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  1. D

    Casual Socials

    Hi guys, had a look through forums, and wanted to know if there are any regular casual socials, and if there are any - are there some around the south & south Wales? (like munches) no worries if there aren't any, would be happy to travel to other ones and events in the future, Ty, Wolfie x
  2. Ruberfunxxx

    Guildford Kinks Munch

    hi all just to let you know Guildford kinks munch is tonight 9th Feb at Pews bar courtyard in Guildford. 7-11pm all welcome. Ruberfunxxx
  3. Ruberfunxxx

    Guildford kinks social

    just a reminder it's the Guildford kinks munch tonight. 7-11pm Pews bar courtyard.