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For The Old Skool Ravers Among Us...

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Admin, 20 April 2016.

  1. Admin

    Admin Admin

    I did promise @VoluptuousVixen a PM t'other week with some epic raves, some I went to and others wished I did.
    Anyway I am very sure Miss ViVi can add to this too and I am also sure @Minxy enjoys her Old Skool too.
    I also think... I may be wrong, but I feel the vibe.. that @meandlis may have enjoyed the rave/hc dance scene too.. :)

    So for me it progressed from house in the late 80's and acid. Then I found myself well into rave. Hoover noise being my particular high from it, and serious HC as in stompin' boots HC. Jungle, DnB, and original dubstep... Right up my alley. Thrown in the mix, acid, trance, HC dance, HC house..

    For me it has progressed into really looking for obscure records from the old rave dayz, to eurotrance - Ragga Jungle, Dubstep (proper London dub) and more..
    I should imagine us Old Skool ravers here can probably share the same kind of backgrounds...
    Never one for Happy hardcore. That's for softcore peeps who like dance but not really.. Social ravers if you will (no offence) mid 90's > naughties 'rave' was shite.
    89-95 the BEST era for rave, aceeeed and trance.. Loved up, purple doves, white hats, gloves, stompin boots, water, summer.. free love.

    So here's some of what I consider personally to be some of the BEST raves this planet ever witnessed...Oh and some DnB, Dubstep Neurofunk and so on..

    This is EPIC!!

    @VoluptuousVixen @Minxy - this one has to be played loud as... ;) turn the amps up, turn the subs up - get your boots and whistles out!! :D

    later on I will add one I went to, still have the chits here somewhere.. Whopper!
    :D ;)
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  2. Love it!!!!
    I like it all, but being a 90s teenager, it was mostly Wigan Pier, Helter Skelter, Club Kinetic,drum n bass....list is endless, I'll listen to it all. I do have a favourite for Wigan Pier, as it's my hometown and the club I visited and it's still going although it's Pier on The Pier in Blackpool.
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  3. Admin

    Admin Admin

    These two are huge! As was Shelley's, Fantazia, Bristol warehouses, Obsession and more..
    Yeah can hear the early rave influence in this and then the progressive house too but also happy hardcore, and club trance.. :)
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  4. This was all the rage as I was in school '95
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  5. take me back to the 90s!
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  6. Admin

    Admin Admin

    No drugs were taken in the making of this video :whistle:
    This was deep house and early acid.. Brilliant, rave was born from this and the entire techno scene - leading up to what we have today. (y)
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  7. This album makes me wanna cry. Had just left school in '97 and started hanging around with the boy racers, RS Turbos and Cosworths, bass boxes, dump valves and the best time of my life. Oh to be 16/17 again.
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  8. I'm so emosh! :cry::D:D:D
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  9. Admin

    Admin Admin

    That is realllly hard techno rave. Epic...
    Okay so here is one of the BEST Obsession sets ever, I have the tickets and chits somewhere.. This was where it was at.
    DJ Tanith, and Producer... Honestly now, when you have a spare hour and a half, I recommend listening to this from start to finish.
    This is my all time #1.. An amazing night and was just somewhere to be as one unit;

    and then

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  10. just started to listen to it x
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  11. Admin

    Admin Admin

    This one is truly phenomenal! I mean that... probably one of the best ever. Biased of course... but still, this blew the roof off for raves. :D
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  12. I keep forgetting it's on when switching pages!
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  13. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Some early stuff;

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  14. some classics on there!
  15. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Yes this is definitely in the list of serious old skool classics. :D
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  16. really need to get to @Xtasia for a Depraved event!
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  17. a fave from my 20s and still listen to it in the car and it's dedicated to @Beast_Within
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  18. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Yes definitely! Supposed to be fantastic that. :)
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  19. Meandlis

    Meandlis PV Sprtr

    :)Mental, mental, Radio Rental!!!!:)
    Looks like I've got some listening to do tonight (y)
    My era, rave-wise, was the Acid House explosion. I changed, almost overnight, from a Mod in tailored suits and handmade shoes into a raver with a Peruvian design hoody, baggy joggers and a pair of trainers.
    We went to Martha's (@Admin do you remember the furore when they painted a smiley on the building? The Evening Post thought it would encourage kids to take drugs..... like we needed encouragement!!), Dora's had some good nights and we used to trek to London to visit Rage in Heaven and the Fridge in Brixton as well as go to the illegal Raindance, Spectrum and Dreamscape raves. The best parties were always the ones that were just a photocopied flyer with a phone number on (usually a phone box or a carphone) held in disused factories etc. One of the best I ever attended was down Pennard Castle, trekking over the golf course at 3 in the morning after a fistful of, errr, vitamins, but worth it to witness a load of nutters dancing on the castle walls as the sun rose behind them.
    Shit. Good times man, good times.
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  20. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Now that is exactly where it's at! :D
    Dirty Dora's :D :eek: ,
    Martha's was the best place for club rave. Big names too.. Carl Cox, Slipmatt, so many.. would party with us and for us until really early morning. The chillout room.. ;)
    Oh my God!! I forgot about Spectrum and Dreamscape and most of all Raindance.. Woohoo.. :D
    Yes yes the photocopied flyer with barely any info or worn down to pieces, a phone number and yes usually a phonebox somewhere that you had to leave ring once, twice maybe three times and then ring back for dates times etc.
    Barker jeans, Gazelle's or CAT boots, Air Max possibly.. Kappa, purple doves, white hats.. UV's, more water than alcohol every time, and just a loved up hippy vibe..
    Spilling a drink was no more than a "Sorry mate didn't mean to" - which resulted in "It's cool mate/bruv don't worry"
    The days of punching someone for spilling a drink on you were gone...
    Brixton, Bristol, London were HUGE sources of the best raves, tunes and old skool vibes. Brixton probably the most popular.
    Very good times! (y) (y)
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