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  1. EmpressK1710

    Are you mature and submissive?

    I am a married woman seeking a discreet affair with a mature and submissive man . He must be ready to serve and also satisfy my desires. Get in touch with me if you have interest.
  2. P

    Tights Fetish

    Hi, Does anyone else on this site have a tights fetish? I love wearing them (when it's cooler) and love having sex whilst my wife and I are wearing them. My favourite ones are M&S blue or barely black 10 denier sheer tights. I know it's a bit weird, but I'm sure we all have our little kinks. - P
  3. L

    Bbw And It's Forms

    I like my women curvy but what do you consider a BBW is? and how many women on here consider themselves or identify as BBW's? Is BBW a fetish? are feeders positive, negative or does it depend on your perception?
  4. Lips_Pearls

    Know Your Limit?

    Ahh dontcha just love 'limits'. Meh. there to be explored, there to be enjoyed. There for exploration. There to be told "you can't" or "Shouldn't". After speaking to a very good friend this evening, I had to write this. The limit of BDSM play is literally boundless. You have no limits. You can...
  5. The Kinky Consent Alphabet - B

    The Kinky Consent Alphabet - B

    I can sing my ABC, won't you sing along with me? Let's sing a slightly different version though... B is for Bastinado The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the word as meaning "a punishment consisting of beating the soles of the feet with a stick" This may be a term you've not heard before but...
  6. The swinging and BDSM lifestyle crossover

    The swinging and BDSM lifestyle crossover

    Well hello all you kinksters out there in the social swinging community. Although BDSM and swinging are two very different lifestyles and communities they have a massive crossover appeal which I think is down to both groups being more adventurous and open to different dynamics than what is...
  7. S

    Knicker Fun With Marie And Julian Pt 2

    Swinging each of her legs over Julian's and mine, respectively. Marie settled back and started to stroke her knicker gusset with her agile fingers. 'Mmm.. Watching you both spunk has made my gusset ever so wet. I don't think I will need my buzzing pussy eggs with you two lovely men at hand, will...
  8. S

    Knicker Fun With Marie And Julian Pt 1

    Ok.. So, I thought I would write a story concerning my first swinging experience and friendship, that happened to me 20 years ago. Although, I have had wonderful times after this. I find, like your first love, that your first is the one you treasure greatly. I made contact with Marie and Julian...
  9. B


    Just wondering what people's preference is. I shave from neck to bum hole every week (or 2 depending on laziness). On men I like shaven or neatly trimmed. On ladies I like fully shaven or landing strip. I don't like bush on either. Tho my experience of clubs I don't see much bush on either...
  10. Lips_Pearls

    So, What Do You Consider Yourself To Be In The Bdsm Lifestyle..?

    As per title, what do you consider yourself to be within the BDSM lifestyle? We are firm believers that the two can mix, swinging and BDSM/Fetish - and at the end of each spectrum the two can crossover. The other ends of the spectrum - of course not.. but the milder of the two, yes. With...
  11. Admin

    For All You Fetsters And Bdsm Peeps

    Hello Sexy Peeps, Well it's about time we added this and there's enough kinksters out there for us to do so. Long awaited and I will admit I was nagged to do this, but dragged my heels due to workload - but this forum is all about BDSM, fetish and the lifestyle. Feel free to add content and...
  12. T

    Valhalla Club

    has anyone been to Valhalla club in Dudley? Somebody on Twitter was saying its a decent place but me and the Mrs were curious and a little apprehensive about going since it would be our first time at a swinging party / club. It's very nearby so that was the reason for wanting to check it out...