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  1. D


    ..What do you identify with? What kind of experiences are you wanting to explore here? Maybe you are a woman/man/trans who is Bi-curious, or Bi-playful, Or maybe you’re not quite sure yet. Maybe you identify more as lesbian/gay, but have an open mind about the opposite sex (homoflexible). Or...
  2. Ahabs


    So I was wondering, (as the subject of protection came up on another thread), but a twist on things. Use of protection (or lack of) between bi/gay women when playing: 1) Does it happen? How often? 2) Has anyone seen it come into play (especially in club/meets) 3) Which are the best ones? NB...
  3. S

    Knicker Fun With Marie And Julian Pt 2

    Swinging each of her legs over Julian's and mine, respectively. Marie settled back and started to stroke her knicker gusset with her agile fingers. 'Mmm.. Watching you both spunk has made my gusset ever so wet. I don't think I will need my buzzing pussy eggs with you two lovely men at hand, will...
  4. SwindonSwingers

    Swindon Swingers - REMIX

    NEXT REMIX EVENT: SATURDAY 10TH OF OCTOBER This special event is for Gay – Straight – Bi-Sexual’s, Whatever your into or curious about this event will be the perfect event for you to experience and admire. There’s no limits on who can attend male or female – Couples or singles. Nor will it...