swingers site with the exception that you do need to pay a small monthly charge if you want to view the Galleries. The rest of the site is free. So what do you get, you get a profile, you get access to the Forums, to Chat and Video chat. You can contact the staff if you have a problem and the staff will get involved to help you and if you want to pay £3.99 per month you also get to view the Galleries. Members can also create their own private albums where you can add those raunchy pics and videos and set the security so only those you want can view your media.

    What doesn’t Social Swinging have, well you cannot hide your profile. Why should a member be able to view everyone else’s profiles but hide their own, the site and members believe this is unfair and therefore it isn’t possible, unless there are genuine reasons, to do so.

    So yes, Social Swinging is a swingers site with a difference. Don’t believe us, well try us and then make up your own mind
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  1. MyKinkyWorld
    Social Swinging is the first english swingers community I join. It's probably smaller than other ones, but It looks like a family and this is very cool.
    I'm loving my time with Social Swinging even if I'm far from other members and I'll probably never meet someone.
    Well done, I think it's a great swingers community.

    Like every time, I beg your pardon for my english.
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    1. Admin
      Thank you so much for the very warm words and your English is fine. :)
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  2. atcannes
    just gonna pip in here, i have never been swinging or used sites like this but recently single i now wanna explore my sexuality and open my eyes to a whole new world of excitement, and after a few hiccups on etiquette being new i have found my feet and just love the community here. Its not all about sex there is a lot of fun just here.. I came to this site as a single male which is stereotyped as just wanna a fuck kinda scenario,, yes of course we all want that but i didnt want it to be that for me, i actually wanna make friends and get involved. The warmth and welcome and help and just all round ease of being, is fantastic, i have even been invited yes!!! invited to my first ever gang bang .. wow how often has that ever happened ...NEVER ..ill probably be a complete bag of nerves but the opportunity to do this has happened thru SS. just wanna say thanks.
    1. Admin
      That’s an amazing testament to the people here and the ethos we’ve instilled and made sure that it is kept that way. Thank you. Reassuring to read. :)
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  3. Baldrick
    I don't know what I can possibly add to this. I joined and never needed to seek elsewhere. Safe, secure and damn sexy ;) x
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  4. Miss JR
    I couldn't agree more as someone who has been terrorised on another site where "Admin" and staff simply remove all evidence. From the second I joined this site I knew it was different. A message from site owners within minutes welcoming me as a single lady and asking me to make sure I let them know if I'd any trouble. Breath of fresh air. Also the fact that the site has the option of 2 step verification shows how professional the owners are. And I've never encountered a friendlier and more welcoming bunch. Thank you!
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