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27 April 2015
Just a small niggle, We have noticed, especially as the Site expands, the member search facility is not very accurate within the listed search boundaries/categories other than username. (Which is spot on), I know the general understanding, that a search is only as good as what people put on their profiles, however, some of the bits seem to not work past the first page of suggestions, and goes to a site wide listing of all members alphabetically from page 2 onwards or so it seems ???? Whilst I know and understand that you can only search what's available and filled in on someone's profile, is it fair to say people across the board are not completing the relevant search criteria fully on their profiles, thus minimising their chances of been found and if this is happening, what's the actual point of them been on a swinging site ??? and from our point of view, when seriously looking for new playmates, nothing is really showing up within our chosen criterias ???
Does anyone else feel it may be prudent to make sure your profile is completed so as to maximise your chances of meeting people, or is it us that's been too picky,
Regards as always, @The-A-Team


15 September 2014
Unfortunately this is a flaw with the search page..
Whilst initially it was working perfectly, several weeks ago - something happened to it and this is now what it does; reverts to alphabetical listings after page 1.
I'm acutely aware of it and clearly it is an issue. I don't really have a current ETA to a fix for it, but it will be as soon as I possibly can.
Apologies in the meantime for the inconvenience this will cause.
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Morning you pair.. :D
Ok from my point of view.
I/we are guilty as charged.. I have not filled out.. my looking for info.
I am acutely aware of this. The reason..
I am not actively seeking meets, i have no time.. and if it happens then so be it..
I would rather chat banter have fun, with someone regardless of whom they are looking to meet.
I dont just chat to people who fill our or their criteria.
Yes this maybe confusing to fun seekers.. i see this.
But im sure whilst chatting it will become perfectly clear whom they seek.
Bluntly i suppose i chat to anyone.. and not just someone i have in my fuck sight.

But i can understand the angst for those seeking.. fun..
As admin said above at the moment there is an annoying glitch..
Which of course is being addressed and ironed out asap. :)
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