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  • How To Write Your Ad

    Discussion in 'Swinging Chats - Public' started by Admin, 19 March 2015.

    1. Admin

      Admin Site Owner Admin

      If you are swingers looking to find another swinging couple online but are tired of the consistent disappointments, here are a few tips. Advertising yourself properly is the first step to get the ball rolling. This is not as easy as it seems, but involves a lot more thought and effort to be put into it.

      Since there are thousands of couples in the world hoping to get the same results as you, what will make a prospective couple select you over all these other options? Ensure that you make your ad stand out while providing information about yourself. The headline of your swinger ad is probably most important. This is what ensnares the responders into clicking it for further details. Instead of sticking to the standard ‘couple looking 4 couple’ ads, it would be advisable to include more information. Specify age as well as the kind of experience you are looking for, whether it is first timers or experienced.

      While getting someone to click on your ad is the first step, the battle is not yet won. The next step is the body. This gives you a chance to elaborate on yourself as well as your main purpose, but remember not to ramble on. If the body of your ad is boring, the possible responders have probably clicked back by now and are sifting through other options. While it is necessary to present adequate information about yourself so as to legitimize your advertisement, it is also important to capture the reader’s attention. Ensure that whoever reads the ad will get a good idea of what they are in for by selecting you.
      While it is best to stay away from self-praise, it is a good idea to mention particulars such as age, weight, height, build, hair color, size, etc, of both. Being a couple, you may also want to mention more details such as how long your relationship has lasted, your hobbies and views on sex.
      This is best followed by mentioning what you are (or are not) looking for. But in doing so, politeness is the key. You can mention the age range, build, height, experience and any other specifications you wish the responders to have. This would help further narrow down the range of responders, giving you the choicest pick.

      Now for the final cherry on the cake! You can complete your ad by uploading a suitable picture of the both of you. Not only will this authenticate your claim, but research has shown that this will also give you a larger number of responses. Due to the constant fear of scams, a picture is often a source of reassurance and trust, and is the best way to seal the deal.

      So if you follow these steps, you will be getting responses in no time. So get ready to go swinging!
    2. Or.... just stick up a load of naughty pics of your partner in her lingerie and watch the messages flood in lol!
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      • Lips_Pearls

        Lips_Pearls PV P Sprtr

        Yes good thinking hehe xx
      • Therapon

        Therapon Senior Staff Member Staff Sprtr

        Yep :rofl:
      • Face.. bovered ...last word :D
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        • Old saying seduce my mind and the rest will follow ;)
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          • An oldie but a goldie. Works every time for me too. Not stalking you -much- as I know that wouldn't work! Just you keep popping up with (sometimes) wise, often cheeky words...
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            • And as for that @Pearls... Yachts and dropping anchor everywhere...
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              • Pearls

                Pearls Site Owner Admin

                Ooooo yes please :D
              • Please dont encourage, said hedgehog... :rolleyes:
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                • Pearls

                  Pearls Site Owner Admin

                • A punt on the Camb? And that's not a spoonerism!
                • Lean and keen is the way...
                • Seèeeee see what youve done now... hes bloody here..
                  My brains tired it has no witty anecdotes.. to share. :D
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                  • Just like any other night then!
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                    • Pearls

                      Pearls Site Owner Admin

                      I never did a thing, nope nothing I don't think :whistle::D
                    • Hang on @Pearls and @meet_the_fockers ...I'm waiting for my boat to come in...
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                      • I thought your ship had already sailed... :D
                      • Do you have a little fishy on a little dishy too?
                      • Are we talking your plaice or mine? (Sorry!)
                      • Sad very sad... :rolleyes:
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                        • Where's that @Pearls gone again? Off on a like blitz doubtless...
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                          • Pearls

                            Pearls Site Owner Admin

                            I am here :D
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                            • Ahhh
                              ahhh the dream team is still on deck... All hands... a man can in deed dream...
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