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The Vanilla Alternative Presents - The 2016 Festival Of Fun!


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The whole site is quite level outside although there are a few steps between the grass area and the main club building. There is though ramped access at the club front door and all internal facilities are on the one level.
Excellent. I'd be in a wheelchair, but my arthritis and being overweight stops me from being able to use it, unless someone pushes me.

Deleted member 1402

Git our wellies too... let's hope the weather does stay though.
Mind I don't know about you guys but I don't want sweltering heat either.
Can't get jiggy with it in a heatwave :D
I dont do getting frisky in the heat unless I have air con blasting at me!


I just want to say HUGE kudos and thanks to our supporters, sponsors, contributors and friends who have donated towards the goodie bags. We have had a huge response from people who wish to advertise, become involved and support us at the festival.
The show of support and kindness from other businesses has been outstanding and I just want to take a moment to thank you all.
Pics to follow of course, but have lots to do..
Thank you to all of you who have contributed. Some of you are on the site, some not = either way we wanted show our appreciation and gratitude.
Thank you! x
See you there ;) x


Oldest Swinger In Town
Kettering, United Kingdom
It's finally here. Day 1 of the 2016 Festival of Fun at The Vanilla Alternative. Campers can book in from noon and day visitors are welcome from 2pm. The weather forecast is good and the club is ready for another amazing couple of days with a wonderful group of swingers from all over the UK. Tickets are still available on the door for anyone making a last minute decision to attend, either for the full weekend or just today or tomorrow. Just remember to register online via the VA website and bring ID with you. It's going to be an epic event. Have fun. We very much look forward to meeting up with old friends and the large number visiting The Vanilla Alternative for the first time.