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  1. Victorjohn


    I look lady for fun .i have place and car.
  2. NorthEastMicky

    Hey Everyone :) X

    Hey all how's everyone? x
  3. Kingpin

    Hi All

    Hi everybody, I’ve just come across this group and it was intriguing to me. I used to meet a couple many years ago when I was in uni but since then I have been with one woman whom I married. Sadly last year we separated, amicably though and we are still friends and co-parent and split time...
  4. princesspeanut

    So I Think It’s Finally Time I Did This..

    so I’ve officially been a member of this site for what feels like everrrr and I don’t think I’ve ever done a hello post and considering I’m coming to the VA weekend in March I think it’s time we all got acquainted Except u @Charlia i know you enough :p So I am abbie or peanut or yanno...
  5. T


    hello hi, I'm Tony 27years old from Hong Kong. I like to meet more friends, I'm a open mind, friendly, like to try new think(specially on the bed) I like a shy girl who’s not so shy after all, be Initiative and Oral Sex is turn me on a lot !!! I like driving (I love car), swimming, cooking...
  6. S

    Hello From Alaska :)

  7. A

    Just Wanted To Say Hello :)

    Hello all, after being in and out I am now fully back and IN! So come by and say HI! Keen to chat, and make new friends - See you soon :)
  8. B

    The Name's Blaine, Just Blaine

    Ignore the cheesy title, it's about as much wit as I could muster this Monday evening. (I promise to improve) Hi Everyone, I'm Blaine, easy going, good laugh and up for anything (within reason) I'm sure i'll get to know a few of you well and hopefully some of you very well For now peace
  9. M

    Hello From The Land Of The Roundabout And Concrete Cows!

    Yes, for those who are unfamiliar with the location, Milton Keynes is a real place not a punchline or where Eastenders characters are sent when they have to do a stint in real world prison or Pantomime. I can prove that it is real as it is where I live, I think there could be some form of...