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Wet N Wild

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by sweetNsaucy, 7 November 2015.

  1. Now come on all of you, get those minds out of the gutter. We mean the weather is wet and wild. So indoor fun only. What are you planning todo to make inside as wet and wild as outside.....??? We'll start were gonna take a shower with window wide open lol the shower provide's the wet bits and the wild will come from saucy (Mr) screaming its bleeding freezing lol.....XXX
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  2. It's persisting it down here two! On and off, sunny at the min, unsure what to do as of yet, may drag the poor Mr F unsuspectly shopping :sneaky:
    Club tonight if I have the energy!! X
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  3. You drag Mr f shopping make sure you get yourself something nice well lots of something's hehehe.....and a club sounds good xx
  4. Hey I'm not getting in any shower with the bloody windows open unless its overlooking a hot beach somewhere. x mr
  5. . Oh yes you will Mr SNS xx
  6. Me thinks you may be doing as your told! Mr :D
  7. :smackpaddle:
  8. always do, never have much choice in it, still, when I'm a good boy i always get a treat..:surprise:and when I'm bad.......well I'm never BAD xx
  9. Bad boys. Are sometimes good! ;)
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  10. . He bloody well is bless him lol....xx
    . Your always bad you are xx
  11. Never said i'm not naughty:sneaky: xx
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