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When it works and works well - that is a good feeling.
When you know that you've done all you can possibly do, to make a safe and fun place for people to meet up with like-minded people, and they do, then that's a bit of a win isn't it?

Our ultimate aim has always been to create a safe place for people to meet up with others. Whether that's parties, club events, personal liaisons or house parties.
When you know it's ticking the right boxes, people are getting it on and it's happening, then that is a bit akin to job satisfaction.

Especially if you have for example, more shyer people around who then do get to meet up with others and you can see a change in their confidence.
That is a good feeling actually, even more so when people do lack confidence and they get a boost.

When people are actively engaging with others, meeting up, leaving good verifications and absorbing all this has to offer then what more can anyone ask for?
Also I think it's an amazing feeling too, when people take everything the site has to offer and use it to their best advantages.
Forumites, they're like the foundations of a solid building aren't they? Active and fun, engaging people..
Who just want to have NSA sex with other couples, men or women, and know how to ascertain it and use the whole site to their advantage.

Sometimes you can see members who use all aspects of everything here to their full advantage and make a shine.
I'm talking - media, profile posts/status updates, threads, posts, member interaction with others.
To then actually being an active participant in the lifestyle & meeting up with others.

That's what it's all about after all. x ? ?

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Lips & Pearls. Just ordinary people, in a fun and entertaining lifestyle choice of Swinging.


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