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  1. The Klown

    Hu9 Club Social And Play

    I am of to the hu9 club social and evening event. Can highly recommend this place. Really good all round. Would love company. Of you fancy it. Check it out. And me too. Lol It's great
  2. BigCharlie

    Pub Or Swinging Club?

    So am new to all this so firstly apologies if this has been asked before. But how do people feel about social meets? Should they be at a pub or swingers club? From my limited knowledge on the subject I don’t think it matters but just wondering what other people’s thoughts are before I message...
  3. D

    Casual Socials

    Hi guys, had a look through forums, and wanted to know if there are any regular casual socials, and if there are any - are there some around the south & south Wales? (like munches) no worries if there aren't any, would be happy to travel to other ones and events in the future, Ty, Wolfie x
  4. AutumnH


    I was having a think (alright, bear with me, it happens on occasions) and I'm just wondering if anybody has ever heard of or had a romantic relationship occur due to the lifestyle? After reading the various articles of how and swinging improves a relationship, I'm just wondering if a meet (sex...
  5. Ruberfunxxx

    Guildford Kinks Munch

    hi all just to let you know Guildford kinks munch is tonight 9th Feb at Pews bar courtyard in Guildford. 7-11pm all welcome. Ruberfunxxx