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Playing with Fire

Discussion in 'Fantasy & Story Forums' started by sthwalescpl, 25 May 2015.

  1. Wow amazing story
  2. Oh my god! Very hot xx
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  3. Lace

    Lace PV Sprtr

    I missed the end bit and have just read it and wow we need more like this xxx(y)
  4. Pearls

    Pearls #PearlsTechSupport

    Amazing and well ummmm wow xxxx
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  5. Lips_Pearls

    Lips_Pearls PV Sprtr

    Ooof we can't wait and hope it's soon? xxx
    Some serious reading time required, but worth every minute!
  6. sthwalescpl

    sthwalescpl Sprtr

    I've written more on some stories whilst we have been away, so I'll add the bits in for all those who have enjoyed them so far.
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  7. sthwalescpl

    sthwalescpl Sprtr

    I made my way to the booze table, grabbed a can and some nibbles on a paper plate, and sat down. I nodded and smiled as Marie and John walked past, Marie stopping for a quick kiss before moving on, and then spotted Tina kissing a guy, before taking him by the hand and leading him towards the stairs.

    The party had a good “buzz” about it, there were small groups sat chatting and laughing, people too and fro from the garden, buffet and booze tables, and a steady stream either going up, or coming down, the stairs, the latter usually looking a bit more unkempt!

    Finishing my food, and the can, I dropped the plate and can into the different bags Tim and Sophie had put out with signs on, paper in one, cans another, and food waste a third, very conscientious, and a little out of sorts in a swinging party.

    As I turned, I saw Sophie, who beckoned me over.

    “Hi sexy!” she kissed me, a brief but delightful peck, and as she did so she pinched my bum. “There’s a guy here looking for a few guys for his wife, if you are up for it?”

    “Depends, what’s the story?” I replied.

    “Oh, it’s pretty simple really, she’s upstairs on a bed, waiting, he picks a few guys and sends them in one at a time, they have fun, and leave, and the next guy goes in, you up for it? He’s asked me to pick out a few reliable guys, but to be honest, as we know pretty much everyone here and can vouch for them I’m just sending anyone up who looks to be at a loose end” she laughed, her eyes twinkling, I guess she was just looking out for me as it was my first time, but actually I felt pretty comfortable.

    “Sure, I’m game” I replied, “When do you want me?”

    “Ooo... well, there’s a loaded question!” she laughed, “Later, but for now, I’ll send you along to Chris and Leah, he will be outside the last door on the right at the top of the stairs”, and with another kiss, she sent me on my way.
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  8. sthwalescpl

    sthwalescpl Sprtr

    I went up the stairs, and made my way along the landing, finding Chris stood by a bedroom door.

    “Sophie sent me up, I’m Martin” I said to him, and, not yet sure of the etiquette, I extended a hand, and he shook it.

    “Hi, Leah is a bit busy, but it shouldn’t be too long” Chris said.

    “Ok, I think I’ll grab a quick shower” I said, I saw the family bathroom was unoccupied and headed in.

    I stripped, and got rinsed off, quickly drying myself. I decided not to get dressed, it would save some time with Leah, so I wrapped my clothes into a bundle, and wrapped a towel around myself, heading back to Chris.

    “Good timing,” he said, “she’s ready for you now”, “Ok, any particular dos or donts?” I replied. “Not really, just have fun” was his reply.

    I opened the door, and went in.

    Leah was lying on the bed, dressed in white lingerie, long blond hair, slim, with a lovely smile. “Well, hello” she said, holding out a hand. I approached, and she sat up, taking my hand as I stood closer. “I’m Martin” I said.

    “Hi Martin, I’m Leah, I see you have come prepared for action” she said, “Let’s have a look what’s under here for me shall we?” as she loosened the towel and let it fall. Her eyes widened, and she almost purred as she took hold of my cock, before pulling me towards her gently. My cock stiffened at her touch, her one hand holding it as her other hand went around my bum, pulling me closer as her lips opened and she sucked my cock in. “Mmm, lovely and clean” she murmured, and my cock quickly hardened as she licked and sucked it, rapidly bringing back to a state of full hardness.

    She patted the bed “Lie down honey, I haven’t ridden anyone yet, and this looks like just the right one to change that!” So I climbed onto the bed, lay back, and watched as she straddled me, one hand on my chest to help her balance, as she use the other to guide me into her. Once in, she sat back slowly, her eyes closed as she lowered herself onto me. I don’t know how many guys had taken up the offer of playing with her that evening, but she was still quite tight, her pussy gripping me, as she settled down onto me. She leant forward, both hands now on my chest, and we kissed, as she gently rocked her hips slowly, getting used to me, before gently rising up a little, and settling back down, setting a slow gentle rhythm as we kissed. Soon she was moaning as her speed increased, and I ran my hands over her bra, before pulling it down so I could play with her nipples. She seemed to enjoy the gentle touch, so I rolled the nipples between my fingers, just tweaking them, and her breath would catch in her throat as I moved from one nipple to the other. She wasn’t very vocal, but she moaned gently, mm’ing and aahh-ing as she picked up a little speed on my cock, while I did my best to help with the penetration by rocking my hips. I was enjoying the change of pace from the frantic hardcore sessions earlier, and Leah was soon on the verge of cumming, her breathing and moaning now rapid, as she bounced gently on my cock, which was making liquid sounds as it disappeared inside her velvety pussy. She suddenly stiffened, her back arched, and she slumped forward, jerking and moaning as her orgasmic spasms ran through her. I held her to me as she came, rubbing her back, and she kissed me again when she finally stopped shuddering.

    We lay there for a couple of minutes, before she moved to lie next to me, taking my hard cock in her hand and wanking it gently.

    “Is it ok if I make you cum like this?” She asked, “I love seeing a guy cum.”

    “Sure” I said, and she set to work, kissing me now and then, but mostly just watching my cock as she rubbed it, her pace quickening.

    Soon she could tell from my body language that I was close, and she sped up her pumping, watching as I started to cum all over her fingers, groaning as I did so. “Mmmm, that looks so horny!” She said, gently fondling my cock as it softened. We kissed, and I wiped myself with some tissues, before getting dressed and heading out.

    The next guy was already waiting, chatting to Chris as I opened the door. I headed back downstairs.
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