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  1. The-A-Team

    Toilet BJ (chapter 2)

    Chapter 2.. We left the beach bar urgently, Once there, I led him to our guest bedroom, my legs walking down the corridor were shaking in anticipation of what I knew was going to happen, I'd already pre-cum myself when he emptied down my eager throat, and I could again feel a silky wet trickle...
  2. The-A-Team

    Toilet BJ....

    Is this real or is it fantasy, I'll let You decide lol xxx.... We're (I think) an attractive Married 50 ish year old naturist couple both with a very high sexual desires living on the spanish coastline. Luckily I've an adoring husband, who shares me, with selected other guys of my choosing...
  3. T

    Best Beaches

    @Fortynflirty has been having fun in the beach today with her children ' whilst I was asleep b4 my night shift. So this got us thinking, with the summer fast approaching us. What beaches have you all visited for no kids beach visits??? :serial_Flasher: Where would u recommend and where to avoid??