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Time for news of the week ?.I will be recounting some of the more important news stories, that have brought attention.

Friends and family are deeply shocked about the death of a woman in her 40's, who tragically died at Durdle door. The woman fell around 40 metres after deciding the steps weren't quick enough ,so the "cliffhanger approach" was the fastest route. Which in this instance was confirmed to be entirely correct,she did indeed get to the bottom alot quicker.

Onlookers outraged at witnessing 2 young boys being restrained by the police in Wolverhampton. The police were called to an incident last week after 2 boys aged 13 were being abusive to other customers.A single officer had to call for back up because he couldnt handle them, and apparently you're not allowed to give them a swift whack across the face.3 police officers had to then restrain the 2 youths after they began attacking them. Crowds of people were reported to be screaming at the officers, that they were being too rough. Not as rough as the 2 youths that were beating the shit out of people...but still unfair advantage.The police are bullies.The two innocent children are victims after causing damage to a store, and booting police officers on more than one occasion x

A mum. has courageously shared about the dangers of bathrooms(And I do mean she was very brave to put this out in public), after her 2 year old climbed into a bath in the middle of the night,ran the bath and then fell asleep in the bath. SHOCKINGLY the tips for this not happening to someone elses child, were not received well.
One commenter asked how you don't hear a bath running at 2am. Unfortunately no response was made. Luckily for the woman she had 2 children,so she was alerted by her 4yr old and saved the child. She is said to be traumatised that it happened, her floor was flooded.

Girls get hot. Girls go swimming in crocodile infested waters. Girls shocked at being attacked by crocodiles.
One girl recounts her sisters bravery,after being attacked in Mexico while taking a dip in a resident hotspot for crocodiles. While on a worldwide, trip the twin sisters joined an unlicensed group to take a dip in a natural lagoon. One twin recounts the moment the attack happened."my sister got bored and swam away from the big group that may have been safer in crocodile infested waters. Moments later I heard a scream and swam over to see what was wrong.I then noticed the 7 ft beast and decided the best option was to punch it in the face.I was hurt, she was hurt" The girls were British tourists,incase no one had guessed that yet.

The groundbreaking,international award winning television show Love Island will be gracing the tvs again. The tv show which has boosted the tanning economy,since it's arrival is said to be to in the beginning stages. Contestants are currently in quarantine to protect them and "us".Unfortunately quarantine only lasts 10 days. Filming will begin shortly. The producers have confirmed that there will be more diversity with contestants this season. And it is even believed they have cast a woman over a size 12 and A really really pretty lady with one leg ?.

Two young girls divide opinions after being refused service in a wetherspoons pub.
The accomplishment from being refused service in a wetherspoons pub,deserves recognition in itself,but 2 people have divided the internet on why. Two 19 yr old best friends complained, at one of the chains pubs,after the manager refused to serve them because they were dressed inappropriately. On one of the hottest days of the week, the 2 girls decided to pop out for a drink while wearing halter neck bikini tops. The server had said they were not allowed in because they were basically topless. When asked for comments the pub had said "they had rules about dress code for men and women,and it was deemed inapropriate for a FAMILY led chain "?.

Thousands of brits travelling to beaches during the heat spell, have cast their moans and outrage at how busy the beaches and attractions have been.
Surprisingly the beaches and attractions have brought people from far and wide,with many opting for a staycation, with travel abroad limited. This has proved any issue for many others, who were not aware that public places were indeed for public people. One man who travelled over 3 hours to Southend beach,only to leave an hour later was said to be disgusted at how social distancing and personal space was being managed." I had to wait an hour in a line just to get icecream for me and my family of 13. We couldn't get enough space to sit on the beach. The whole day out has been ruined by other people,who had the same idea as me".He didn't say that last part.
Same time next week everyone ?? xxEMxx

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