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Knicker Fun With Marie And Julian Pt 2

Discussion in 'Fantasy & Story Forums' started by Seamstraight, 13 August 2017.

  1. Swinging each of her legs over Julian's and mine, respectively. Marie settled back and started to stroke her knicker gusset with her agile fingers. 'Mmm.. Watching you both spunk has made my gusset ever so wet. I don't think I will need my buzzing pussy eggs with you two lovely men at hand, will I?'

    Julian was breathing heavily, still recovering, from what seemed like a very intense orgasm. I nodded to Marie in agreement. I looked down at my hand caressing her shapely nylon clad legs. Remembering the photo that accompanied their advert. It was of Marie, her back to Julians camera, bent over, touching her toes and dressed in very sheer, shiny tan tights. Her Ruben-esque figure and form accentuated by this delightful hosiery.

    'Ooohh!'... A moan from Marie startled me from my reverie. I looked to see her visibly flushed and with the vibrating eggs from her pussy in her hand. 'Nice daydream, Rich?', Marie smiled. I laughed as I explained. 'Oh! I remember that well! My dear Julian could'nt contain himself after that photo sesh. Could you dear? Julian turned and nodded with a wry smile and a wink to me.

    'He gripped my hips and thrust his lovely, hard penis against my full arse. Did'nt you dear? He shot so much cum over my new tights, Rich. They were absolutely soaked!' I giggled, as I admitted that was my impulse too upon seeing the pic. 'He is so like you, Julian! Anyway, boys.. I think I'm due some pleasure from you both, don't you?'

    Julian and I nodded eagerly, as we stood and discarded our knickers. Julian lovingly took and pulled his wife's off too. Marie then pushed herself forward a bit more and raised her legs, akimbo, into the air. I did remember Marie having quite a prominent vulva and clitoris. Demonstrated when they sent me a video of her, queening Julian. But, when I gazed upon it then, it was far more beautiful in reality. She was'nt shaven, just trimmed but, her lips and clitoris were so engorged and red.

    Julian caught my admiring stare. ' She is fantastic, eh Rich? Well, have a gander at this!' And, with that he spread her bum cheeks to expose Marie's anal rose. At the sight of her lovely, puckered bumhole, I could'nt help myself. I dropped to my knees and started to sensitively tongue and rim her hole.

    'You're right dear.. He is like me!' Julian laughed. ' Ooohh Rich!' Marie exclaimed. 'That is lovely!' I pushed my tongue in further. Delighting in Marie's reactions to my exploration. Julian started to expertly frig his wifes excited clitoris that had her moaning, uncontrollably, in pleasure.

    After five minutes of stimulation, Marie panted, 'Come up here, Rich, beside me.' I got up and kneeled beside her on the couch. I noticed Julian had become hard again and was slowly fisting his lovely looking cock. Marie guided my hand to her sopping cunt. Without further prompting, I slowly slipped three of my fingers into her easily. And, started to finger-fuck her whilst massaging her clitty with my thumb, at the same time. 'Oh! Ooo Rich! That's it! Frigfuck my cunt.. Ooohh!

    I looked to see Julian lubing up his hands and penis, before kneeling before Marie. He started to nudge his stiff member into her bumhole, whilst, at the same time, locating my own anal cherry with his free hand. 'Oh Julian! Yes!' Marie was writhing as her hand reached and cupped my balls. I cried out in pleasure as Julian inserted his finger in my virgin bumhole. He was gentle in his administrations to my tight back passage as I panted with joy. All the while concentrating on fucking Marie's beautiful cunt.

    Marie suddenly stiffened as the orgasm took her. Her juices gushing over my fingers and hand. I withdrew my hand and righted myself so I could position myself to match the motions of Julians expert fingering as I stroked my very erect prick. Marie looked up at me smiling and said, 'Well, I think we could all use a shower, don't you? And, we have some lovely underwear in our bedroom, Rich. That I think will look adorable on you. Come on..The night is still very young!'...
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