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Why we started our own swinging site.

Why we started a swinging site online - Social Swinging and a new approach to swinging online.
By Lips_Pearls · 19 February 2018 · Updated 24 February 2018 ·
  1. Lips_Pearls

    Lips_Pearls PV Sprtr

    Lips_Pearls submitted a new Article:

    Why we started our own swinging site.

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  2. Lips_Pearls

    Lips_Pearls PV Sprtr

    The article Why we started our own swinging site. has been updated.

    I said I'd come back to this, so I would like to add something of extreme importance.
    With this other site, you can make multiple accounts and use them as a SG, SF, CPL and so forth.. undetected and welcomed.

    On our site however, it's a totally different idea. After speaking to @Baldricknkaz on the post itself about precedents then maybe this is one that I omitted, but you should maybe know.
    We do not allow multiple accounts onsite as you may have seen when we post on someone's profile: "Why do you have two accounts".
    We don't allow it for this very reason mentioned above. The fact that this guy was making obscene posts towards our friend. I needed to do something about it, but could not.
    Now I can. Now we can.
    We stop people from making duplicate accounts for this exact reason.

    So this really is a way of stopping people from making an account SexyStacy, but then leaving it idle and coming back as DarkDesire in order to hurl abuse at people or spam the site.

    In addition to this, this is precisely why we do not allow members to self delete. There's no way on this planet we will ever reverse this decision either.
    Just thought I'd update this :) x
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  3. WolfieGray

    WolfieGray PV Sprtr

    A really interesting read,
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