Probably would help if I actually finished writing this ?
I'm Emma but everyone calls me Skippy, for obvious reasons.Been in this lifestyle for many years.Not sure how I managed to get people to like me,but what I lack in social skills, I make up for in awkwardness and humour ?
I enjoy a variety of fun.Ideally couples are what i'm looking for.i find it a major turn on being invited to be a part of their fun.Plus being bisexual, it's a double bubble.But saying that if I find someone attractive,i'm in their like a shot.
I'm pretty much laid back and easy.If something floats my boat, then I go for it.I'm not a big messeger or connection seeker.I don't get involved in the whole "sharing of lives thing".I just want distant friendships,with people who can happily have sex with me when the mood takes ?
Oh and I don't receive oral.I'm more of a giver ? xxEMxx