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  • Barefront

    Discussion in 'Swinging Chats - Public' started by Ahabs, 10 August 2018 at 18:53.

    1. Ahabs

      Ahabs PV Sprtr

      So I was wondering, (as the subject of protection came up on another thread), but a twist on things.

      Use of protection (or lack of) between bi/gay women when playing:
      1) Does it happen? How often?
      2) Has anyone seen it come into play (especially in club/meets)
      3) Which are the best ones?

      NB: Ladies, your input on this is most welcome (although guys are not exempt) however this is not a thread asking "who does/uses" or "who doesn't" (feel free to say so however if you're comfortable with that).
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      • Lips_Pearls

        Lips_Pearls PV P Sprtr

        Interesting thread with a very valid question. (y)
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        • Just did a very quick Google on lesbian sex and sexually transmitted infections and it turns out its a wonder the human race is still here. Not because of the girl on girl action just because despite the evidence (7 Billion people.) We should have infected each other to death thousands of years ago :eek::palm:

          I should think it's the usual be sensible but dont go as mad as advised by the health nuts rule (y)

          N xxx
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