Playing with Fire

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10 March 2015
I stopped, mesmerised by what I was seeing.

She was dressed in a very ordinary red evening dress, ordinary that is until she stopped, put one stilletto-shod foot up onto the low table in an alcove of the corridor, allowing her dress to open along the slit up the side, and adjusted her stocking top, her hands running up and down her thigh as she smoothed it down.

I thought she hadnt seen me, until she looked up, and, smiling, held my gaze as she swapped one foot for the other and did the same thing.

My pulse raced, and I'm sure she saw the stiffening of my cock in my combats, a fact soon confirmed when she smiled again as her eyes travelled down, then back up.

"Christ, she's sex on legs" I thought, swallowing hard, if it was any other female I might just have tried it on, but, and its a big but, this was the Regimental Sergeant-Majors wife, and one fuck-up here and the rest of my life would be a world of shit.

All this flashed by in an instant, and then she spoke.

"You make a habit of spying on ladies adjusting themselves?"

"Shit" I thought, "I'm fucked, and not in a good way!".

She must have seen my look of consternation, as her next comment certainly calmed me down, "Dont worry, I wont tell, if you dont!" and she chuckled, a dirty, sexy sound, which made my cock stir even more!

She hadnt yet removed her foot from the table, and as she absent-mindedly smoothed her thigh again she couldnt help but notice my eyes followed her hand, and I swallowed hard again.

"Oh, we have a thing for stockings, do we?" she said, and I decided to risk a little bravado, "Yes, as it seems do you!". She chuckled again, christ my cock couldn't get any harder! "Well, a girls got to feel sexy somehow" she said, placing her foot back on the floor and moving towards me.

"You look pretty good anyway", said I feeling a little braver, she was flirting, of that I had no doubt, well, two could play at that game, couldn't harm, right? "You think?" she asked, and I replied "Sure, very sexy, a guy would be a fool to say otherwise".

"Then my husbands a fool, he doesn't care anymore, too interested in chasing the bitches in town", this said with a little venom, but then she smiled again.

Her eyes, always the first thing I notice in a woman, were bluer than normal it seemed, and her blond hair framed her face perfectly, damn, she was stunning. She stepped closer, close enough to touch, if I was braver, and looked me up and down again "Well, it seems the rumours might be true after all!" I groaned inwardly, I knew what rumours she meant, I'd been at a party on the base, and sneaked off with one of the local girls to find somewhere more "private" to, well, get to know her better.... we obviously hadb't picked somewhere private enough, as we got busted by a crowd of part-goers, and so the story of me and my "impressive" tackle had swept round the base, and i'd caught a few curious glances of some of the ladies before I found out! Obviously, I'd had to put up with some pretty harsh banter from the guys too, but it was the whispered conversations and giggling amongst the ladies that made me blush most.

I held her gaze, and this time it was her that seemed a little unsure, as she sized me up. She seemed to make her mind up about something, as she took half a step closer again, pushing up againt me!

"Fuck, if we get seen I'm really in the shit now!" raced through my mind, and as if reading it, she backed off, not far, but enough to maintain a respectable distance should we be seen.

"Follow me" she said, and turned on her sexy heels without a look back to see if I had. She strode off down the corridor, her heels making abrupt sounds as she walked quickly, obviously intent on something.

She turned left suddenly, the corridor we were now in leading to a much less well-traveled part of the base complex, and soon we were amongst offices that were unused.

She turned, her breasts rising and falling as she breathed deeply, we had moved quickly and she was flushed, and there was a sparkle in her eyes too.

"Listen, I'm not messing you around, I'm taking as much of a risk as you are," she said "So, I'll be honest, as I can always deny it after, ok?".

I was taken aback, I wasn't sure where this was going, but I was in too deep now, and I was curious. "Sure, go for it".

"I'm not a slut, but my husband isn't interested in me anymore, and I want someone to play with, to have sex with".

I looked at her, stunned, and before I could say anything she carried on, "When I heard the rumours, I asked around about you, discretly of course, and everything I heard was that you were a nice guy, dependable, trustworthy", she went on "And sexy too!"

"Ok" I replied "but this is a hell of a position to be in for me, if I got found out my life wouldn't be worth living!"

"I know, which is why its perfect for us, you cant tell, and neither can I, and lets face it, it's also horny as hell, the danger element, don't you think?" she said, and this time as she move close she caressed my cock through my trousers. I looked into her eyes, "Hell yeah," I thought, "I could definately have fun here!"

"Ok, maybe", I said, "But we have to be sure, no silly risks". I was in, it may have been my cock doing the thinking, but right now it outranked me lol!

"Ok, good, thats agreed," she caressed my cock again, harder this time, "Will a kiss seal the deal?" she asked, playfully. "Mmm, it's a start" I said.

"Oh, only a start, what else did you have in mind?"

"Well, seeing as you have sexy red lips, how about putting them to good use?" I was in, so I was going to enjoy every moment!

She looked at me, and grinned mischieviously, before opening the nearest office door, and taking me by the hand, she led me in and turned me around to sit in the leather chair.

I quickly undid my belt as she fumbled with the zip and button, and then with a quick wriggle my trousers were down, and she bent forward to kiss me.

Our tongues swirled around the other, as she hungrily leant into the kiss, and wrapped her hand around my hard cock.

Then, she was on her knees between my legs, and her juicy red lips engulfed my hard-on.

I gasped, jesus this was going to be a wild ride!

She immediately deep-throated me, before slowly dragging her lips back up the shaft, my god this woman knew how to give a blow job! Her head bobbed up and down, as she played with my balls too, and I knew I wouldnt last long at the hands (and mouth!) of this sexy slut.

I told her this, between gasps, and she moaned on my cock, before dragging her lips away to say "I love dirty talk, I'm your slut, and you are my stud, fuck my mouth!"

I am always a gentleman, and never refuse a lady, so I started to thrust up as her mouth came down, and soon we had a frantic rhythym going, one that brought me closer to the end, a fact that, when I told her, didnt stop her, in fact she re-doubled her efforts, and I came, deep in her mouth, as she sucked me hard.

We both caught our breath, and she looked up at me, "How was that?" she asked. "Amazing," I replied "I cant understand why your husband isn't interested."

"I think its just that he likes to chase other women, and forgets about me" she replied, "but I dont want to talk about him during our playtimes, ok?"

"Sure, no problem," I said "Sounds good to me".

"Right soldier, its my turn now" she said, and she smiled at me as she sat herself up onto the desk, and leant back, lifting her legs in the air.

"Eat me, eat my pussy" she demanded.

I quickly pulled up my trousers, and knelt between her legs, as her dress fell back to reveal that she wasnt wearing panties! I could see this was going to be an interesting situation, and set to work, kissing up the inside of one thigh, before skipping past her shaven pussy to the other.

"Oh, you bastard, dont fucking tease, just lick me!" she pleaded, leaning forward to grab the back of my head and pull me forward until my lips made contact with hers.

I set to the task with relish,I love licking pussy, and I think I do pretty good job, but even so I pulled out all the stops, licking the full length of her slit, before blowing cool air onto her clit, which stood proud and firm, and then sucking it into my mouth to nibble and flick with my toungue.

She writhed on the desk, panting and moaning, occassionaly groaning out an "Oh fuck yes!", or an "Oh god, do that again", which turned me on, and I could happily have spent hours down there, except that she started to cum, I could hear and feel the build up, I grabbed her hands and held them as I mercilessly toungue-fucked her through to her orgasm, not letting up even though she panted at me to "Stop, fuck, no more!" I kept teasing more out of her, until the last massive, leg-shaking cum ripped through her, leaving her sweating and gasping, flat on her back, and me with a face covered in pussy juice!

She took a few minutes to compose herself, and then she sat up.

"Well, mister, that was better than I could have hoped for, you certainly know your way around a ladies pussy!" and she laughed again.

"Good, I'm glad you enjoyed it, hopefully you'll want to come back for more?" I asked.

"Oh, you can bet on it, I havent finished with you yet my lad!" she said.

"But, seriously, I want more, but its going to have to be done carefully, lets not make a mistake and get found out, ok?.." she paused, as if unsure, then went on, "And no strings, no romance, no hearts and flowers, just sex, ok?"

"Sounds good to me" I said.

"Right, I'm sure he will not of missed me, but I'd better get back, much as I'd like to ride your cock, we'll have to save it for another time", and she looked at me, smiling. "Ok, lets swap numbers, and you can text me when you might be free," I said, "And then I'll show you how a soldier fucks a slut!"
10 March 2015
We tidied ourselves up, and swapped numbers, and then left quickly by different routes, so as to leave no chance of discovery.

For the next few days,I waited, but heard nothing.

"Was it just a one-off?" I wondered, "a dirty little thrill for a bored army wife?".

On a number of occasions, I took my phone out, thought about texting her, then thought better of it. Fuck it, I'm not going to chase her.

I woke one morning, grabbed a quick shower, and then got a call from my mate "You want to go for a run?".

I nearly said no, I'd just showered, but then thought "Sod it, I could do with a blast out, I'm not on duty today, I can grab another shower", and so I said yes.

I met Gareth at the main gate, we booked out, and settled into an easy pace, I knew I could keep up with him so long as he didnt get all competitive, but he was a real racing snake, had done a couple of fast marathons so I told him to "Take the easy route", best decision I made that day!

We ran down the main road, and then cut across country on a footpath, swapping the lead if the path got narrow, swapping banter and good natured insults as he sometimes upped the pace to tire me.

Then, there she was, dressed in tight-fitting jeans, wellies and an old rugby top, a labrador bouncing around near her as she strode along the path towards us.

My rhythm was shot, and I was completely thrown by the fact that we had come across her so unexpectedly here!

The dog suddenly darted across the track, and I dodged around it, catching my foot in a tuft of grass as I did so, taking a rather undignified tumble.

"Oh my god, are you alright?" came her familiar voice, as Gareth stopped and looked down at me.

"I'm fine," I said, truth is I had tweaked my ankle a little, but I didnt want to let on to Gareth, in case the inevitable piss-taking started!

He had by now recognised her too, so he kept the language clean as he hoisted me onto my feet, just as she collected the dog and made her way to us.

"I'm so sorry" she said a hint of a smile flitting across her face as she made eye contact, "that bloody dog is a handful!"

"Nah, its him," said Gareth pointing to me, "He's clumsier than Bambi on ice!"

She laughed, and he turned to me "You ok to go on?"

"No mate," I replied, "I think I need to just walk back, I think I twisted my ankle a little", as I met her gaze, and held it just long enough to let her know I wanted her.

"Ok, if you are sure dude, best get some ice on it" he said, "I'll see you in the bar later, ok?"

"Dont you worry," she said, her voice cool and authorititive, "I'll make sure he gets sorted", I caught the undercurrent of a different meaning, but Gareth was oblivious. "Ok, mate, see you later", and with that, he was gone, running down the path.

"Are you really ok?" she asked, looking me up and down.

"Sure," I said "nothing a session with a personal nurse couldn't fix." I looked at her, and she smiled, her eyes indicating she knew exactly what I meant.

"Oh, I think I have a nurses outfit somewhere, do you think I could treat you?" She asked.

"I'd like that." I said in reply.

We both started walking back along the path, and I decided to ask her straight out. "Did you mean what you said, about having more fun at some point?"

"Of course, but we have to be careful" she replied, "its not him I'm worried about so much, he doesn't notice, but others will, and you know how rumours spread!" She chuckled, that dirty, sexy sound like before, this last comment was obviously a dig at my previous indiscretion, but she was right, people would soon notice anything untoward.

"He's going away on a course next week, can you free up a couple of days, I might be going out of town to visit relatives, well, thats what I'll be telling everyone else." She gave me that look, and I did some quick thinking.

"What did you have in mind?" I asked, "I might be able to get a night or two out, Gareth owes me a duty shift", I'd covered a shift for him when he wanted to have a long weekend away with his current girlfriend, I was sure he'd return the favour.

She looked at me, and, as we were well away from anyone else, she said "I want you to make me your slut, I want that cock in me, I want you to lick me like before, make me suck you, and then fuck me hard!" My cock was hard even before she finished speaking, and it was way too obvious in my shorts for me to go back to camp like that. We had been walking whilst we were speaking, and had to pass some old sheds at the edge of a field. Looking around, I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her into one.

"Right, if you want to be my slut, you can start right now," I said, "I cant go back like this, you need to do something about it", I indicated my cock, all but poking out of my shorts.

She was against me in an instant, obviously the crude talk had turned her on too, her nipples were trying to bore their way through her top, and when I slipped my hand down the front of her jeans, her pussy was already juicing up. We kissed, our mouths pressed together, her whimpering as my fingers slide along her slit, seeking out her clit.

"Oh shit" she exclaimed, "Dont you leave me hanging this time,I must have your cock!"

"Then get your jeans down I'm going to fuck you!" I said, there wasnt much time for finesse, this had to be hard and fast!

She quickly fumbled her jeans down, being tight they left little room for manoeuver, so I quickly bent her over a packing crate face down, parted her cheeks and slide my hard cock between her thighs, letting her wetness guide me into her cunt.

" Is this what you want, you slut?" I asked, as my cock worked its way into her moist tunnel, and she groaned "Fuck yes, give me it all, pound me you bastard!"

I shunted forward, pinning her to the crate as I set a fast pace, banging in

and out hard, her breath being forced out of her each time I thrust in, and I reached underneath her to put mmy hands up her top, finding her nipples and pinching them, her groans getting loader as we both rushed towards our climax.

"Oh god, fuck me harder, I'm cumming!" she cried, and I too felt that familiar rush in my balls as I released what seemed like a never-ending stream of spunk into her, and she shuddered through her own orgasm.

We slumped over the crate together, waiting as the waves subsided, and as I softened my cock slowly slid out of her.

"Mmmm, jesus, now that hit the spot" she murmured, slowly pushing herself up off the crate.

"Yes" I replied, "Next time it will not be so rushed".

"Good, I will text you, let me know if you can get away next week, and I'll book an hotel somewhere quiet, I want a night of that!" she laughed, "I hope you realise, I could easily get addicted to that cock of yours!"

"Sounds good to me" I said. "Do you really have a nurses outfit?" i asked, looking at her as she struggled to pull her jeans back up.

"Oh yes, and I will not forget the stockings and heels too, as they made such an impact before!"
10 March 2015
I had managed to get two days clear the following week, and texted her to set the date.

She soon texted back, and I could sense her excitement from her texts.

"Thursday it is, what time can you be there?" she asked, having given me the name of an hotel some way out of town, small, hidden away.

I checked google maps, did a quick calculation, and texted her back,

"By noon, we could have lunch?"

"The only thing I want to eat is that gorgeous cock of yours lol!" was her reply.

I decided to play it cool, wind her up and have her begging for it, lets face it, when was I going to have the chance of having a slutty woman this uninhibited and gagging for my cock again?

"I'm not sure I want to rush into having sex, it's a nice area, why don't we take in the local sights?" I sent.

"Not likely" she texted back, "The only sight I want to see is when I look in a mirror and see you behind me as I'm bent over and have your big fat cock wedged up my soaking wet pussy!".

I wanted to see how far she would go, "Only your pussy?" I enquired.

"You dirty bastard, are you asking if I take it up the bum?" She texted back, the texts were getting more frequent, quicker now, as if her excitement was mounting, and, truth to be told, I was getting damn hot under the collar too!

"Well, do you?" I texted.

"I have done, not for a while though, and not with one as big as yours!" Was her reply.

"And would you like to try with mine?" was my next question.

"Maybe, it's a sexy thought, I want to be a total slut with you, I think I trust you not to be too rough with my tight brown hole!"

"Only think, I'm hurt!" was my teasing reply.

"Yeah, right, I doubt you are that thin-skinned pmsl!" she shot back.

Our texts flew back and forth, teasing, sexually charged, bantering, sometimes only one or two a day, sometimes a lot more, and gradually they increased as the day grew closer.

"Are you sure you can still make it?" She asked on the Wednesday evening, her husband had been away since Monday, but we hadn't been able to meet as she had family round.

"Positive, I'll be there." I replied.

"Good, god I get soooo wet thinking about it" she texted, "I've packed the nurses outfit lol!"

"And the stockings too, I hope!" I sent back.

"Of course, several pairs, different colours, I wouldn't want to disappoint you!" My cock stiffened at this, she knew just how to get a reaction out of me by now.

The texts trailed off for a short while, then, suddenly, my phone rang, it was her. Shit, is she cancelling, has she lost her nerve, is there a problem?

"Hi, sorry to ring you so late, but I needed to ask you something" she sounded ok, a little nervous but I didn't think it was bad news.

"It's ok, I'm alone, whats up?" I asked.

"Nothing really, I wanted to talk, better than texting...." her voice trailed off, she wasn't usually this reluctant, or this nervous.

"Are you sure everythings ok?" I asked.

"Yes, sure, everythings fine, I just wanted to ask you something, and now I am not sure I can".

Now I was getting a little worried, she seemed unsure, I hoped she wasn't getting cold feet.

"Look, it's ok, I'm a bit nervous too, but I'm excited about finally getting you in a room with a bed!" I joked, hoping to lighten the mood, and it seemed to do the trick, as she seemed to make her mind up.

"Ok, listen, you know I said I wanted to be a slut, be dirty and have fun?"

"Yeah, sure" I replied.

"Well, when you asked about doing me up the bum it got my mind racing, in a good way, and I started to think about all the things I had fantasised about in the past, stuff that really got me turned on and horny, stuff I wanted to do."

"Go on," I prompted.

"Well, I realised that we probably have a similar fantasy, its a common one for guys apparently!" she laughed, she was more relaxed now, it was clear to hear in her voice she was getting excited.

"I'm not sure I follow?" I said, racking my brains for a link, whatever could she mean?

"Oh, you know, guys always talk about their ultimate fantasy, and its usually about having two girls?".

She wasn't wrong, pretty much every guy, when the subject came up, would admit to that.

Then the penny dropped! "Are you telling me you want to include another woman?" I asked, my cock twitching, holy cow, I really hoped she would say yes!

"Well, yes, you see, I kinda had a bit of a play with a friend once, when I was younger, we were drunk and horny, it wasn't much, but it left an impression on me lol!" She was in full flow now, it all came out quickly.

"I have fantasised about it, sex with another woman I mean, and it gets me really wet! Then I thought about you, me and another woman and, my god, I had to break the toys out and give myself a damn good seeing to, I came so hard I thought I was going to pass out!" She was very obviously up for this, so was I, and I told her so.

"I don't think there are many men who would turn down an offer like that, not with a sexy bitch like you and some other woman!"

"Oh god, don't talk dirty," she said, "not now, I couldn't stand it!!"

"I would love to see your slutty red lips on a womans nipples, her sucking my cock as you moved down to lick her" I teased, knowing she was probably soaking by now.

"Oh you fucker!" she breathed, "You read my mind!"

"Well, it's a sexy horny thought, but I doubt we could make it happen this time, its a bit short notice to sort out, I mean, how would we go about it?" I asked.

"Well, actually, I gave it some thought before I rang you, I kinda thought you might be up for it" she chuckled, damn my cock was hard in an instant, well, it had been getting there, but her dirty chuckle was a sure-fire way to have me rigid!

"Really? You are a filthy slut!" I laughed, "Mmm, I'm looking forward to showing you how filthy!" she replied.

"I remember seeing something in an article about a club in the next town over, it's a bit of a hang-out for the, well, lets just say, naughtier elements of society!" she laughed again.

"I did some digging on the internet, and sure enough, its there, its a bit of a drive, but it might be worth a look?"

I could sense the hope in her voice, she really was up for this, and, hell, lets face it, so was I!

"Ok, it sounds horny as hell, we can go have a look, can't do any harm". I said.

"Oh god, I'm getting really turned on thinking about it!" she said, the excitement very evident in her voice, "If nothing else, it will give you a break from servicing your slut!"

We made plans, we'd hit the hotel at around noon, sort ourselves out, fuck like rabbits, then have a bite to eat and head over to this club.

"Bring something tidy to wear, I know what you squaddies are like, no jeans and Timberlands, there's something of a smart-casual dress code" she was taking the piss now, I could scrub up quite nicely when I wanted to.

"Ok, and you, what will you be wearing?" I asked.

"Oh, I'll find something suitable" and she laughed, there was a hidden meaning there, but she wouldn't commit to anything more when I pressed her on it, only "Wait and see, you will not be disappointed, I promise!"
10 March 2015
My phone bleeped, incoming message.

I opened it up, and it was her.

"Look what is waiting for you" was the simple message, there were two pictures attached.

I guessed they would be hot, but even so I was surprised.

The first was of her lying on the bed, legs splayed, stockings on, a large black dildo buried in her pussy.

The second was of her stood up, obviously taken in a full length mirror, of her in a nurses outfit, but with the top buttons undone and her boobs forced out, and a sexy pout on her lips.

She had asked me to stop off at a supermarket on the edge of town, close to the hotel, to get a few things, wine, some milk for coffee, some grapes, and I was heading back to the car when the message had pinged in.

I texted back, "Very nice, don't tire yourself out before I get there!", and she pinged back "No chance of that, hurry, I have a surprise for you!".

I'd started the car, and told her I would be about 10 minutes.

"Good, thats perfect, room 212, god, I'm soo wet lol!" was her reply.

The lift seemed to take forever, but soon I was stood outside 212, I tapped the door.

"Come in!" she called.

I pushed the door open, and then dropped the latch, as she met me there and wrapped herself around me, our kisses hot and deep. "Don't lock the door," she said, "I've ordered room service, it'll be here shortly".

"And you are letting them in to see you looking like that?" I laughed. She was still dressed as a nurse, a very slutty nurse. High heels, stocking clad legs, the hem of her skirt barely covering her arse cheeks and her boobs still trying to escape from her top.

"Sure, why not?" she said "maybe it will get them all horny and they will join in!"

She was fishing my cock out of my trousers and tugging me towards the bed even before she had finished talking, only pausing to undo the latch on the door. I dropped my bag, slipped out of my jacket and had my cock engulfed by her mouth even before I had properly sat on the bed, she was most definately not taking any prisoners!

Her ruby red lips reached the base of my cock, and drew a sharp intake of breath from me, I didnt think it possible but she got hotter and sexier each time we met!

She looked up at me, and groaned onto my cock as I wrapped her hair around my fingers and gently pulled her up and down on my cock, controlling the rhythm and speed. I was just getting into the zone when there was a tap at the door and a womans voice called "Room service!" as she entered the room!!

I tried to move, tried to stop Jayne from sucking my cock, but she was determined to carry on..... I resigned myself to having a very short stay at this particular hotel!

The woman, paused, took in the scene in front of her, a tray in her hands, before simply moving over to the table and placing the tray down.

Despite the situation, and the fact that there was now a woman stood, watching, I hadn't lost my hard-on, and I found myself checking her out.

About 30, curvy but well proportioned, shoulder length brown hair, and brown eyes which, when I finally looked, were not surprised or annoyed at all! In fact, she seemed to be completely unfased, even seeming to enjoy the sight in front of her.

"Will there be anything else?" she asked, and Jayne finally disengaged her mouth from my cock to speak.

"Yes, come over here and help me with this" she said!!

The woman walked over, looked at me, and said "Hi, I'm Tina, surprise!".

just for a moment, I was confused, then it dawned on me. Jayne had set this up!

Tina got to her knees, and wrapped her hand around my cock, gently tugging it up and down, before leaning forward to lick the tip, meeting Jayne there and swapping a kiss before taking the head into her mouth and giving it a suck.

I looked at Jayne, who returned my gaze with a big smile. "You like?" she asked,

"Oh fuck yes!" was my reply.

Apparently, Jayne had finished talking to me on the phone that night, and gone back on the internet to check the club out, finding it had a members forum on the webpage.

So, she became a member, and was soon talking to the woman who had her lips wrapped around my cock. they hit it off, as both had a similar fantasy, and had set this up!

"Who do you think took the dildo pic?" laughed Jayne.

"Oh god, that was so hot watching you do that!" said Tina, "you are a complete bitch for not letting me join in!".

"Well, I wanted Martin to see us play with each other for the first time" Jayne said, "trust me, I wanted you too, but we did have a bit of a kiss and a fondle didn't we?"

"Yes, that's true" said Tina, "but then I had to go and wait for Martin to turn up, I'm dripping wet, I've wanted this for so long, and now I'm even more sure about playing with a woman!"

Ok, so how about we get the party started?" I enquired, my cock was throbbing listening to these two sexy bitches discussing quite calmly how hot they were for each other.

The girls let go of my cock, and I stood up, hurriedly stripping off.

I reached for Jayne, but she stepped back.

"Oh no, not yet, there are rules" she said, her and Tina swapping a knowing glance. Tina had already moved away, and had placed a chair near the side of the bed, before starting to strip, her plain white blouse and short black skirt coming off to reveal similar underwear to that of Jayne.

I looked from one to the other, and Jayne explained.

"You get to watch us play, so we get our first proper play with a woman without any male interfeirence. Then you get to join in, but only when we say".

"Yes," said Tina, "and, if you play by our rules now, you get to set the rules later, and we will do anything you want!".

They stood, side by side, an arm around each others waists, and Jayne was idly toying with one of Tina's nipples.

"Ok, I'm in!" I said, guessing that the girls would want me to join in sooner rather than later, I guess I could wait, it would be hot as hell watching them work each other into a frenzy and then diving in.

"Great, you won't regret it!" said Jayne.

the girls turned, and kissed each other, as I sat in the chair.

Their hands wandered, cupping each others bum cheeks, before moving up to cup each others breasts.

I watched, my cock throbbing, as Tina turned, and lead Jayne onto the bed.

Tina lay back, and Jayne lay on top of her, kissing her lips, before moving down, planting a trail of kisses along Tina's neck, heading down to her breasts.

"Ok, you ready?" asked Jayne.

"Oh god yes," said Tina, her excitement obvious "suck my nipples, I want you!"

Jayne bowed her head, and as her tongue made contact Tina let out a loud moan.

Jayne took the nipple in her mouth, flicking it with her tongue as she held it gently but firmly between her teeth.

Tina's back arched, and her hands found Jayne's head, holding her there as she licked and sucked the nipple, before moving across to the other.

From my view point, I couldn't see Jayne's hand creep up Tina's stocking clad thigh, but suddenly Tina let out a gasp, as Jayne's hand found her moist, shaved pussy. I moved the chair around the bed, I might not be allowed to touch, but I wasn't going to miss seeing anything!

Jayne had by now worked a finger into Tina's dripping wet slit, these girls were definately into each other, Tina was gasping and moaning, spurring Jayne on even more.

Jayne slid her finger out, well moistened, and slid it up between Tina's pussy lips, and Tina's body jolted when Jayne found her clit.

"Let me see it" I said, the girls had said no touching, but never mentioned me not being allowed to direct the action!
10 March 2015
Jayne never even paused, she just carried on sucking and nibbling Tina's nipple as she gently pushed her legs apart, Tina obliging by spreading them wide.

I leaned over, keen not to miss anything as Jayne gently rubbed Tina's clit with one finger.

Tina soon was thrashing about, and Jayne had great difficulty playing with her, so she turned to me and said "Pass me the black holdall, I need to sort this bitch out!"

I turned, found the bag, and saw Jayne whispering in Tina's ear.

Tina just looked at her and nodded, so Jayne reached for the bag.

She opened it, and started taking out some leather straps, handing two to me, she said "You do her ankles, Ill do her hands, they are velcro".

I looked at them, there were velcro strips at either end, you just wrapped them around the victims limbs and smoothed them together, and wrapped the other end around a handy post and they were soon immobilised. I looked at Tina to make sure she was ok with this, and she nodded.

Soon she was spread out on the bed, she could move a little, but nowhere near as much as before.

Jayne reached into her bag of tricks again, and pulled out a blindfold, slipping it over Tina's eyes.

"Now, my little slut, I can tease you and you can't wriggle away from me!" She said.

This was a new side to Jayne I hadn't seen, and I looked at her, I hoped she didnt think she was going to be tying me to anything, I certainly wasn't sub, in fact if anything I was dom. I needn't have worried, she stepped close to me, rubbing my cock as she kissed me, then whispering in my ear "I'm going to domme this slut, but I'm your slut too, let me play for a bit and then join in".

I leant into her and said "Ok, I'm going to check out your bag whilst I watch you".

She moved back to the bed, and as Tina heard her coming you could see her breathing rate increasing, her skin goose-pimpling and her nipples hardening even before Jayne touched her.

Jayne reached for Tina's bra, and pulled each cup down and tucked them under so that each breast was exposed, before taking hold of each tit and pushing them together, lowering her lips to one nipple, before moving to the other, and back again, sending shockwaves of pleasure through Tina, who was practically levitating off the bed, but unable to move more than a couple of centimetres in any direction.

I quickly glanced into the bag, and it became apparent that Jayne had packed half the contents of an Anne Summers shop! A few dildo's, some nipple clamps, a ball gag, two small leather whips, some sort of harness, at least one pair of police style cuffs, and a few other bits and pieces.

A noise from the bed attracted my attention, and I looked up to see Jayne holding her own breast to Tina's mouth, and Tina giving it a tongue lashing. Jayne reached back and slid two fingers into Tina, who reacted like someone had put an electrical charge through her, her arousal plain to see, her pussy leaking juices as Jayne pushed her fingers in and out, gradually speeding up.

Tina moaned, and Jayne turned to me "Pass me one of the toys, she needs something to keep her quiet!" I reached into the bag, and handed Jayne one of the dildo's. "Open wide slut, suck on this" she said as she placed it against Tina's lips.

Tina dutifully obliged, taking about half the dildo in her mouth, and Jayne moved down to tease her pussy some more, Tina's moans now muffled slightly.

I watched as Jayne moved in between Tina's legs, before dipping her head down so that she could lap at her exposed clit, the first few licks bringing muffled moans from Tina, who by now was sweating, her arms and legs pulling at her bonds. Jayne set to work in ernest, and soon Tina's moans became one long noise, only punctuated now and then by gasps, as Jayne alternately sucked her clit, licked her pussy or thrust two fingers into her.

Tina began to gasp again, and it became obvious that she was cumming, as Jayne redoubled her efforts, being rewarded a few seconds later with a small squirt of pussy juice as Tina crashed through her orgasm.

Jayne quickly undid Tina's restraints, and cuddled up to her as she slowly came down from her climax, her body slowly relaxing. Tina looked at her and smiled "Oh my god! That was amazing!" she said.

Jayne smiled, "We havent finished yet" she said, "It's my turn now" and she turned to Tina, kissing her, their tongues darting in and out of each others mouths, before Jayne indicated that Tina should lie back.

Jayne clambered over Tina, positioning herself in the 69 position, and lowered her pussy onto Tina's open mouth.

"Eat me bitch, and don't stop until I say so!" she ordered, and Tina set to like she hadn't eaten in a week, devouring Jayne's pussy. The air was soon full of the smell of pussy juice, and the sounds of a frantic licking from Tina, as well as the rising excitement from Jayne, who was now riding Tina's face.

She reached for the dildo so recently used as a gag, and placed it at the entrance to Tina's cunt, before gently and slowly easing it in. She settled into a slow steady rhythym, easing it in and out whilst grinding her pussy back onto Tina's tongue.

I reached into the bag, and pulled out another dildo, and went round to where I could see Tina looking up from underneath Jayne. I ran the tip of the dildo over Jayne's soaking lips, before starting to ease it in.

"Oh god, you fucker!" Jayne gasped, "who said you could join in?".

I stopped, "You want me to take it out?" I asked.

"Oh fuck no, not now," she said, "get Tina to fuck me with it".

I placed one of Tina's hands on the end of the dildo, then moved back to my chair, watching these two horny bitches fuck and lick each other was keeping me in a state of permanent erection, a fact not lost on Jayne, who kept glancing at my cock, subconciously licking her lips each time.

I teased her, holding my cock, moving one hand slowly up and down it before saying "Do you want some of this?".

They were both breathing fast now, as she gasped "Yes, fuck yes, I want to suck you". I stood up, and moved to the side of the bed, keeping my cock just out of reach as I leant over and kissed her, tweaking a nipple as I did so.

"Mmmm, oh god, don't tease me, give me your cock" she said between gasps, Tina's tongue pushing her quickly towards cumming. Tina too was rapidly reaching the point of no return again, both of them shuddering and moaning in unison as one would thrust and lick, and the other would thrust and flick the clit.

I leaned forward again, this time making sure I lead with my cock, and it was hungrily engulfed by Jayne's hot mouth. As Tina lapped at her clit she moaned, and the vibrations along my cock were unbelievably erotic, and I knew I wouldn't last long unless I did something else. I realised I hadn't played with Tina yet, so after a few minutes of sucking from Jayne, I pulled out and moved around to kneel behind Jayne, straddling Tina's head, and took out the dildo in Jayne's pussy to replace it with my cock.

Tina immediately got to work again, licking Jayne's clit, and then my cock when I was on the out stroke, and I slowly sped up, soon pounding into Jayne as we all rushed headlong into our respective climaxes, Tina being the first, her legs clamped tightly around Jayne's hand, before Jayne slumped forward, her orgasm washing over her as I pounded into her.

I was rapidly reaching the end too, and told the girls this.

Jayne pulled away, "Wait, don't come yet" she said. Both the girls moved around on the bed, and soon I was being treated to a double blow job, the girls playing russian roulette with my cock to see who would get my load.
10 March 2015
I held back, prolonging the moment until my release, but there was no way I could not cum with two determined sexy ladies sucking my cock. Tina was deepthroating me when finally I had to admit defeat.

"Christ, I'm cumming, who wants it?" I managed to say through clenched teeth.

"Me!" they said in unison, and there was just enough time for Jayne to grab my cock and aim it at their faces as I came with a gush that seemed to go on forever.

They made appreciative noises, as they both helped to wank the last of my cum out, before turning their attentions to each other, using their fingers to sccop it off their faces and feed it to the other.

I slumped down on the bed, drained, and after they had cleaned each other off they came and lay on the bed, one either side, their hands wandering even as we all caught our breath.

Tina's hand was the first to wander to my cock, and she toyed with it, before saying "Can he go again do you think Jayne?".

"You horny tart, haven't you had enough for now?" said Jayne.

"Hey, it's alright for you, you had some cock, what about me?" Tina replied, with a mock pout that was cute and sexy at the same time.

Jayne looked at me, and then said "Well, if he's not up to it I have a strap-on in the bag!"

"Mmmm, I'd like to try that", said Tina "but I want the real thing first".

By this point I'd had enough of them talking about me as if I wasn't there, so I said "Ladies, I am here, you know?"

"Well, do you think you could get it up to fuck Tina, Martin?" asked Jayne.

I looked at them both, and then said with mock indignation "Oh, am I just a cock to be used girls?"

"of course," said Tina mockingly "You don't think we need anything else from you?"

"Yes," said Jayne, "you are no use to us if you cant perform!" and they both laughed.

Sensing an opportunity, I pretended to be offended, and then angry "Right, that does it, I think you two need to be taught a lesson!" and I grabbed Tina and tried to drag her across my lap "It's a spanking for you for being cheeky!"

the girls shrieked, and a play fight ensued, there were pillows and bodies all over the bed, until finally, I had them pinned down, one on top of, and across the other, with their peachy bums in range.

I delivered a spank to each, not very hard, but the slaps made a satisfying noise, and the girls, now out of breath and only trying half-heartedly to get out from my grasp, both squealed, so I said "Right, six of the best for each, and if you make a noise, you forfeit Tina's chance of some cock!"

"Oh you bastard, no fair!" said Tina "So that means if Jayne squeals I lose?".

"Ok, fair point," I said, "if you don't make a noise, you get cock, if Jayne makes a noise, she doesn't get to watch, how's that?" And without waiting for a reply, I brought my hand down on Jayne's bum, a little harder than before.

It brought forth a sharp intake of breath, but she didn't make a noise, and I quickly delivered the next five, slightly more gently.

Now it was Tina's turn.

"Can I go over your lap?" she asked, "if I'm getting spanked I want to do it properly".

"Ok, assume the position" I said, sitting on the edge of the bed, and patting my legs.

Jayne got up too, and Tina lay across my lap.

I placed my hand on her bum, and caressed it slowly, before raising my hand, and pausing. Tina tensed, waiting, and I brought my hand down.


Harder than before, but not too hard, and she jumped slightly, but didn't make a sound.

I wasn't trying to make her make a noise, in fact I hoped she wouldn't, whilst I had never tried spanking before, I found myself getting turned on, my cock was now hard and I wanted to fuck her.

Jayne realised this too, and knelt by her head, and as my hand came down she leaned forward and kissed Tina, making sure she didn't make a sound.

just before I delivered the last spank, I caressed her cheeks again, feeling the slight warmth my attention had caused on her bum, this time slipping my hand between her thighs to find her absolutely dripping wet, she was as turned on as I was.

The last one delivered, she stood up, her eyes immediately going to my cock, which by now was standing rigidly from my crotch.

"Mmmmm, goody, now I get to sample what this lucky bitch has already had!" she said, climbing onto the bed, and lying on her back.

"Come on Martin, fuck me!"

"Hey Tina, not so fast," said Jayne, "You may have passed HIS challenge, but if you want his cock, you have to pay MY price".

"Oh god, anything, just make sure he fucks me hard!" said Tina.

"You just lie back," said Jayne, "and I'm sure Martin will sort you out".

I climbed in between Tina's legs, my cock rigid, and nudged the head into her pussy, as she opened up like a flower to let me in. Jayne clambered on to the bed, and swung a leg over Tina, so that she was facing me, and slowly settled back to sit on Tina's face.

I gently pushed my cock in to the hilt, and then stayed there for a moment, enjoying the silky feel of Tina's pussy wrapped around my cock.

Jayne moaned, Tina was obviously a fast learner as she had got Jayne bucking on her tongue.

I pulled out nearly all the way, and then slammed in, causing Tina to moan loudly into Jayne's pussy.

Jayne and I leaned forward, and kissed each other, our tongues intertwined, and then I kissed my way down to her breasts, taking a nipple into my mouth and nibbling it gently.

I upped the tempo of my thrusts into Tina, I had cum once so I knew I could really hammer her without the risk of cumming too soon. We all writhed about on the bed, the sweat glistening on our bodies as we thrashed about, and soon the dual assault from the mouths of Tina and I had wrung another orgasm out of Jayne, who slumped forward, crying out, before dragging herself off the bed. Free of the thighs that had pinned her head down, Tina was able to reach up and pull me down so that I was lying on top of her, we kissed,and soon I found a depth and speed combination that brought her to another sweaty, trembling climax. Jayne had been caressing my back, and seeing as I hadn't finished she said "What can we do to make you cum?"

"Just kiss and play with each others boobs" I said, knowing it wouldn't take much to get me to the end.

Jayne grinned at me, and bent down, kissing Tina and gently pulling at her nipples as I continued to thrust into her, the sight of two sexy ladies making out right in front of me soon bringing that familiar tingling in my balls, soon followed by that rush as I orgasmed.

We all lay there a while, and then decided to grab some sleep before the evening.

Later, we grabbed a shower, all cramming in together. We got wet, and then used our bodies to soap each other up, hands wandering, and pretty soon I had a hard-on again.

This time we all decided to wait, despite our exertions we were all still looking forward to going to the club, and I had a feeling I would need all my strength.
10 March 2015
I looked in the rear-view mirror, and then back to the road. Both girls had caught my eye, and their smiles made my cock twitch, well, that and the fact that they were both dressed to impress.

Earlier on, after our shower, we had dried off, and I got into my trousers and shirt as the girls faffed and preened, strutting round the room in their lingerie, squabbling good-naturedly over time in front of the mirror and swapping make-up tips.

Then their outfits came out.

Tina was the first to slip hers on, a tight short red dress that barely covered her stocking tops, and acres of cleavage on show. She made a great deal of fuss about smoothing it on, giggling when she saw both Jayne and I looking. She then turned to Jayne and said "You now, I want to see his face!"

Jayne smiled, and she went to the wadrobe.

Before taking out her outfit, she turned to me and said "Close your eyes, and no peeking!"

"Ooo, wait, wait!" said Tina, pulling my chair around and montioning me to sit.

She stood behind me, and covered my eyes, "There, he cant cheat now".

There was some gentle sounds of getting dressed, and after a few minutes Tina said "Ok, the big reveal" and took her hands away.

Jayne stood in front of me, and twirled, a feat made more difficult on her 5 inch heels.

She was all in black, and the dress clung to her like a second skin.

PVC, with a cut away panel for her cleavage which was laced with ribbons.

The back similarly fastened.

The hem again barely covered her hold-up stocking tops, and to finish the outfit a pair of elbow length gloves, not pvc this time but something similar to satin.

She stood still, raised an eyebrow and said "Well?"

"Um" was all I could manage, my cock throbbing.

"Just um?" she asked, smiling, knowing that I wasn't easily lost for words.

"Well, stunning, both of you" I said, "I know you said I wasn't going to be dissappointed, but that's really hot!"

"Oh yes," said Tina, "You'll be fighting them off in the club".

"Mmm, well, I guess we should talk about that," said Jayne, "Are we, going there to pull, play, or just check the place out?"

"I hadn't really thought about it" I said, looking at Tina, "but I can't really complain with how things have turned out so far, so I'm pretty easy about what happens".

Tina suggested we just check the place out, and keep any playing between us three. "After all, we know we like playing together, plus there's the contents of that bag to finish playing with!" she said, blushing slightly.

Both Jayne and I teased her, "You just want Jayne to yourself, that's greedy" I said, and Jayne said "You just don't want some other tart getting her claws into Martin!" and we all laughed.

I had the satnav programmed, the club was down a side street, and there was very little parking, so I parked up in the next street.

"Oh, some chauffeur you are, making us walk through town like this" laughed Tina.

We got out, and headed into the club, the girls drawing admiring glances as we walked.

Soon we were at the club, and after paying, we entered.

Having seen pics from their website, the interior was slightly familiar.

Well laid out, and nowhere near as sleazy as I had thought it would be when Jayne first mentioned it.

The bar area was well lit, and there were a few people in there, all checking us out as we went in. The music was loud from the next room, but not too loud in the bar, and in the room where the music was coming from there was a dancefloor and two poles for any budding dancers to twirl around.

The bar area had another room leading off it, which turned out to be the lounge, well furnished with a few sofas and low tables.

We grabbed a drink, coke for me as I was driving, and sat on a bech seat in the bar watching people coming in and out.

Again, the clientel wernt as outrageous as I had expected, there were a few fetishy outfits, but mainly the ladies were dressed sexily, and the guys had made an effort to look smart.

I relaxed, my main worry about the place being packed with "gropey" dickheads seemed to be unfounded, and we chatted, pointing out those worthy of a second look.

Soon, the girls got itchy feet, and wanted to explore. The club had been filling up as we sat, and now there was a good crowd in.

The club was on three floors, the next floor up being given over to various themed rooms, and the top floor had some more private rooms.

We ascended the stairs, and had a look into the first room.

There were already a few people in there, and as my eyes adjusted to the dim light, I saw that there were two girls knelt in the middle of the room on cushions, surrounded by a few guys who were all getting blow jobs in turn.

We moved on, the next room was empty apart from a couple in leather getting very into each other on the bed, and we moved to the next room.

This had better lighting, and a small group was gathered watching a sexy blond lightly whip a guy tied to a cross, whilst another girl was fondling his cock and balls. Some of the watchers were also fondling their playmates, and one threesome of a girl and two guys were actively fucking, the girl taking a guy in either end whilst bent over a padded bench.

In the last room on this floor was a very large bed, and a few people were in a tangle of limbs on it.

By this time both the girls were getting a little frisky, openly groping me and each other, which led to me having a hard cock, despite the nerves of being seen. These nerves quickly evaporated, the atmosphere in the room was sexually charged and the sounds and sights of others fucking and sucking soon led Tina to drop to her knees in front of me, fish my throbbing cock out and start enthusiastically sucking on it.

I leant back against the wall, and Jayne kissed me whilst holding Tina's head and pushing it onto my cock.

Other people came into the room, one or two joining the throng on the bed, and some just watching either the bed action, or our little show.

One woman came in, watched for a while, and then came over.

She stood next to Jayne, and ran her hand over Jaynes leg, looking at me.

Jayne turned, and whispered to her, and she turned her head to Jayne's ear and whispered a reply, then, with a last caress of Jayne's leg, was gone.

By this time, I was getting close to cumming, and told the girls perhaps we should wait until later.

"Spoilsport" said Tina, reluctantly tucking my cock back into my trousers.

"Lets grab a drink," said Jayne, and led the way back downstairs.

I grabbed the drinks as the girls headed hand in hand into the lounge, and I followed.

We found a corner sofa with plenty of space, and settled back, chatting about what we had seen.

I mentioned the girl that had come over in the room, and Jayne smiled.

"You know we said that we wern't planning on adding to our little group?"

"Don't tell me you've pulled, you tart?" laughed Tina.

"Well, sort of," said Jayne, "but I wanted to check with you two first".

She explained, the girl was called Sophie, and she was here with her partner, Tim. They like playing with couples, but when they saw us they decided to check us out, hence the approach. Sophie tended to do the first contact, as she was bi and they found an approach from a girl tended to get a better reception.

"They live on the edge of town, and, well, basically they wondered if we would be up for getting to know each other better here, before going back to theirs maybe, if we all get on?"

I looked at Tina, I already knew I was up for it, and I was certain Jayne was too, but if Tina said no then we would stick with our origional plan.

"Listen," said Jayne to Tina "if you aren't keen it's fine, we can still have a real fun night together, I told them I'd ask, they said they would leave it to us to come find them if we wanted to chat".

"Well, I know what I said back at the hotel" said Tina, "but being here now I have to say I'm up for pretty much anything!".

We chatted, it seemed we had all been unsure of what to expect from the club, but having arrived and found it to be full of horny sexy people, we had all fallen under its spell.

"Ok," said Jayne, "I'll go find Tim and Sophie, we can at least chat and see how it goes."

She was back inside a couple of minutes, they had been at the bar and bought a round of drinks back.

I was cautious at first, but as we chatted I found myself warming to Tim, he let slip he was ex-forces, so I relaxed, whilst not a sure-fire measure of a man, it at least gave me a feeling that we had a similar background, which was a good start.

They were both very open, they had been married about 5 years when the subject of "spicing up" their sex lives had come up, and that's when they first started swinging, via the internet and then onto clubs and parties.
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10 March 2015
Sophie had never considered playing with girls until their first party, when a lady kissed her, but she immediately tried it, and liked it.

"I'm also a little bit sub with girls" said Sophie, and Jaynes eyes lit up!

"Oh, now you have done it!" laughed Tina, "Jayne is developing into quite the domme!"

"I wouldn't go that far," said Jayne, "but I do like being in control when I play with girls, but with guys I like to be told what to do."

We settled into an easy conversation, with the girls getting increasingly touchy-feely with each other. Tim and I sat back, enjoying the show as the girls started kissing, before Sophie said "Hey, lets not leave the guys out!"

she stood up, and with a quick glance to check Tim was ok, she sat on my lap.

I looked across, as Tim ended up with a girl on each knee as they did the same, kissing him and groping him through his shirt. Sohie saw me checking if Tim was ok with the situation, and leant forward to kiss me, saying "It's ok, Tim wouldn't have let it get this far if he wasn't sure, he likes seeing me get fucked too." I relaxed, it looked like it was going to be a very horny night.

I ran my hands over Sophie's curves, and then between her bare legs, and she widened her legs as much as her skirt would allow, inviting me to run my hand higher.

I continued up, waiting to touch panties, but instead found a shaven pussy! I slipped a finger between the lips, feeling Sophie stiffen and then relax as she realised I wasn't going to just ram it in. I gently teased her lips apart, and ran a fingertip up and down, finding her clit and giving it a rub. She sighed, echoing the sounds coming from the other end of the sofa, as Tim valiantly got to grips with the two sexy ladies in his lap. I managed to grab a look, and sure enough, Tina was on her knees again, with her head buried in his lap, as I thought to myself "Jeez, doesnt that girl ever get enough cock down her throat?"

Jayne by now had got his shirt open, and in between telling Tina to "Suck his cock you slut!" was sucking his nipples. Things were getting heated, Sophie was now whimpering as I gently finger-fucked her, my cock was trying to burst my trouser zip, and there were frantic sounds from Tim and the girls as he was getting some of the best blowjob action he had ever had.

"Look, we were thinking of playing here, but right now I want you lot on our King size where I know we can play freely, so how about it?" panted Sophie.

I looked at Tim, he was smiling, I guess like me he couldnt believe his luck.

"Sure, let's go," said Jayne, "I cant wait to introduce you to my toy bag!"
10 March 2015
The front door closed behind us, and we walked through into the lounge, shedding our coats as we did so.

"Grab a drink" said Sophie, pointing us towards the kitchen, "I feel like the odd one out so I going to change."

Tim led us into the kitchen, cracked open a bottle of white, and poured me a coke, and we headed back to the lounge.

I settled into a chair, and the girls sat on a sofa together, dragging Tim down to sit with them as he went to sit in the other chair.

Soon they had his shirt undone, as he looked across at me and said "She wont be long, I think she's going to be putting something special on!" and he laughed.

I didn't have long to wait, as I heard Sophie coming down stairs I turned and my eyes widened... she had gone for the "sub slut" look, and pretty much nailed it.

Naked, apart from the same high heeled shoes as she had worn earlier, stockings, and nipples clamps joined by a chain, and to top it off a collar and lead, the leather handle of which she gave to me.

"Please, use me, then give me to Jayne", was all she said, before dropping to her knees and rapidly dropping my trousers to the floor. Her warm, wet mouth engulfed my cock, and she set to work on my rapidly stiffening member, soon bringing it to a throbbing intensity that had me squirming in the seat.

Not to be outdone, the other two rose, shed their dresses, and resumed their assault on Tim, soon leaving him naked.

I gently dis-engaged from Sophie, and quickly undressed, feeling a little self-conscious being fully dressed amongst all the nakedness around me.

The room was soon filled with the sounds of cocks and nipples being sucked, and pussies being fingered.

Sophie came up for air, and looked me in the eyes and said "Will you fuck me?".

I decided to play her at her own game, and patted my lap, "Not yet, you have to earn it first" I said.

She sat on my lap, and I noticed her adjusting herself as she sat down, and then I felt something against my thigh.

I raised my eyebrows questioningly, and she giggled and whispered in my ear "It's a butt plug, Tim's training me to take a cock up there".

I gently tugged the chain between her nipple clamps, and she moaned, and I leaned forward to kiss her, gently pulling her forward by the chain, our lips meeting and frenziedly we kissed, our tongues intertwining.

I laced my fingers in her hair, and dropped my other hand between her legs, immediately finding a slight sheen of moisture there, her one hand buried in between her legs, her fingers playing a rapid rhythym on her clit.

I moved her hand, and slowly rubbed her clit, a less frantic pace than she had set, meaning I had her squirming and panting, but she was unable to quite reach orgasm, as I stopped and started, gently raising her almost to the climax before stopping.

A sound had me look over, and I saw Tim ease his cock into Tina, who was bent over the arm of the chair, face down in Jayne's lap.

I bought my attention back from that horny sight to the woman on my lap, by now whimpering and gasping.

"Stand up", I said, and she wobbled unsteadily to her feet, "turn around", she complied, turning her back to me, and then, gently tugging on her lead, I made her sit down, guiding my cock into her as she settled slowly back onto me.

Sophie groaned, as my cock burrowed into her, and she kept going, until I was balls deep, the base of the butt plug resting against me as she sat back, before leaning forward.

She placed a hand on each knee, and rose slowly, before sitting down again, and I controlled the pace, slow and steady.

Soon I could tell she wanted me to slam it in, she was trying to push back hard everytime I pulled her back, and it took all my willpower to resist.

Whilst this was going on, Tim had been ploughing in to Tina from behind, making her squeal and moan into Jayne's pussy.

Jayne extracted herself out from under Tina's busy tongue, and reached into her bag of tricks, pulling out the dildo that had gagged Tina earlier on.

She re-arranged herself on the sofa so that she had a good view of us all, and plunged the toy into her pussy, alternating slow and fast strokes as she pulled and twisted at her own nipples, all the time watching either myself and Sophie, who by now was almost frantic, repeating over and over "Please fuck me, please fuck me", and Tim and Tina, him pounding into her as she squeezed her own tits and fingered her clit.

Benefiting from my earlier action, I was the last to cum, first watching Tim and Tina thrash to a mutual climax, which set Jayne off, the dildo almost a blur as she powered it in and out, before throwing back her head and moaning out "Oh fuck, yessss!", before slumping down, the dildo getting squeezed out as she came, panting in a sweaty heap.

I started pulling Sophie back harder, and raising my hips to meet her as she came down, our bodies meeting with a satisfying slapping sound, her breathing coming in gasps as she started to lose the momentum.

I pushed her up, got up out of the chair, spun her around, and bent her over, her heels giving her the extra height needed for me to ram into her as she placed her hands on the arms of the chair we had just vacated.

I used one hand to hold her, and the other gently pressed on the base of the butt plug, as I rammed into her at a rapid pace, pushing us both quickly towards cumming.

"Shit, yes, oh fuck!" she said, and I upped the intensity and speed, until suddenly, with a loud "Aahhhh!" Sophie came, soaking my cock and balls as she did so.

I was determined to make the most of this opportunity, and as I felt my balls tighten, I spun her around and buried my cock, still slick with her own juices, into her mouth, pumping away as I groaned through my own orgasm.
10 March 2015
Sophie was the first one to stir.

"Anyone need a top up?" She asked, getting up from the chair she had slumped into.

She unclipped the lead from her collar, kicked off her high heels and headed towards the kitchen as Tim called "Just bring the open bottle and another one hun".

"Coke for me please" I called after her, and with a sexy wriggle of her arse she was gone.

The tray was placed on the coffee table, and we swapped chit-chat and small talk as we all drank.

Sophie and Tim had discovered the club only a few weeks earlier, and that night was only their second visit.

"Mmmm... lucky for us you went again" said Jayne, eyeing the lead which Sophie had placed next to the tray.

Sophie followed her gaze and blushed, but she got up, took the lead and gave the handle end to Jayne whilst clipping the other end to the collar.

Tim laughed "I think she's ready for round two!" he said.

"Let's go upstairs" said Sophie, "I think it will be more comfortable."

"Carry my bag" said Jayne, handing her bag of toys to Sophie, "but no peeking!" she added sternly.

Sophie led the way, and we all trooped after her, stopping only to quickly refill glasses before we mounted the stairs.

Their bed was huge, "A present from her parents" said Tim, and Jayne made Sophie stand at the side of it while she rummaged in the bag.

Tina suddenly squealed excitedly "Oh my, does this mean I get you two to myself?" turning to Tim and I.

I turned to Tim, "What do you think, you up for it?" I asked.

"Maybe, in a bit, but I really want to watch these two" he said, indicating Jayne and Sophie, who was by now stood, cuffed with her hands behind her back, bent over whilst Jayne was sat on the bed kissing her and playing with her pussy.

Tina wasted no time in trying to change his mind, and grabbed my hand and pulled me onto the other end of the bed, lying back so that I lay down beside her.

We kissed, and she soon started playing with my cock, before pushing me onto my back and climbing on top, her pussy over my face as she moved into the 69 position.

I drove my tongue into her, making her moan around my cock, now buried over halfway into her mouth, god that girl could suck cock!

I reached up, and pulled her hips down so that I could get at the full length of her slit, sometimes taking long licks right along its length, sometimes just licking the clit, and now and then sucking the whole clit into my mouth and flicking it as fast as possible with my tongue.

"Mmmmm, oh god, thats nice" she moaned, finally taking my cock out of her mouth.

By now there were sounds of a paddle being applied to buttocks, and sure enough, watched by Tim, Sophie was getting gently paddled by Jayne, who now and then would run her hand over the pinkness she had created on Sophies arse, before re-applying the paddle, which brought whimpers and moans of pleasure from Sophie, who was still stood, bent over from the waist, with her hands cuffed behind her back.

Jayne walked around to the bed, and sat on it in front of Sophie. "Kneel" she said, and as Sophie complied, Jayne opened her legs, and with a tug on the lead pulled Sophie in between them, using her other hand on the back of Sophies head to guide her mouth onto Jayne's pussy.

Tim was obviously keen to get in on the act, as he knelt behind Sophie and started playing with her butt-plug, pushing it in and out before finally pulling it all the way out, drawing muffled moans from Sophie was was by now licking furiously at Jaynes slit.

"Oh fuck yes, lick my clit you slut!" she panted, and then, to Tim "Are you going to fuck her arse?".

"I think she's ready for it" said Tim, and he moved closer, holding his cock and rubbing it up and down Sophies cleft, nudging forward as Jayne gripped Sophies hair and forced her to tongue her deeper.

"Ok hun?" asked Tim, and Jayne released her long enough for her to say "Yes, but be gentle".

Tim slowly eased his cock forward, pushing in gently, before pulling out again, slowly feeding it into Sophies arse inch by inch, Jayne all the time pulling her head into her groin, as Sophie moaned, but never stopped licking at Jaynes glistening cunt.

Soon, Tim was as deep as he could go, and he began a gentle in and out, pausing now and then to squirt more lube onto his cock as it was exposed.

He reached around, and was soon fingering Sophie's clit as he fucked her, which made her moan constantly into Jaynes pussy.

Tina and I had watched this horny site, gently playing with each other, but now it became too much, and Tina sat up, spun around, and almost in the same movement sat down on my cock, leaning forward to kiss me as she did so, my cock throbbing as it slid into her slick wetness.

I grabbed her tits, and roughly thumbed her nipples, and Tina whimpered into my mouth and mashed her pussy down onto my cock, riding me like she was trying to win the 3.30 at Aintree!

She sat up, and her frantic pace slowed, as she rose and fell, almost letting my cock slip out on the up stroke, before slowly sitting back down, embedding my cock in her to the hilt. I reached down with one hand, and brushed my fingers over her clit, which sent a shudder of pleasure through her, so I did it again, and again, each time drawing a gasp from her, until soon she grabbed my hand and said "No more, too much!".

Having already cum twice, it was going to be a while before I would cum again, so I indicated to Tina that a change of position was needed, and we settled on doggy, so I could thrust into her as she watched the events at the other end of the bed.

By now, Tim was banging in and out of Sophies arse, and she was in a constant state of orgasm, helped by the fact that he was still fingering her clit as he fucked her.

Jayne was still enjoying having her clit tongued, as was lying back on the bed, one hand wrapped in Sophies hair pulling her into Jaynes cunt, and her other hand playing with her nipples, twisting and pulling at them.

Tina started to moan, the sight before her rapidly pushing her towards cumming again, helped by my thrusts into her and her one hand which was by now strumming away at her clit.

Suddenly Tina stiffened, and then she started groaning loudly as I rammed into her, grabbing onto her hips to really slam her as she raced to yet another orgasm, this one seeming to be all the more intense as she watched the trio at the head of the bed who, themselves were rapidly all heading towards orgasm.

Tina got there first, crying out as she crashed through hers, before pulling forward to slump on the bed.

Tim wasnt far behind, letting out an animal growl and slamming deep into Sophie, before pulling out.

Sophie soon followed, the fingers on her clit making her squeal into Jaynes cunt as she shuddered and jerked, before Jayne let go of her hair, and sat up to kiss her, saying "Mmm, what a good slut!"
10 March 2015
I looked at Jayne, and she looked at my still hard cock, licking her lips as she did so.

I leant over, and whispered in her ear "Now that looked like she enjoyed it, you want to try?".

"You mean...?" she said, and in reply I reached down and grabbed the bottle of lube Tim had used to ease his way into Sophie.

"Mmm... yes, I think that would be nice, but slowly!" she said, getting on to the bed on all fours.

Sophie, released form her bonds, said "Who needs a refill?" as she headed out of the bedroom.

Tim and Tina followed, and so we were alone.

I pumped a generous amount of lube onto my palm, and slicked it along the length of my cock, before pumping some more out and slathering it over her pucker, as Jayne reached back and fingered some into her bum.

"I've got a small toy in there," she said, indicating her bag, "Lets start with that".

I reached over, grabbed the bag, and looked in, eventually locating the small vibrator.

I used the remainder of the lube on my palm to coat it, before running the tips up and down Jayne's cleft.

She had her hand in her pussy again, getting herself wound up as she gently flicked her clit.

"Ok, lets try it" she said, and I gently inserted the toys, working it in and out, before switching it on.

"Oh god, thats nice, push it in more" she said, and I soon had the whole thing buried in her rear, as she frigged her pussy.

Soon, she was about as ready as she could be, so I moved in behind her, my cock throbbing as I touched the tip to her ring, leaning forward as I slowly pushed into her.

Her ring resisted at first, and then suddenly I was in.

I stayed still, letting her get used to the feeling, until she said "Ok, more, give me more."

I pushed, slowly, gently, and her bum seemed to open up, my cock gliding into her as she groaned "Oh shit yes!"

"Ok?" I asked, as my groin nestled up against her bum, my cock in about as deep as it would go.

"Mmm... christ yes, I feel so full!" she said, "Give me the toy!"

She took it from my hand, switched in on and began running it over her clit, the first touch jolting her.

I started to pull out, and then push in, slowly at first but building up speed as she "oohh'ed" and "aahhh'ed", the lube doing its work as I slickly ploughed into her, and soon I was fucking her as hard as if I was in her pussy, and I could feel the vibrations from the toy as she jammed it on her clit.

Soon, it was all too much, her tight arse, the sensations, hearing her arousal, feeling the vibrations were all driving me towards cuming, and I told her.

"Not yet, dont cum yet!" she exclaimed, "I'm nearly there, I want you to cum with me!"

"Ok, but it needs to be soon" I said, easing off the pace.

She groaned, and eased the toy into her pussy, the vibrations accelerating her along as she pumped it in and out rapidly, before she said "oh god, I'm nearly there, fuck me, fuck my arse hard!".

i picked up the pace again, slamming into her as she powered the toy in and out, the vibrations transmitted to my cock through the wall of her pussy, and then, as she suddenly stiffened and cried out, there was that familiar feeling in my balls, and I grabbed her hips and buried my cock to the hilt as I came, matching her as she cried out and slumped forward, so that we ended up lying on the bed with me on top of her.

She pulled the toy out, and it buzzed away until she fumbled it off. as we lay there panting.

Then, there was a round of applause from the doorway. The others had been quietly watching, and showed their appreciation.

"That was really horny" said Tina, "Now, shove over, we need to grab some sleep!"

I looked at my watch, and decided she was right, there was no way I was getting dressed to head to the hotel at that time of the morning.

I looked at Tim. "Sure, it's not a problem," he said, "but we get the bed, you three can fight it out as to who shares in here with us, and who gets the couches!" and he laughed.
10 March 2015
We awoke to the smell of coffee and bacon.

Tim had been joking about sleeping on couches, excluding their kids bedroom there were two other guest rooms, both with double beds, and with en-suite.

I made a mental note to ask Tim what he had been doing since he left the Army, whatever it was must pay well!

Tim called up the stairs "Rolls and coffee in about 15, you sleepy heads!",

so I rolled out of bed and headed into the shower, waking the others as I did so.

It wasn't easy hitting 15 minutes when you are joined by two permanently horny ladies for a morning shower, but I put on my best stern voice and told them "No playing!", even though I could have happily had spent hours in there.

We headed down, and sure enough, there were bacon rolls and fresh coffee waiting.

The chat flowed easily, lets face it we all knew each other intimately, so there was no need for awkward silences.

"Listen," I said, "I'm not up on the whole swingers etiquette thing, what happens now?"

"What do you mean?" Said Tim.

"Well, do we all get into a group hug and swear lifelong friendship, or do we do the panda thing?" I said.

"Panda thing?" said both Tina and Jayne together.

Tim cracked up laughing at the looks on their faces, before saying "Oh jeez, you know, a panda, eats shoots and leaves?".

Both their eyes went wide as they cottoned on, and they laughed.

"Well," said Sophie, "we wouldn't have played with you if we wouldn't want to be friends, so if you are up for it lets swap numbers and stay in touch, maybe do this again, soon?".

"Oh god yes," said Jayne, "I'm up for that, how about you two?" looking at Tina and myself.

"Mmm, yes that sounds ideal" said Tina, and I chipped in with "Sure, can't see why not".

"Great," said Sophie, who glanced at Tim, who nodded, as if giving her the green light for the offer that came next, "Listen, I know it might be a bit full on, as this was your first time, but we are having a party next weekend, and wondered if you would like to come?"

"Party?" said Jayne, "I'm assuming this isn't your run-of-the-mill "invite the neighbours round" kind of party?".

"No, it's an "invite your perviest deviant friends" type of party!" laughed Sophie.

"I think I can make that" said Tina, "but I'd have to check Mum can have the kids".

I already knew I was free, and said so, looking at Jayne.

"I'm pretty sure I can make it" she said, "but I'm going to have to check and get back to you, is that ok?"

"Sure, said Sophie, "we'll keep some places open, bell us when you know for sure!"

We chatted some more, and swapped numbers, finishing off the rolls and coffee, before heading towards the front door.

"Wait!" said Sophie, before diving into a closet near the front door, and coming back with a coat for Jayne, "If the neighbours see you dressed like that the rumours will start!" We all laughed, said our goodbyes, and headed to the car.

I'd booked a late checkout, planning to be busy with Jayne, and offered Tina to come and grab some more sleep.

"I think I'll head back, I don't think I would leave if we went up to the room." and she laughed.

We said our goodbyes, and she jumped in her car and headed off.

"Don't think you will be getting any sleep," said Jayne, as we headed up in the lift "I want you again, and this time I want you to treat me like a slut!"

I groaned theatrically, and rolled my eyes, and she laughed.

This time it was Jayne who was tied to the bed, naked apart from her hold-ups.

I took her nipple clamps, and having sucked her nipples until they stood proud, I applied them.

She groaned, she had made me promise to be rough with her, to use her, to use her bag of tricks on her, and we had discussed code words so I knew how far I could push her, but still, this was new to me.

I must admit her trust in me was a big turn on, but I went slowly, giving her a chance to let me know if all was well.

She was blindfolded, I could see her strain to hear me as I walked around the bed, or rummaged in the bag, trying to second-guess where I would approach from, and with what.

I knelt on the bed, and ran my hands over her body, feeling her shudder as I did so, her skin goose-pimpling.

I took one of the whips out of the bag, a multi-strand one, and gently let the strands brush over her as I dragged it over her legs, then up between them and over her pussy.

I flicked it over her tits, gently getting the tips of the strands to flick her nipples, clamped as they were.

This drew a sharp intake of breath from her, but she said nothing, she had challenged me to try and make her use a code word to make me back off, and made me promise to, in her words "Use me like a fuck toy!"

I flicked the whip a little quicker, building up speed as I went up and down her body, the tips of the strands just brushing her skin, and then zoned in on her pussy, careful not to go too hard, but concious that she was by know panting and writhing, her arousal plain to see from her body language and the smell of her wet pussy.

With one hand I opened her pussy lips, her clit standing proud, and with the other I flicked the whip over it, some strands catching it, her body jumping and writhing again, her breath coming in gasps.

I already knew how hard I could whip her, again, in her words "hard enough to sting, but not to mark", so I continued, alternating from her pussy to her tits, to her thighs, all the while drawing groans and gasps from her.

As I made another pass over her pussy, she convulsed, and her body jerked. "Oh fuck, I'm cumming you fucker!" she gasped, "Don't stop, please don't stop!"

And with that, as I flicked the whip over her pussy, she let out a groan and stiffened against her bonds, before crashing through an orgasm.

I stopped the whip, and waited until she had her breath back.
10 March 2015
I undid the ankle and wrist straps, drawing a groan of disappointment from her until I flipped her over and re-tied her face down.

"Now lets see if I cant make you beg me to stop bitch." I breathed in her ear, before bringing the whip down harder on her arse.

She jumped, but said nothing, so I laid a few more pink stripes on her arse before smoothing it over with my hand.

She groaned again, even more so when my hand strayed between her legs to finger her, before giving her my fingers to taste.

By now, my cock was as hard as it had ever been, so I climbed onto the bed, and lay on her, my cock finding its own way in between her legs.

As she felt this, I could feel her almost instinctively push back, trying to embed my cock in her pussy, but I pulled back slightly.

"Mmmm, oh god, please" she said "give me your cock, I need cock!".

I grabbed her hair, and leaned down, saying "You will get cock when I want to fuck you, slut!".

I teased her, moving my body over hers, the truth was I wanted her probably more than she wanted me, her trust had me aroused to the point where it was almost impossible to concentrate on playing with her, all I wanted to do was bury my cock in her and fuck her hard.

Somehow I found the restraint to hold back, using my cock head to gently nudge at her pussy, but moving back when she tried to impale herself on it.

"You want it, don't you slut?" I said to her, as I pushed forward, again running my cock up her slit but not entering her.

"Oh fuck yes, please, please fuck me Martin, fuck me hard!" she said, her breath coming in gasps as she again moved back.

This time, taking her by surprise, instead of backing of I rammed my cock into her, and she wailed as she came again, her body shaking as my cock crashed into her and she orgasmed, a spurt of pussy juices soaking the bed.

I thrust again, pulling almost all the way out before crashing back in, her body convulsing as she continued to orgasm, my hand wrapped in her hair pulling her back onto me as she came again and again as I thrust in and out, pinning her to the bed as I fucked her hard.

I fucked her hard until she finished orgasming, her wails of "Ohhhh god", and "Yes, fuck yes!" spurring me on until she quietened down.

I pulled out, and undid her bonds again, this time leaving them undone as I moved her so that I could lie on the bed in front of her.

I took hold of her hair again, and pulled her to my cock, pushing it between her lips until she took over and deep throated me.

"Oh fuck yes you bitch, suck it", I said "and dont stop until I have come in you slutty mouth!"

I knew by now how much this sort of talk turned her on, and she got a second wind, as I pulled her onto, and off my cock, and she sucked and tongued it as fast as she could.

I was fucking her mouth now, pushing deep before pulling almost all the way out, and she supported her weight on her elbows and used her hands to wank my shaft and play with mt balls.

Soon I was near cumming, so I stopped her, and got her to kneel on the floor, as I stood over her.

I went back to pumping my cock in and out of her mouth, and as I looked down I said " I want to see you swallow my cum!".

"Mmmm, oh god yes, cum in my mouth!" she said "I want to suck you dry like the slut I am!"

My orgasm hit me, welling up seemingly from my toes, rushing through my body like an electric shock, a wave of pleasure that crashed over me and I groaned as I pumped my cum into her mouth, and she wanked my cock to get the last drops before swallowing with an "Mmmm" that was deliciously dirty.

All too soon, it was time to sort our shit out and leave.

We dragged ourselves off the bed, and had a hot shower together, this time with no attempt to take advantage of each other as we gently soaped each other down and towelled off.

We discussed Tim and Sophies invite, and both decided to make sure we would be there, our thirst for sexual adventure now awakened, our thoughts already on what else we could throw into the mix to make it a night to remember!

Jayne rang Tina, checking she got home ok, and discussing if she was sure she could make it, to which Tina replied yes, she would be there.

With that, we packed, and headed back to camp, me taking a slightly different route and stopping off to visit a mate so there was no risk of arriving back at camp together.

That night, just before I went to bed, I got a text, with a picture attached.

It was of a very pink bum, and just one word "Goodnight! x"
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10 March 2015
He attacked me from behind, his arms wrapping around me, trying to pin my arms to my sides.

I took half a step forward,, dropping to a half-crouch as I did so, and thrust my arms forward and up rapidly.

His grip loosened, and with him off balance, as his arms past my shoulders I took half a step back, grabbing my left fist in my right hand as I half-turned to the left, and drove my elbow into his solar plexus, which drew an explosive gasp from him before I instantly pivoted my arm, smashing downwards with my fist to contact with his groin, before turning and pushing him over.

"And that, ladies, is how you break contact before running off down the road."

I turned, addressing the eight ladies who were all looking, wide-eyed, at Gareth, who was picking himself up off the floor, dusting himself off and no doubt saying a quiet internal prayer of thanks to the manufacturers of body and groin guards.

"And remember, forget about screaming, use your breath to run, distance with speed is your best defence now, trust me he will not be chasing anyone for a few minutes at least!"

They laughed, this was their third week of lessons, on a Tuesday and Thursday, and they were used to my humour, and used to seeing Gareth getting pummelled, punched, stamped on, kicked and generally abused.

He'd been approached by a friend of his who was in the Police, with a view to teaching self-defence for ladies, and he'd put my name forward. Whilst we sparred on occasion, his basic karate was no match for my ju jitsu, and so he came along to lend his body as "assailant" whilst I did the fun bits and got to demonstrate on him.

We'd spent the first few lessons showing them how to minimise injuries by falling correctly if attacked, then we taught them a few "stand off" techniques, and now we were into running through the basic moves of how to deal with the more determined attacker, or "smash and dash" as I called it.

We'd started with about a dozen local ladies, and rapidly went down to a hard core of eight, the drop-outs either being more interested in a chance to perve and grope squaddies, or not really serious and willing to commit.

"Ok, in your pairs, remember, slow to start, swap around, talk through the moves, and then give it a go at two thirds pace, remember, we are all friends here, lets have no injuries!"

The ladies paired off, and Gareth and I moved amongst them, correcting a stance, here, demonstrating a move there, until they all had it down.

Soon, it was time to call it a night, and as the ladies headed out of the hall, Gareth and I headed for the leisure centers showers.

"You out this weekend?" Gareth called from his cubicle, as I soaped up.

"Yes, visiting relatives" was my answer. I was lying, Saturday was the party, but I wasn't about to start sharing that secret with him, we were close, but not that close.

"You need to get yourself a woman, it's not good for you, being single, you need to exercise junior, and not just with your hand!" he joked.

"I do ok, I just don't brag about it, unlike some!" Was my reply. I wasn't having a dig at Gareth, he was in a committed relationship, but we both knew loads of guys who were in the "shag 'em and leave 'em" brigade.

"Maybe, but I feel sorry for you, not having the love of a good woman" now he was launching into his usual piss-take at my expense, the "poor single bloke who's not getting any", compared to his "lucky loved-up bloke with a gorgeous nympho for a girlfriend". I let him drone on, I'd heard it before, but couldn't be arsed with arguing, my mind was on Saturday, if only he knew!

We headed out, stopping off to grab a drink before getting back to the base.

"You lot still ok for tonight?" came the text from Sophie on Saturday morning.

"Yup, three perverted deviants ready for action!" I sent back.

"Ok, drinks start at 8pm, last entry by 10pm, and after that it's playtime, chat downstairs, play upstairs, room with the pink ribbon across it is out of bounds, ok?"

"Yup, got it, see you tonight." I sent.

I forwarded the last text on to Jayne and Tina, and then headed off for an early lunch.
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10 March 2015
I packed a bag, and headed out, finally parking up just down the road from Tim and Sophies place, texting Jayne and Tina to let them know I had arrived.

"I'm inside" came back from Tina, and Jayne replied saying "Be there in 20 mins x".

I headed to the door, and was met by Sophie. The house was already buzzing, despite it only being 8.30, with quite a few people already drinking and chatting.

Tina came over, and snogged me, her eyes sparkling as she did so. "Hey you, hope you've had your weetabix!" she joked.

I laughed, "Hmm, knowing you would be here, I did the whole top shelf of the cereal aisle at Tescos!".

I looked around as she dragged me over to the table where folks were dropping off their booze, and I deposited my cans and a bottle of wine for the hosts.

There seemed to be mainly couples, it was hard to tell without asking, although there did seem to be the odd single of either sex too.

We grabbed a drink, and Tina showed me round, as she had been around early to help Sophie set up and was eager to show me the sights.

The house was well set up for the party, in the kitchen was the buffet, leading out to the covered walkway to the garage where the smokers were hanging out. Back round through the back garden, which was well fenced without feeling too restrictive and set out with a couple of picnic tables and camping chairs, and through a set of double doors into the rear of the house which was the lounge, with two corner settee units and some other chairs.

A large arch usually closed by folding doors, but now opened up, lead into the seocond large downstairs room, this one set up more as a dining room, but with comfy chairs and a couple of small sofas too, with the booze against one wall.

A hand slipped around my waist from behind, as Jayne nuzzled into me and said "Hi". I turned, and kissed her.

"Mmm.. god, don't start me off" she giggled, as I slid my hands over her.

Sophie appeared, and lead us off to introduce us.

I counted 20 couples, and a handful of single guys, all picked as they were decent and respectful.

Tina was one of about 6 single ladies, all bi as "Sophie likes girlies lol!", that from Tim.

As we made our way to the kitchen to mop up the last of the introductions, I caught the eye of the last of the single females... and we both blushed.

The last time I had seen Sarah, she had been busy putting the moves together in my self-defence class!

There was a moment of awkward silence, as I ran through the ramifications and options, and I could see Sarah doing the same.

I knew she didn't know Jayne, she had no interaction with the Army other than my classes, and I'm sure she was unlikely to mention this in public, as she had as much to be embarrassed about as I did.

Even so, I could see we would need to talk, so I turned to the others and excused us both as I lead her outside.

"Oh my god!" she exclaimed, "I never thought I'd bump into someone I knew here!".

"Same here, but we aren't hurting anyone" I said, "It's a little awkward but we are adults, it doesn't need to affect our fun here surely... I mean, I've already had my hands on you!" I said, referring to the classes.

She laughed nervously, but I could see that she was beginning to relax after the initial shock, "I guess so, it was just took me back a bit" she said, "I never expected to see you here, I thought you would have loads of offers!".

"Well, sure, but this is different, I just kinda fell into it, and after the party incident, I wanted something a little more discrete lol”.

“Ok, I guess I can relate to that,” she said, “My last relationship left me wanting some space, so I kind of drifted into this too, after a female friend and I fooled around a little one night after a bit of a moaning session about guys!” she laughed.

“Ok, so we are cool then?” I asked.

“Sure, and maybe we’ll bump into each other later if you are a good boy” she said, winking.

I could see Jayne looking over, so I gave Sarah a hug and headed back.

“Just someone I know, it’s ok, she’s cool” I said, in response to Jayne’s raised eyebrows.

“Well, I guess that was a possibility” she said, “Does she know me?”

“No, she doesn’t have a clue” I said, “She doesn’t even really know that much about me, so there’s no worries there.”

“Ok, I trust your judgement, but let’s keep a low profile with her, ok?”

“Sure, you still want to stay?” I asked, “I’m sure Sophie and Tim would understand if we ducked out?”

“No, it’s ok, actually it feels a bit wrong, but kinda hot, you know, naughty cos of the risk?” said Jayne, and I could see that she was a bit flushed, but her eyes sparkled.

I had a feeling I was going to have a hard time keeping up with her tonight.

As we had been talking, Tina had been chatting, and was now sat on a sofa with a couple, so we grabbed a drink and headed to grab a seat, saying a few “hi’s” as we did so.

As we settled on a sofa, Sophie headed over, busy doing the hostess thing, making sure all was ok and introducing various people.

“Hiya guys, everything ok?” she asked.

We had decided we didn’t want to stress anyone else out over our situation, so I said “Sure, looks like a great crowd, should be a good night!”.

“Well, that’s good, I’m setting up for the ladies to get changed if they want, then I want you to meet a couple who like the sound of you guys, is that ok?”.

“Sure, I’ll grab my bag,” said Jayne.

“Mmm, is that your bag of toys?” asked Sophie, and Jayne replied with a laugh saying

“Now, that would be telling!”.

The girls headed off, and I wandered over to the buffet, I figured I would need to keep my strength up, and I had seen Tim heading there too. Despite outward appearances, my earlier shock had knocked my confidence, so a friendly face was needed. By now the party was in full swing, a few people were obviously getting well acquainted, and small groups had formed here and there.

Tim spotted me looking a bit lonely, and came over to chat.

“I think things will kick off soon,” he said, “it seems to be going well.”

“Yes,” I replied, “seems like a good mix, does everyone play?”.

“Mostly, although some sometimes just chat and flirt” said Tim “it depends on how the chemistry is on the night I guess.”

He went on “I think you might be kept busy for a while, a couple we have played with are very keen to get to know you and Jayne better, I think they like the fact that we got on so well last time, it’s like a reference!” He laughed.

Just then, Tina walked over, having been upstairs to change she was now in a white basque, with matching stockings, heels and a very short skirt. She looked very sexy, and I could feel my cock stirring. She wrapped her arms around me, and her eyes opened wide when she snuggled up against me and felt the bulge of my arousal.

“Ooo, Mart, was that me?” she giggled, her hand wandering down for a grope, and my cock stiffened under her touch.

“Hey you, save that for upstairs” laughed Tim, “there’s plenty of time for being naughty!”

Tina laughed “Oh, I intend to be very naughty, there’s a few that I have my eye on”.

I felt more relaxed, we grabbed another drink and got into chatting with a few of the people who were sitting around, as Tim wandered off to make sure everything was going ok. The ladies who had headed upstairs were re-appearing, and soon Jayne appeared, and yet again she didn’t fail to stun me with her outfit.

Rubber this time, black, a short tight skirt barely covering her bum, with a black corset, her boobs spilling out of the top, teamed with those same black gloves, and stockings and heels. She saw me looking, and smiled, she knew the effect it would have on me.

As she approached, she headed for a couple sat on a sofa, and beckoned me over.

I headed over, and sat next to her, as she introduced me to Marie and John. Marie was in a short red dress, with stockings and knee high spike-heeled boots. John was casually dressed, and we settled into an easy conversation. Early on, Jayne mentioned that John and Marie were the couple that Tim had mentioned, so that set the scene for our chat.

It seemed that Jayne’s predilection for playing with sub females had become known amongst the group of close friends that Sophie and Tim played with, and Marie especially was very interested. John was more of a voyeur, and preferred to watch mostly, although he was happy to play too if the opportunity was offered. Marie was more experienced with her sub side, and was looking for someone to play with who was a proven “bitch” as she put it.

“Oh, I can be a real bitch, if you want to be my slut Marie” said Jayne, “it sounds like we could have some fun!”.

“There is a particular thing we want to do,” said John, “and we need a couple like you guys to help us do it”.

“Yes,” said Marie, “we want a couple with a dominant female to play with me, well, use me as a fuck-toy whilst john watches, but not be allowed to join in.”

“It’s not so much a cuckold thing” explained John, “I just really like watching Marie have fun without getting involved”.

“And I like being a complete slut, being used, screwed and then left in a sweaty but sated heap” Marie said.

“Well, sounds good to me, what do you think Mart?” said Jayne, looking at me.

“I’m game, what guy is going to turn down an offer like this?” I replied.

We chatted for a while, and Marie outlined her limits, which didn’t take very long, there didn’t seem much that she wouldn’t do, her only main stipulation was that John should be present at all times.

I could see Jayne shifting in her seat, and both girls were getting very touchy-feely, and then Marie said “Can we head up, the waiting is driving me crazy?” Jayne laughed, and looked at me, before taking Marie by the hand, and leading her towards the stairs.
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10 March 2015
I closed the door, we were lucky, two couples had just been leaving one room as we arrived, and we slipped in with no problems.

John had already told us to just “have fun with Marie and forget I’m here”, and he headed for a chair in the corner of the room which was out of the way, but afforded him a good view of the action.

Jayne and Marie had both brought bags, and Marie pulled a collar from hers, putting it on before reaching into her bag again to produce some nipple clamps.

The girls sat on the bed, and Jayne kissed Marie as she rolled down the top of her dress, pinching Maries nipples to get them hard, before applying the clamps that were offered. There was a sharp intake of breath from Marie as they were applied, before she was silenced by more kissing from Jayne.

I undressed, watching as Jayne rolled her own corset top down, before she pulled Maries head down and told her to “Suck my nipples slut.”

I moved behind Marie, and took hold of her hips, guiding her up to kneel on the bed, before running my hands between her legs, encouraging her to open them so I could slip her panties to one side and run my fingers between her pussy lips, finding her wet hole easily, and slipping two fingers in, eliciting a moan from her as she nibbled and sucked Jaynes nipples.

I continued to finger Marie, turning my hand palm down and crooking my fingers, finding her G spot and rubbing it as her breathing accelerated and her moaning grew in intensity.

“Don’t you cum, slut, not until I tell you” said Jayne, as Marie started to shake, unable to concentrate on Jaynes nipples as my fingers pushed her closer to orgasm. I eased off, and Jayne re-positioned herself on the bed on her back and pulled Marie towards her, twinning her fingers in her hair and pulling Maries face into her pussy.

“Lick me, come on, get your tongue busy” said Jayne to Marie, and to me “Are you going to fuck her?”

“Not yet, she needs to earn it first” I said, and I rummaged around in Jaynes bag for a suitable toy.

Finding one, I placed it at the entrance to Maries cunt, and gently worked it in. I knew she liked to be “well used” as she had put it, and none too gently either, but I wanted to start slow and build the intensity. I pushed some more, and soon had the toy firmly seated in her, and then I switched it on.

“Oh fuck!” came from between Jaynes legs, as the vibrations juddered through Marie, making her squirm, and Jayne chastised her by saying “Lick, don’t talk!” and pulling on her hair to plant her pussy lips more firmly on Maries mouth. I let the toy work its magic for a short while, watching as Jaynes first orgasm approached at the ministrations of Maries tongue. Soon Jayne was panting, and I got off the bed and stood at her side, reaching down to pinch and caress her nipples, watching as her body shook. She looked up at me, and moved her head so that she could engulf my cock in her mouth, gagging as she forced herself down to the base, before pulling back to lick the tip, and then deep throating me again. I knew if I allowed Jayne to continue, she would suck me dry, so I reluctantly pulled myself away after a few minutes, and went back to play with the toy buried to the hilt inside Marie, pulling it out to play the vibrating tip over her clit, before plunging it back in to buzz away inside her. Soon, with the frantic attention from Marie, Jayne was on the verge, so I stopped the toy play to allow Marie to concentrate, watching as she eagerly devoured the juices pouring from Jayne. Lashing and sucking her clit until Jayne grabbed Maries head, moaning, bucking and shaking as her climax ripped through her.

I knew Jayne wouldn’t take long to recover, so I told Marie to sit up, and as she turned I offered my cock to her mouth, and she eagerly set to work sucking me as enthusiastically as she had licked Jayne. I reached down and played with her nipples, gently pulling the clamps twisting them ever so slightly and feeling Marie moan delightfully onto my cock. Having watched her and Jayne, I knew that I was in danger of cumming very soon, so I restricted how deep she sucked me, allowing her to lick and suck the head. Soon Jayne was ready to continue. She reached into her bag again, and pulled out a harness. It soon became clear it was a strap-on, with a very realistic looking dildo attached, which Marie eyed with obvious excitement.

“Right slut, now we’ll see how much you can take” said Jayne, as she stepped into the harness and buckled it up, before indicating to Marie to get on her hands and knees on the bed, with her bum near the edge. With a few gentle slaps on Maries bum, Jayne got her in the position she wanted, and then she reached forward, and grabbed a handful of Maries hair, pulling her back as she fed the tip of the dildo into her pussy from behind, shunting in and out until Maries natural wetness had coated the dildo and made it easy to slide all the way in. Jayne passed, letting Marie adjust to the feeling, and then she pulled out and started slowly fucking her, the strokes getting faster and deeper as Marie moaned and cried out in obvious delight.

I moved around behind Jayne, and reached around to play with her nipples, knowing that the nodules on the inside of the harness would be rubbing her clit as she thrust into Marie, and this extra stimulation would push her faster to her second orgasm.

Soon, both women were crying out, and in between gasps Jayne reminded Marie “Don’t you cum yet slut, I have something special in mind for that”.

After a short while, it became obvious that Marie was close, and was struggling to hold back, saying “Oh fuck, please, please may I cum?”

“Ok, let’s change things up a notch then” said Jayne, slowing and eventually pulling out of Marie.

My own arousal was plain to see, my cock was twitching and throbbing, and Jayne made Marie kneel in front of me, before again taking her head and pushing her mouth onto my cock, which Marie eagerly sucked.

Jayne turned to me, and we kissed, and she then said “Do you think we should make her cum Martin?”

“What did you have in mind?” I asked.

“Well, you haven’t fucked her yet, so I think she needs to have your cock, but I want to fuck her some more,” said Jayne, and Marie moaned on my cock, obviously hearing us talking about what we were going to do to her was turning her on.

“Do you think she could take two in her cunt?” I asked, knowing already that that was not what Jayne had in mind.

“Oh, I think she might enjoy that too much, we shouldn’t spoil the slut you know” laughed Jayne.

“Well, there is only one other option” I said, and Marie moaned again, realisation of what we were hinting at obviously making her even more turned on, a fact soon proved when Jayne noticed that Marie had several fingers stuffed into her pussy and was frantically rubbing her clit.

“Well, seeing as she is acting like a complete slut, I think we should fuck her like one” said Jayne, pulling Marie up off the floor.

“Right slut, come here,” said Jayne, as she got onto the bed on her back.

“Get on this, and lean forward, Martin is going to fuck your arse!” She said, indicating the dildo jutting out from her crotch.

Marie wasted no time, impaling herself quickly on the fake cock, and bending forward to kiss Jayne, who again wrapped her hand in her hair and held her tight.

I knelt behind Marie, and applied lube to her back passage, taking a small toy and gently easing it into her to loosen her up. She groaned, panting as Jayne played with her still clamped nipples, and I removed the toy as Jayne began a gently in and out movement with her hips.

“Ready?” I asked, and her reply came back straight away “Oh fuck yes!”

I shuffled close, and having lubed up my cock, I pressed it against her ring, and as she relaxed I pushed in. She was obviously no stranger to anal, as my cock slid in easily.

“Oh yes, oh fuck” she cried, and Jayne pulled her close again to kiss her as we set up a rhythm, which soon accelerated.

Jayne too was getting her clit pounded, as Marie bucked up and down on her and by now I was ploughing into Marie at a rapid rate.

Marie was soon bucking and writhing between us, obviously lost in the sensations of her over-stimulated senses, and I knew I would soon be joining her in cumming. Jayne pulled her close again, and then said “Yes, slut, cum, let go!”

“Oh fuckkkk....!” cried Marie as she convulsed, her jerking body and rippling muscles in her pussy and ass setting me off too, as Jayne also crashed through an orgasm triggered as much by the horniness of the situation as by the pounding her clit had received from the nodules in her harness.

Marie thrashed, as I tried to hold her somewhere near steady as my orgasm ripping through me would allow, before, finally, we all lay spent, one on top of the other.

Our breathing subsided, and I pulled out of Marie, before helping her off the dildo. Jayne sat up, and removed the nipple clamps, kissing each nipple as she did so, Marie seemingly having a mini orgasm each time. We shared a kiss and a hug, and then John spoke, “Well, I think you certainly hit the spot with that!”

“Oh yes!” said Marie, “they certainly did, I hope you two are planning on staying in touch?”

“Sure,” I said “we’d love to.”

We swapped numbers, and John and Marie headed to the en-suite. Jayne stepped out of the harness, and then said “Fancy sharing a shower?”

“Yup, then I need a drink” I laughed “you women are enough to dry any guy out!”

She laughed, and we headed out to the main bathroom along the landing, where we shared a shower.

“Are you up for more?” Jayne asked, as well towelled each other dry, her hands caressing my cock as she did so.

“I guess so, the night is still young, we may as well see what more mischief we can get up to” I said, as my cock gave its own answer, stiffening under her touch.

mr&mrs sparks

Ok, ok, I'll be adding more to this, and I got started on a different story too, but that hasn't reached any length yet, I'll post it when it does. x:p
I showed it my mrs after 20 mins of reading it she jumped all over so thank u and I loved reading it u well hun u have set a bench mark for the others that might put theirs up hun.. but me and my mrs thank u enjoyed reading it together xx
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10 March 2015
Downstairs, the party was in full swing, people were chatting in small groups, and moving between the buffet, the drinks table, and the seating. Some were drifting off upstairs as they found their match from the socialising.

We grabbed a drink, and headed outside to grab some fresh air, the party was heating up in more ways than one.

“Hi, can I borrow him for a second?” Sarah asked Jayne, she had been chatting to a couple of guys sat around a patio table and saw us as we came out into the garden.

“Sure, I’m going to take a wander” said Jayne, I had noticed her eyeing up a tall blonde as we had come outside, I guessed she was looking for another girl to corrupt.

“I’ll come find you later, have fun” she said, winking at me.

Sarah led me off to one side, biting her lip as she did so, a very sexy sight with her red lipstick.

“I... ummm, I know this might be a little weird”, she said, “but I kinda need your help with something?”

“Ok, shoot” I said.

“Well..... God, I didn’t think it would be so difficult to ask!” I could see she was really nervous.

“Listen, we already know each other a bit, and let’s face it, it couldn’t be any more embarrassing than when we saw each other here, right?” I said, looking past her at the two guys who she had been chatting with, who seemed to be taking quite an interest in our chat, I made a mental note to keep alert, they seemed to be way too interested, my threat assessment went up a notch.

She took a deep breath, “Ok, look, I have this thing I want to do, gets me really hot when I think about it, but I need someone with me I can trust”.

“Go on?” I prompted, one eye on the two guys at the table.

She looked up, and saw where some of my attention was diverted.

“Well, actually, it involves them too” She said, “ I want to play with three guys, I talked to them, and kinda had you in mind as my safety cover, you know, playing but also making sure they are playing by the rules too?” She indicated the other two guys.

I relaxed, their attention was now explained. I was a little taken aback, but wasn’t totally against the idea, and told her so.

“Great, I hadn’t planned for it here,” she said, “but when I saw you, and got talking to them I realised I might be able to do it safely and I’m really up for it!” As she spoke she moved closer, her one hand running around my waist, then lower, to cup my butt cheek, which she squeezed.

“I didn’t know if you would go for it, seeing as we do the self-defence thing, thought it might be a bit awkward, but I thought I’d ask” her hand squeezed again, and I found myself responding, cupping her bum too.

She was dressed in a short blue dress, with heels and what I hoped were stockings, and I found myself looking at her in a whole different way, my cock responded, and I said “Well, I guess we better put those two out of their suspense!” I said, “What exactly have you got in mind, is it just a mini gang-bang, or do you have something different planned?”

“Well, I hadn’t thought it through completely, but I do know I don’t want anything too extreme, at least not yet, I’m new to this so I just want three guys to play with me, I have done some bum play so I think I’d like to try to take all three of you at once!” her eyes sparkled and she blushed as she said that, she may be new to it, but she certainly knew what she wanted!

We wandered over, and she introduced me to Andrew and Steve.

“Ok, I guess I’m the referee,” I joked, semi-serious, “You want to set any ground rules Sarah?”

“Ummmm.... condoms are a must, and nothing too rough, I like it hard but not straight away, you have to start slow” she said, blushing again. “And I like being grabbed and handled, but again no rough stuff, not into spanking, I want you to use me, but be nice!”

“Ok” I said, looking at the two guys, they nodded, lets face it, most guys will play by the rules if a woman is offering it to them on a plate.

We headed upstairs, Sarah leading the way. The first room we tried was occupied, a tangle of bodies on the bed.

We tried another, and were about to turn away, finding it occupied when the group told us to “Give us five minutes, we are done, we’ll be out now”.

So we stood on the landing, until Sarah got a little eager, grabbing Andrew, the bigger of the two guys, snogging him as she pushed up against him.

Steve looked at me, as if seeking the green light, and I just nodded, it was Sarahs rules, and she wasn’t too shy to get the party started before we had a room to ourselves.

Steve stood close behind Sarah, running his hands over her, eliciting a groan from her as he ran his hands down her back, over her bum, down her thighs and then back up, pushing up her dress as he did so. She parted her legs slightly, and then jumped a little as Steve must have found her pussy, I couldn’t tell if she was wearing panties, but I was pretty sure Steve had bypassed them if she was, as her groans went up a notch, helped now by Andrew, who had her boobs in his hands, gently cupping them through her dress, skimming his thumbs over her nipples.

The door opened, and the occupants trooped out in various states of semi-reasonable dress, and Sarah wasted no time in dragging Andrew and Steve in, as I bought up the rear.

There was a double bed, on which Steve, Sarah and Andrew dived as I closed the door.

I left them to it and watched, I knew my turn would come.

Sarah was now obviously getting majorly turned on, as she scrabbled at Andrews belt as Steve undid his and got rid of his trousers. Sarah left Andrew to sort his out as Steve knelt on the bed and waved his cock in her face. She grabbed it, licking the tip and then slowly taking the head in her mouth.

“Hey,” she said, looking at me, taking her mouth off Steve’s cock, “this isn’t a stage-show, no watchers, get it out, I want three cocks”, before going back to Steve, sucking him hungrily.

Andrew by now was getting naked, so I dropped my trousers, kicking them to a corner of the room, and pulled my shirt off, feeling Sarahs hand on my bulge through my boxers as I turned back.

She pulled down my boxers, holding my rapidly stiffening cock by the base as she sucked Steve, before swapping to suck me as she wanked him.

Andrew stood near, and soon she was alternating between our cocks, soon finding a rhythm as she sucked one and wanked the other two.

“Oh god, this is so hot!” she exclaimed, and she backed off, got off her knees and pulled her dress over her head.

She stood there in her undies, I now saw she wasn’t wearing panties, but she was wearing stockings, and her bra soon joined her dress on the floor.

“Ok boys, who’s first?” she said, all trace or embarrassment gone, as she lay back on the bed.

Andrew made a move between her legs, licking up her thighs until her reached her pussy, before settling down to lick her clit, which brought moans from Sarah, as Steve moved to her boobs, nibbling one nipple as he tweaked the other between finger and thumb.

I knelt next to her head, and she turned, engulfing my cock in her mouth, sending vibrations down it as she moaned, turning her head more to get as much cock into her mouth as possible.

Soon Sarah was ready, and she took her mouth off my cock long enough to gasp “Put a condom on!” to Andrew, who rapidly obliged, before sliding between her legs, pausing to position himself before pushing slowly into her. She groaned throatily, as Andrew pushed into her further, and she raised her legs to allow him to get in deeper. Steve and I grabbed a leg each, pulling back gently, and Andrew raised himself on his hands, slowly withdrawing before pushing in again. He slowly built up speed, and soon she was finding it difficult to suck me as Andrew upped the pace.

“Oh god, fuck yes!” she yelled, and suddenly she was cumming, her face and chest flushing as she groaned and jerked through her orgasm.

We let her recover, and soon she was ready to go again. By now I was ready to fuck her, so I told her to stand up, and got her to climb onto me as I lay on the bed.

She mounted me, sliding down on my cock, her hands on my chest as she settled. Steve opted for her mouth, standing on the bed and offering her his hard-on, which she sucked ravenously.

“Are you ready for all of us?” I asked her.

“Mmmm.... god yes, I want to be fucked in all my holes!” she replied, wriggling on my cock.

Andrew grabbed some lube, and gently inserted a finger, slowly stretching her open as she rocked back and forth on my cock, deep-throating Steve.

Soon, Andrew had two, then three fingers in her ass, gently opening her up, until he leaned forward and said “Ok, here we go”.

“Gently, start slow,” she breathed, as Andrew shuffled forward and pressed his cock up against her ass.

He pushed forward, and her eyes widened as he slowly slid into her, gently pushing forward, until he was fully into her.

She groaned, “Oh fuck, I’ve never been so full, fuck me, slowly!” and she started rocking as Andrew set up a slow in and out, and I thrust up into her, feeling his cock pushing into her arse as I thrust into her pussy.

Steve fed her his cock, stifling her moans as we slowly upped the pace, all thrusting into her, getting faster and faster as she relaxed and started to bounce on our cocks, her breathing becoming ragged around Steves cock as she again ramped up towards another orgasm.

Suddenly she was cumming again, my fingers gently pinching her nipples as she shuddered and slumped forward.

“Oh fuck, that was amazing!” she said, in between gasps.
10 March 2015
She rolled off me, and we gave her a couple of minutes to recover.

“Ok, whats next on the tick list Sarah?” I asked.

“Mmmmm.... something dirty, I want to be a filthy slut” she replied.

“How about a little bukkake session to end?” said Steve.

“Oh yes!” she cried, “that sonds perfect, you naughty boys all cumming in my mouth and on my face!”

So we us guys all stood, as Sarah sat on the bed, pulling at our cocks, sucking each in turn, helping us on by talking dirty.

“Oh yes, come on, fuck my mouth, spunk on my face!” She was really getting into it, and soon Steve was plainly about to cum, so Andrew and I stood back as she sucked him hard, deep throating him and looking up at him.

“Come on you sexy fucker, cum on my face” she told him, and Steve groaned and spurted, the first jet almost missing her, before she aimed the rest at her face, jerking him as he groaned, finally starting to soften as he moved to sit at the end of the bed.

Andrew and I resumed our efforts to reward her, as she jerked our cocks, sucking one for a short while before turning to the other.

I felt that familiar tingle in my balls, and groaned “Oh shit!”. Sarah looked up at me, “Come on Martin, fuck my face, cum in my mouth, do it!”

I stiffened, and she moaned on my cock, letting the first spurt hit the back of her throat before pulling away for the rest to arc out over her face, white ribbons covering her.

She turned her attention to Andrew, and jerked him as she almost absent-mindedly scooped up some cum off her face with a finger, before putting it in her mouth.

“Oh shit, thats fucking horny!” groaned Andrew, as Sarah sucked his cock, and soon he added to the mess on her face, his hips jerking as she wanked him until he was spent.

“Mmmm, fuck that was soooo hot!” she said, scooping some more into her mouth.

I grabbed some tissues from the bedside table, and she cleaned herself off, as us guys retrieved our clothes and got dressed.

I scooped up her dress and bra, and she looked, before laughing and saying “I think I’m going to clean up a bit more before I put that on!”.

She headed into the on-suite, and soon returned, fresh-faced, and Steve and Andrew kissed her before heading downstairs.

I hung around until she got dressed, and she hugged me.

“Thanks for that Mart, that was great, I certainly didn’t think I would be doing that tonight!” and she laughed.

“Well, neither did I, so that’s two of us !” I said.

We headed down, I needed a drink, and hoped I could find Jayne in the throng.