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Xtasia Swingers Club, West Bromwich



We were very impressed with Xtasia last night. First impression was the staff were really busy but didn't let standards slip and were really helpful and friendly. The bar is a great area to mingle in and the dance floor superb. The DJ was brilliant, gauging the ages of clientele for a mix of music we could dance to, always first on the dance floor. We had a brilliant time, 4 couples tangling on the orgy bed however most people were watching, it would have been nice for more to join in or get their own thing going next to us. Only thing I would change would be more subtle lighting in the playroom attached to the chill out room as it was like doing it with the big light on! Thank you Xtasia, you are a great team and it shows.



Doncaster, UK
We visited Xtasia 26/05/2018
We were very impressed by the welcome we received from the owner Paul and his very efficient team.
Our evening began with a tour of the club facilities as this is a large club on 3 levels, each level held various areas for couples to relax and well organised zones for public or private intamacity, a lot of thought has gone into this club to meet the needs of its clients.
The club is extremely well maintained and all areas are spotlessly clean.
This club is a must to visit, with its amazing dance area and bar with DJ.
The club also has newly added accommodation of a high standard which enhances the whole Xtasia experience.
We look forward to revisiting in the very near future. T&C xxx


Broke my Swinger Club virginity at the SS social on 26/05/2018.
Well, the rest will have a lot to live up to.
Superb facilities, really good atmosphere and lots of areas for different kinds of sexy fun (public areas, private areas, dogging area, you get my drift)

Certainly a club I would not hesitate to visit again.

One caveat. I attended the night as a single man but was fortunate to meet and accompany a delightful lady as a couple.
So, firstly I am only able to judge the club as a) part of a couple and b) on a couples and ladies night only.
I cannot say what it's like on a night attended by single guys and had I been left as a single guy I would, literally have been the only person in the entire pub.


Basildon, United Kingdom
What a fantastic club! It took our club virginity on the 26/5/18 and what a place to loose it, from the off the staff were friendly and welcoming, even the security staff were friendly, approachable and very helpful.
We were given the full tour, of both the main club and flirts bar by none other than flirt herself, she answered any questions we had and assured us that any member of staff would help us should we have a problem.

The club is very friendly but it is massive, spread over many levels with lots of little corners to hide in, sadly we didn't get around the whole club in one night, but we did have a blast.

If your in or near west Brom, it's definitely worth a visit, especially as they now have their own rooms to rent.
Wakefield, United Kingdom
What an amazing venue. Our first ever visit to a club 26/05/18 and can honestly say we will be back.
We were received by an amazing team, great tour of the club which was spread out on many levels with loads of areas. Felt comfortable and enjoyed every minute. The staff are a credit to the club, and can not recommend enough for a visit.


Swansea, United Kingdom
@Xtasia - where to start. They have so many rooms and naughty areas. Mirrored ceilings - yes please! :sneaky:
Silhouette room with a viewing area? Hell yes... how naughty.
Bar. Music. Dancefloor.. poles.. cwtches, naughty play areas oh and a whopping dungeon which we may well try next time.

Loved our visit to @Xtasia to be honest. The staff absolutely made the place and we want to make a special thank you to the security chap we spoke with (don't think it's right to mention his name, but he knows who he is and hopefully the club team will pass this on) and who showed us around.
He took a lot of time out to talk to us, show us around and showed us every nook and cranny. He was friendly, polite, chatty and we had a lot of fun over the half our we spent with him during the club tour. He and all the staff are a credit to the club.

The club is massive! Be prepared for a maze with something everywhere for someone.
The owners were extremely friendly and it was nice to have finally met them.
We stayed at one of the club guest rooms/hotel rooms which was very comfortable, but most of all, which is crucial for me; clean. The rooms were spotless.
It's very difficult to explain everything about the club facilities in one post as there are so many, but we would 100% recommend this to anyone; from newbies to well experienced swingers.
it's fun, exciting, modern and in tune with the current trend.
We very much look forward to going there again.
We'd also like to thank @Xtasia and all their staff for the wonderful hospitality we were given.
Best wishes
L&P x

Deleted member 16044

Been to xtasia three times now, love to dance, and of the clubs Iv visited this one is geared up for just that.... amongst other things lol..
it's dress as you would for a night out.. after a chat at the bar and a drink, they are fully licenced So no need to take your own, and reasonably priced too! I got changed into sexy outfit, I'd say half the women there put some sexy outfits on, the other half stayed fully dressed but no one felt out of place..men stay clothed in the public areas,but the playrooms are a different matter... strip off time!
I like the night club vibe.. and going off for some cheeky fun throughout the night was great.. some good themed rooms, including a car for doging, A little tired in the smaller rooms, and beware the playroom with cameras lol.. or you are broadcast to many big screen TVs in the relax area.. as me and my partner found out!! Boy did he get pulled to bits for keeping his socks on! Great club, love it xxx
Oh I just have to mention, never seen so many good looking fit couples in one place...It was rammed lol, for that Xtasia excelled above all others xxxx
not sure as if I would want big brother watching me but from this I am happy to explore the depths x
Brecon, United Kingdom
First-time visit last night for us, and have to say that we were blown away. SS had their 5th Birthday Bash here, and right from the moment we first stepped through the door, we felt welcome, Paul was right there to chat with us newbies, and try to iron out any issues. The booking in process was slick and quick, any questions were answered straight away. We toured the club, and found it to be a great mix of nightclub, social venue, and swingers paradise! There's a room for everyone, whatever your particular swinging style, you can have a room to yourself privately, you can get together with a group, you can have a bit of tie-n-tease in the dungeon (Jaynes personal favourite!), you can take a dip in the Jacuzzi or you can even become a temporary "in-house" porn star in the camera room!
We are back for another visit tonight, and I can be sure we will be back again in the future, it's going to be a regular fixture on our personal swinging calendar. :)