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18 July 2015
Cock pic or face pic or fanny pic.......What do you prefer, for me it has to be face every time, as someone said on here..I would rather open the wrapper than see what is inside.


Face, I do like to see a little of the contents, but less is more, splayed open kebabs, aren't for me.Neither are pictures of row upon row of upstanding, cocks. At the end of the day, it's not the fanny or cock, I/we will be meeting, well hopefully not on a first meet in the local!! it's the person. We all have one or the other.. Which are all aesthetically pretty much the same.
A pretty face does it for me everytime! Less is more.
Right I'm off to hide me fanny pics :rofl:


11 August 2015
Face pic every time for me. For the exhibitionists, maybe a full body pic if they really want to shows off thier bits
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Deleted member 1030

I prefer a full - or close to full - body pic. Even if the face is blurred-out, it can still give you a better idea about who the person is than just a face pic.... and certainly more idea than a cock/pussy shot!
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If you're going to meet someone you'll want to recognise them by their face so it makes sense to me that profile pictures are of that - can't go around trying to recognise people by their arse ;)


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