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Benefits of a Cuckold Lifestyle for Couples

Discussion in 'BDSM & Fetish Forums' started by Admin, 1 April 2015.

  1. Admin

    Admin Admin Sprtr


    Are you facing troubles in the bedroom? Did you know that there are benefits of a cuckold relationship? One of the major defects of facing an incomplete sex life is that it places a major strain on your relationship. Several couples in the world tend to visit psychologists just for analyzing the issues arising due to certain circumstances within the relationship. If it has something to do with being satisfied sexually, perhaps shifting to an alternate lifestyle is a better option? Welcome to the world of cuckold couples where major activities of sexual intimacy take place with another individual. Wife swapping has become a popular trend which is more or less considered a form of recreation where the husband watches his wife participate in oral/physical sex with another partner. Couples willing to experiment by reading and watching cuckold erotic stories can easily be influenced by this alternative lifestyle.

    Advantages of Cuckold Lifestyle

    The world might obey the old rituals of love and marriage but there are couples in the world that prefer to be slightly experimental. If you’re bored of your old sex life and wish to try something new with your partner, swinging should definitely be on the menu. For couples who can feel comfortable and aroused while watching their beloved being physically intimate with another person demands major amount of trust. A cuckold lifestyle consists of a husband with an adulterous wife however this kind of lifestyle is definitely new and inspiring. It might not be the conventional relationship you expect but the concept of experimenting with sex with another individual while being watched by your spouse can certainly be a turn-on for several couples.

    The kind of communication you need for this kind of lifestyle is brilliant and open. If you can easily get physical with another individual then you’re calling for immediate freedom and space. Such a relationship if possible can easily remove all kinds of communication gaps that may exist between two people. While swinging has become a popular trend it is also a sexual fetish that has caught the attention of many couples. It is one of the ideal forms of improving your sex life and in this manner increasing chances of talking to your spouse. If you’re participating in cuckold lifestyle, both partners must be absolutely calm, patient and understanding. This attitude can change your relationship completely.

    Having a monogamous relationship can be quite boring but if you’re trying new doors, you might just impress your lover. In fact the very idea behind experimenting is to introduce oneself to different tactics in bed. Swinging is an alternative lifestyle that supplies intelligent knowledge with respect to sexual activities. The fun and recreation you will experience while watching your spouse being intimate with someone else can open your mind to new ideas. It benefits the relationship by building a line of trust and security. By being honest with your partner about such a lifestyle ensures that you don’t face insecurity issues in the future. In fact there is no shame in being experimental when it comes to sex especially if your partner is interested as well.
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  2. This is certainly what we like, the issue is finding a compatible man who will become the third person both romantically, friends and a bull! The search continues
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  3. I had a relationship last year with a young couple, early 20s. Started off as purely sexual but it moved into a three way 'relationship' and we became friends socially as much as anything. Shame she had to leave London because of work. Still keeping an eye out for something similar. Tough to find.
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  4. Admin

    Admin Admin Sprtr

    I personally like the idea of that @Daddy 4 U - I find the whole three way 'relationship' thing very intriguing and exciting..
    Yes very hard to find I should imagine indeed!
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  5. Lips_Pearls

    Lips_Pearls Admin PV Sprtr

    Oh yes intriguing. We too are quite happy for a three way thing to develop. Not just a one off but a proper dynamic that would become an intense part of everything..
    Very interesting! xx
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  6. Lace

    Lace PV Sprtr

    I agree @Lips_Pearls it is a very interesting and love the whole idea xxx
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  7. Lips_Pearls

    Lips_Pearls Admin PV Sprtr

    We can totally understand the concept of it, that's the thing..
    I mean, why not? And if it works, then good! it's fair to say, we are both open to that and understanding of it.
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  8. Admin

    Admin Admin Sprtr

    I believe this can work, as a semi permanent thing I don't know, but I believe it could work indeed.
    Three's not a crowd, three's company! :D
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  9. Lace

    Lace PV Sprtr

    I agree three is company xx
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  10. A whole third of the article is missing! The part that should be talking about the "other" man. As a married man who, for years, was told constantly by my wife that I was useless, ugly, totally without sex appeal... you can see how the list was developing... I eventually managed to embark on an MFM relationship with, as it turned out, a lovely couple. It gave me confidence, made me feel that I am physically attractive, and that I CAN excite a woman. It changed me immensely as I now feel I can and would share my girlfriend (if I had one and if she wanted to!). I also know that I am very comfortable being the other man in such a relationship. I loved to be watched, she loved it, as did he, sometimes to the point where he would ask me to move aside as watching us had made him so excited that he wanted her right there, right then. Which brings me to another point - this kind of relationship, if it is to be ongoing, requires the absolute and mutual respect of all those taking part. The third man must understand that he is there to sex with her, while the husband will make love to her. I would add that in the end, I did feel that I was making love to her because we knew each other so well and had such a good understanding. But she just wanted me for sex (what a turn on that is, too). A couple of times he went to work leaving me in bed with his wife for the day. Now that is trust, his trust in her and the trust of both of them in me. What a pleasure and an honour for me. I always knew my place, and their love for each other was boundless and obvious. It was lovely to see.

    So this article has really missed out on reporting the effect a cuckold relationship can have on one of the most important members of the threesome, equally as important as either one of the couple. How the hell was that missed? Shame on the reporter(s)!
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  11. Admin

    Admin Admin Sprtr

    As with a lot of articles written here, they're designed in order for people to add to it, just as you have right now...
    And it works. :) - as you've demonstrated.
    Good to know you built up that trust! (y)
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  12. Im looking for a guy or guys to please my wife
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  13. Hmmm we agree too xxx
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  14. What @amboman is saying is very true, trust us, we have met some great single guys, even here on Social Swinging, we have someone we rely on regularly when in Spain lol !!
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  15. I have been swinging for a little while now and have found a couple that I genuinely feel free and comfortable with them both, I feel privalidged to be part of there fantasies and there social circle, it all feels very natural
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  16. I read this with interest.
    I would actually find it erotic to watch Mrs fucked, I often when having sex imagine another man taking part with her in various ways.
    Unfortunately?!? She has zero interest in entertaining another man.
    She does however often bring another female into our bedroom play.
    No one has covered another woman, in anyway, how does another woman feel / act / in a three way relationship? Anyone?
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  17. Admin

    Admin Admin Sprtr

    Spot on :)
    Here is the link for your convenience;
    Members Meets & events

    Remember, some people may not reply to the thread and may opt to privately contact you.
    Good luck (there's a few bulls around) (y)
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  18. Although we are new here and only just finding our way around, I feel I should contribute to this thread with my opinion of what is a very complex issue.
    We have for a few years now played around with the notion of finding another man to be a 'lover' to my wife Jenny. This is something that started out as a fantasy of mine a long long time ago....and after having previous experiences when much younger.
    Jenny was at first very dismissive of the idea and took a long time to warm to the possibilities another man could bring into our love life. After much discussion and reassurance, we joined a couple of 'adult sites'...one in particular directed solely at cuckold relationships. We thought that it would be easy to find that 'special someone' who understood our needs, AND who clicked with Jenny when the time came to get physical. How very wrong we were :(. Although we had spent a good while filling out our profile and stating exactly what we are looking for, as well as our boundaries and limitations, we became inundated with messages and cock pics from so called 'Bulls' who claimed to know exactly what my wife needed and would give it to her good like I never could! Weeding out the genuine ones who didn't have an over zealous opinion of how good there technique was and how BIG their tackle was became our first nightmare. Then came the task of trying to find one amongst them who actually gave a sh*t about who you were as a person and what your likes and dislikes where. As the list got shorter (and patience wore thinner) we eventually narrowed it down to two possible men. The first became very intense with emails, chats and talks on the phone and we thought we'd cracked it! BUT....we arranged to meet him on two occasions and he sadly didn't show :( (maybe his wife had found out??). Not to be put off, we continued contact with the second guy and again arranged a social meeting. This one did turn up!....but OMG how we wish he hadn't :(. To say there was no chemistry is an understatement!
    To cut a long story very short this all put Jenny off the idea for a long time and we didn't make much effort after that. Her confidence was shattered and it certainly didn't seem fair to be asking her to carry on with it.
    Fortunately everything changed for us a few months ago when Jenny became friends with a local guy who is much younger than her. I cannot disclose how they met or what he does but they began seeing eachother socially on a regular basis and chatting etc. It became clear to me that she found this guy attractive and so I asked the obvious questions...'does he flirt with you? do you think he could be a possible lover? do you find him sexually attractive etc. etc.' The answers to my delight were 'Yes' to all :)
    Cutting it short again....Jenny and him ended up having a very sexy encounter which involved lots of kissing touching and mutual masturbation, and they are now very good friends who talk and text regularly :) Sadly, we have left the area and there is now some distance between us and so a repeat liaison has not yet been possible....but it is definately something that I hope happens again in the near future.
    Sorry if I'm rabbiting on too much here, but the points I wanted to make are:-
    1. Finding the right person can be damn near impossible sometimes (especially if your HSP's like us) and even after many emails/conversations/chats etc. The real test will be what happens when you do actually meet face to face! Then of course the problem might be how to respectfully turn down the offer! (beam me up Scottie!!)
    2. Every couple and every situation is different, we personally hate the term 'Cuckold' with a vengeance. It has throughout history been a derogatory term used to humiliate men who's wives are unfaithful. My wife is never, and would never be unfaithful ; and I am certainly not a wimp in panties who needs to be humiliated by someone with much bigger equipment and prowess whilst he bangs away relentlessly at my wife as she moans through her tenth multiple orgasm! :)
    Whilst I agree fully that there are many benefits to having a third man in the bedroom, and it is indeed our main reason for joining this site, it would be better for us at least if the terms 'cuckold, bull, hotwife, slut' etc. etc. were not used should any potential suitor contact us :)
    Hmm, now if only I hadn't started on this I could have been filling out our bloody profile! lol :)
    We are nice 'normal' people really, and I just wanted to add my thoughts....apologies if I have offended anyone in any way.

    Keep having fun guys....we'll catch up with you again later :)
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  19. Therapon

    Therapon Admin Sprtr

    @Lovestruckcpl thanks for sharing that with us and I'm sorry to hear that your move has made things difficult. However you also say that you hope to be able to meet up again with this gentleman in the near future and I'm sure that, if not easy, it will be possible.
    As @amboman has stated there are quite a few single guys here and they will treat you respect, it is something we take very seriously on this site.

    You've raised some interesting points regarding the problems of meeting people that you can get along with and that also suit what you are looking for but I'm sure you will find someone here. Good luck.
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  20. Admin

    Admin Admin Sprtr

    Sadly this is a detriment of the Internet. As simple as that.
    The post you made was fascinating to read and I wholeheartedly agree with @Therapon above!
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  21. Wish i could like this more than once, thanks for posting this @Lovestruckcpl
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  22. Thank you for all your supportive comments :). Great to know there are people out there who are realistic and understand the complexities of a wife-sharing lifestyle. I think maybe we have spent a lot of time looking in the wrong places, and it is ironic that Jenny's first experience was indeed someone right under our noses who we would never have expected :).
    The internet does have a lot to answer for in it's ridicule of men who derive pleasure from seeing their partner in the arms of another, and it has doubtless fueled the fantasy element of those wishing to be the dominant Bull as well as those wishing to be subjected to humiliation by their wives and 'masters'. (and so in that respect, like every other fetish catered for, the internet does have it's place), but for couples like us who in essence are both very private and held in high regard by our friends and colleagues, it makes it all the more difficult to find and then trust a person to play with. (I sometimes think I would actually feel more comfortable telling my friends that I engaged in bestiality than admit I wanted to share Jen with another guy lol)...(incidentally...I must point out here that the labrador thing was just a passing phase and I'm over it now ;) )
    All that said, we do feel confident that at last we have found the right place to be in terms of making new friends and getting good advice and support, so Thank you all for that! :)
    To add just a little more that I didn't get to cover in my last post :-
    I would be interested to know how others in this community feel about closeness and intimacy? What I mean by this is....for me, a lot of the 'sexiness' in Jenny being with another guy lies in the little things - The knowing looks and smiles, her flushed face and her sighs when kissing, the soft breathy moans when she's touched and caressed intimately etc. I truly cannot express just how excited I will be the see and hear my lovely wife's reactions the very first time she is penetrated by another man. But for both of us, there has to be a 'connection' with that man....and bond of trust and friendship for me, and the same for Jen but with the obvious sexual chemistry which makes her pupils dilate...her nipples stiffen...and her pussy wet :)
    I'm sure there are many schools of thought here...and I know from past experience on other sites etc. that a lot of people regard kissing as going too far let alone any kind of genuine feeling between a spouse and her playmate. I'm also sure that many of you may think it to be playing a dangerous game as what I'm describing is more or less bordering on 'Love'.
    Thoughts and advice please...?

    P.s. The dog thing really was a joke ;)
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  23. Admin

    Admin Admin Sprtr

    I am very pleased to hear this. Thank you.
    Also I really enjoy your writing style too, and am appreciative as I am sure others are - for your honesty, trust and for being frank about what does and what does not work for you in this lifestyle.
    Indeed some believe kissing is too intimate and personal, whereas others won't 'play' unless kissing is involved.
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  24. is it just me or is anyone else getting aroused reading @Lovestruckcpl 's posts ?

    Love your honesty, with regard your feelings, it very refreshing . . . . . . and leave the labrador alone !!!
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  25. Therapon

    Therapon Admin Sprtr

    I have to agree with Admin, I love your writing style.

    Your question
    I'd have to say that this would be an extraordinarly sexy way to spend a few hours but other may not agree. The main thing is that this is what you like, others may have/share opinions but remember this is your "fetish", what you like so don't be put off by other peoples opinions. Go for it.

    There are a few single males and couples in your area, whether they are what you are looking for only you can decide. So take your time and could I suggest that you join in some of the other forum threads as a great way of getting to know more people. I wish you luck in your search.
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