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I have body confidence issues, top of my long list is the most noticeable(when naked) self harm scars.

So on top of all the other concerns of meeting people this is perhaps the most personal part of myself that I fear exposing to people. Inevitably if anyone were to meet up with me they would find out eventually and I don’t want to put people off me but short of getting tattoo cover ups I can’t change it. I’d understand if it did put people off as it’s not for everyone. So I thought I’d just get it all out in the open in a blog and damn the consequences.

I’m sure we all have the odd scar or nick from life however I have hundreds of scars from battles within myself. I do struggle with social anxiety and depression still but thankfully haven’t done anything like this in over ten years now. After a few attempts on my life and a lot of growing up, I’m still here.


How does everyone feel about scars in general?


Kudos to you for having the courage to speak your truth. I have tons of scars - I'm quite a klutz. I also have stretch marks that bother me.

But really, I think scars are the stories that mark our bodies. You've lived through something. I can't imagine how hard it was to get through but you're here. You made it.

I have anxiety and depression too. I have bad days, weeks, and months at a time. If you ever need someone to listen, please feel free to message, though I know you're fitting in well around here so I'm sure you've got plenty of support.
I think my main scar is from the pacemaker I had fitted 5 years ago.. I had to have it changed last year.. As much as I don't like it I know it's a reminder that without it I don't think I would be here... This is why we just enjoy everything in life now and live everyday with as much fun as possible.. I think we all get reminders everyday with all the bad things going on that you just never know when it's the end.. I have learned to live life without regrets and enjoy every moment... W.. ?
I (Bee) have struggled with self harm since I was a teenager which has just added to surgery scars and a huge amount of stretch marks.
I have only ever had one negative comment about my scars and stretch marks and I have been putting pictures of my body on Twitter for years.
Wow, good for you for your strength to put this in writing. This is a late response because I have been out of (swinging) circulation for a while so please forgive me. Your honest (and from the heart) admissions about your past are of no consequence to the majority of us who are here. We are all here with scars from the past, it's just that yours are physical, not emotional or psychological. I wouldn't try to hide them with tattoos - for my part, I don't like them. Many people do, and I respect your feelings and decisions! Lots of people love them, for them it would be a good option. It's a personal decision and you must do what you want to do.

If you struggle with social anxiety, choose people as your friends with whom you feel comfortable, who do not criticise you but accept you the way you are. If you feel depression look for friends who support and help you. As for physical scars, nobody is perfect and genuine people look beyond them. What is in your mind is more important.
I have scars, mostly around my groin/ butt area. Have a blood/skin condition that can cause abscess in my lymph nodes. The scars aren’t very pretty and I used to be so self conscious of them but now I’m thinking they are part of me and I’m the most confident I’ve ever been x
Sweetie you are so brave to share this with everyone. The scars are part of you and people will love you for who your are ❤️
Suicide is a topic that most people are scared to talk about, sadly it is one that has touched mine on a couple of occasions. Happy to PM if you ever want to talk x

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