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Good afternoon Sexy Peeps.
Today we have an article published on the Wales Online website and within the Wales On Sunday newspaper.
An old friend of mine wanted to help us change how things are reported and show people that it's not all sleaze and nasty headlines that we're all so accustomed to nowadays, sadly.

So we went with it and decided that it's the perfect (to use a phrase from a friend) antidote to the usual sleazy headlines and bashing we all get when our lifestyle choice is covered in the press.

The posts are made from members on here who wanted to submit their stories and chose to come forward with their points of view about how they became involved in swinging and some of the challenges they've faced too.

Overall, the piece is well written, balanced and should prove to be informative for those who may wish to pursue this lifestyle choice but are unsure of so many things.
One thing we stressed was safety of people and how it's so paramount to us. From making the site the World's first ever swinging site to use and put in place face photo verification systems, to fake swingers accounts and catfishing and how it has such a detrimental effect on all of us.

Also we made clear that the stigma of being STI riddled communities, needs addressing and we have to try and put a stop to so many bad rumours and ideologies regarding swinging.

So here's the article, I hope you enjoy and also want to thank those of you who helped with your stories - you know who you are. x
Also thank you to Will Hayward - who has been a very trustworthy and genuinely lovely person to speak with.

Inside the ultra-secretive world of Welsh swingers
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Thanks to Mike & Cathy, Trevor and Corrine! ;)

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