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New Fantasy Is Born

Discussion in 'Fantasy & Story Forums' started by BatDan, 29 March 2017.

  1. BatDan

    BatDan PV

    I am at A TV and admirerd night. I am dressed in (all black of course) my latex mask with red ponytail, lace shrug, lace suspender belt, lace thong, seamed stockings that go all the way up and my Fauxboutins 6" heels.

    I approach a couple, the male is hung, but in a chastity device. His wife explains that he has worn it for 3 months without realise, punishment for a homophobic remark. The other punishment is he has to have sex with a tgirl.

    I grin and we agree the game. I start slowly sucking on his swollen balls then start sucking on his chastity device. He moans and then winces a he fills the device. His face shows he is cunfussed, frustrated and desperate for realise.

    His Wife unlocks him and i start to lick and suck on his cock almost instantly he is rock hard... "you may not cum without permission" orders his wife. "Y-yes d-dear" he quivers as his big cock throbs in my mouth, and my cock is hard and bursting thru my lace thong. He begs "May I please" "NO" comands his wife. I pull off and giggle as he nearly crys with frustration, his cock throbbing as he fights for control.

    Then I start again... licking.. sucking... deep throating and teasing. He begs again "may I plea" "NO, not yet". We repeat this game for 15 mins, he is struggling and so frustrated, dripping with precum.

    She then puts a condom on him. " if you want to cum, you homophobic pig, you can whilest fucking a trannie's fuck hole" I remove my thong, lube up and bend over. He gulps, nervous, frustrated and desperate. He enters me and I groan with pleasure as he fucks me deep and hard. Tho his wife keeps denying him. His wife has gotten more and more wet whilest watching this. Then she says "you may cum, when I cum". She removes her knickers and lies in front of me.

    I starts sucking, licking and teasing her clit... sliding my fingers in and out... 1.. 2.. 3... I find her g spot. She moans louder and louder..

    "NO.. MMMM. ..AAAH".
    I'm loving it. Huge throbbing cock, desperately fucking my arse. Wet soaking pussy grinding into my latex covered face... my cock throbbing...
    Then she cum loudy, gushes all over my greedy face. He cums just as loudly. Harder and faster fucking me like his life depended on it.
    He pulls out an lies down. She pulls off his condom and empties it over my pierced nipples.
    "Lick your cum off her tits, bitch" she comands, between deep breaths. He obliges, slowly, doing it only cause he has been ordered too.

    She then puts his cage back on, forcing it over his spent cock, and locks it. She then looks at me, stocking my hard cock and says "baby, I think I'm going to enjoy her cock now... it looks so good don't you think?" He groans, throbs, almost asha med that this turns him on.

    I put on a condom, she pushes me down and rides me hard...
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  2. Great story Hmm just gave me a hard on :)
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  3. BatDan

    BatDan PV

    Mmm good to know.... Mmm.
    Would love to play this one out
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  4. BatDan

    BatDan PV

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  5. Pearls

    Pearls #PearlsTechSupport

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