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Taking The Initiative..

Discussion in 'All About Swinging' started by Lips_Pearls, 27 March 2019.

  1. TherLegs

    TherLegs PV Sprtr

    I just do what I'm told :innocent:
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  2. GeoffRy

    GeoffRy PV Sprtr

    Duly noted! ;)
    See you soon (should we send instruction list to your Inbox?):whistle: XxRy&G
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  3. WolfieGray

    WolfieGray PV Sprtr

    Very well said
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  4. WolfieGray

    WolfieGray PV Sprtr

    Not yet you cheekies, you know this. Another dance & hang out when you're back from holiday, I am drowning in work right now. But also I think instructions are helpful in any situation .. But do people read them? And would I manage to break something like usual . Xx
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  5. GeoffRy

    GeoffRy PV Sprtr

    Def want a catch up and dance when we return.
    Maybe I could write you a full instruction manual for you to peruse and decide when the time is right for you. Either that or just get all strict and domineering and order you and just force you (consenting non-consent like). We can act out our own little Kink/ S+S scene. Quite liking the idea of making you dominate Ry with a strap on whilst I watch and direct. HA
    Yeah as if I could be that domineering, I am just a big softy. XxX
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  6. WolfieGray

    WolfieGray PV Sprtr

    yeah you are a softy at heart.
    No need for instructions, like I said I'm doing things on my terms & timeline. I am sure there are lots of others around if you both are very ready to dive in with someone.
    Of course, having a boogie with you both was fun and is nice. And that's alright with me. Hope you both have a fabulous time in Thailand :D
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