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  1. BatDan

    Musings. Cross Dressers Vs Sissies

    Musings. cross dressers vs. sissys. Today I went to buy a pair of simple black hold ups to go under my work uniform, to keep my shaved legs a bit warmer. As suspender straps would show, but being 6'1" its hard to find xl. Then I got to thinking about how I cross dress, why I cross dress, how it...
  2. BatDan

    New Fantasy Is Born

    I am at A TV and admirerd night. I am dressed in (all black of course) my latex mask with red ponytail, lace shrug, lace suspender belt, lace thong, seamed stockings that go all the way up and my Fauxboutins 6" heels. I approach a couple, the male is hung, but in a chastity device. His wife...
  3. ThePantiePurse

    Christmas Gift

    hello all, as most of you know we are The Pantie Purse, the website with everything you need for a naughty christmas. We have many new items available and at unbeatable prices. So if you need a naughty gift for xmas then visit us - Sex Toys – Erotic Underwear - Fetish Wear - Bondage | The Pantie...
  4. Admin

    Savings And Offers From The Pantie Purse

    Okay sexy peeps, To give @ThePantiePurse a nice helpful nudge, I am going to list some of their items that I am just browsing on their site. This is to help promote them, which is the least I can do considering the offers they are running for all of our members right now. You can get discounts...
  5. TownhouseTwosome

    What Do You Look For In Toys And Lingerie?

    I'm after some feedback really guys if you wouldn't mind helping? Townhouse have been selling toys for ages but we are stepping up a notch and launching our new website Townhouse Toys later this year. What I envisioned was a site that offered high end toys and good quality toys but at a...
  6. ThePantiePurse

    10% discount from The Pantie Purse

    We would like to offer a very special voucher code to all you lovely people of Social Swingers. To be used by its UK members. Its for 10% off at The Pantie Purse. its an exclusive code only to be used by Social Swingers members . The code is - SOCIALSWING10 Hope you enjoy spending it on either...