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  1. AutumnH


    Found this article in New Scientist about brain activity and orgasms. I won't spoil the findings, but I love the last sentence ;) Orgasms: A real 'turn-off' for women
  2. PRG978

    Tights Fetish

    Hi, Does anyone else on this site have a tights fetish? I love wearing them (when it's cooler) and love having sex whilst my wife and I are wearing them. My favourite ones are M&S blue or barely black 10 denier sheer tights. I know it's a bit weird, but I'm sure we all have our little kinks. - P
  3. D

    Sex Dreams

    What are your most memorable sexy dreams? or, the most unusual dream you have had. I keep a dream journal as I have weird and vivid dreams often, some are lucid and that can make things really fun... especially when it turns into a sexual dream. So, one of my weird sex dreams was a guy in a...
  4. GreeneyedMinx

    What Takes Your Fancy?

    So as a young lady I always wonder about what underwear people really appreciate and find sexy. So my question, what do you like a lady a wear and why? What is it about it that makes you all flustered? Minx xx
  5. J

    Sex And Food

    I love sex and I love food, so combining the two has to be a win/win.......or does it?! What foods have you used in your play? And would you use them again?
  6. AutumnH

    The Contraception Thread

    Okay, alright...but before you all moan and click somewhere else, we need to talk about this. We are all responsible adults (almost!) and we have an active lifestyle where we need to take care of ourselves. Now, I'd like to think that as responsible adults we take the necessary precautions to...
  7. AutumnH


    I was having a think (alright, bear with me, it happens on occasions) and I'm just wondering if anybody has ever heard of or had a romantic relationship occur due to the lifestyle? After reading the various articles of how and swinging improves a relationship, I'm just wondering if a meet (sex...
  8. The-A-Team

    1st Night Play

    Ok curious question, we've met a lot of couples/singles, that on initial first meets, continue through to full play, and without any hesitation, on the first night, And yes, tbh, we have too, on some odd occasions, in fact probably most, if were totally honest. And yet all the guides...
  9. ThePantiePurse

    Christmas Gift

    hello all, as most of you know we are The Pantie Purse, the website with everything you need for a naughty christmas. We have many new items available and at unbeatable prices. So if you need a naughty gift for xmas then visit us - Sex Toys – Erotic Underwear - Fetish Wear - Bondage | The Pantie...
  10. D

    Sexual Surprises

    Gimme your biggest sexual surprises, please :surprise: My main two, have got to be....having my first anal orgasm, I thought it was a myth. Really took my breath away. My second, how intense a 3sum can be with the right couple, how we all 'came' together. Totally blew my mind and an experience...
  11. D

    After Sex Smells, Do You Hate It Or Love It?

    I'm not talking no funky, bad smells.... but perhaps the subtle smell of massage oil, the aroma of juices and such like. When you pop to the bathroom and return to the room and there is that smell of sex. Love it or hate it and why?
  12. Admin

    Savings And Offers From The Pantie Purse

    Okay sexy peeps, To give @ThePantiePurse a nice helpful nudge, I am going to list some of their items that I am just browsing on their site. This is to help promote them, which is the least I can do considering the offers they are running for all of our members right now. You can get discounts...
  13. The-A-Team

    Real People, Wanting Real Fun

    Hello again, New and fellow Swingers, Social Swinging is a site built for very real swingers, and the people on here are all actually VERY REAL people first, with very real feelings, and emotions that happen to enjoy Swinging too, We won't and dont jump on everyone immediately, Sorry to...
  14. Driftwood70

    Sex and Technology

    The world of technology is going to go through the roof soon and the next big thing is just on the horizon. I'm talking about Virtual Reality or VR for short and while this will be in widespread use soon enough, the sex industry has already embraced it. First there was virtual sex, where people...
  15. Driftwood70

    The Hotel Room - an erotic short story

    As I mentioned before my previous short story "Emily" I like to role-play online.Sometimes that role-play inspires me to write short stories based on them. Here is one such story. Obviously its not identical and I haven't mentioned anybody but it is inspired by them. Warning - it is rather...
  16. SwindonSwingers

    Swindon Swingers - DESIRE

    Admin created a new event: Swindon Swingers - DESIRE Read more about this event...