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Sexual Surprises


Deleted member 1402

Gimme your biggest sexual surprises, please :surprise:

My main two, have got to be....having my first anal orgasm, I thought it was a myth. Really took my breath away.
My second, how intense a 3sum can be with the right couple, how we all 'came' together. Totally blew my mind and an experience I will treasure and remember forever. :threesum:


Wow, where to start? Our first fucks for sure, after years of playing around with boyfriends/girlfriends, actually doing IT was life-changing, although hurried for both of us it was far more intense than we could have imagined, masturbation didn't come close. Suddenly you're 'grown up' in mind if not in body, and of course it's addictive!

After a couple of years of swinging in clubs we started having home 4somes, and one of our early ones was an "all cum together" with good friends. We were all entwined when the other woman started cumming and she set everyone else off. It was one of our first bareback 4somes too.

Our first fuck together was something we've never forgotten either - especially me (G). We had just met at an event called Druid Camp and had gone into Rose's tent, undressed and got down to foreplay. I was about to get between her legs for missionary when R grabbed me, pushed me on to my back firmly and mounted me expertly, all very unexpected and pleasant. Truly the start of something wonderful.