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Benefits of a Cuckold Lifestyle for Couples

Discussion in 'BDSM & Fetish Forums' started by Admin, 1 April 2015.

  1. I have stagged/bulled for a cuckold couple before. It was a little bit about him being passive, her wanting to experiment and a few other factors. I enjoyed the naughtiness of it.
    Eventually though it had to stop for some fairly obvious reasons.
    You have to be a very strong couple to be able to make it work.
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  2. The-Gent

    The-Gent PV Sprtr

    Really interesting discussion. Thank you
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  3. Its taken me all day to read all these posts and in the main its very interesting reading. I always thought that it was a bit of a side lined subject tbh but it seems a few here have an interest in it as do we but as we have read folks often want very differing things from it and I would say ours is once again different from what we have read here. I would say we have a passing interest in it as we would not want anything more than the sexual side of it and I would say it would have to be very much on our terms and as and when we wanted to play that way. We have toe dipped in the past but have had very poor results to say the least ranging from a guy who had no clue what to do sexually to a guy who got stage fright and left. we have only gone in this direction a couple of times and both times have been a sheer waste of time. The bull type guys are not what we are looking for at all as I (Steve) am a very manly man and so a guy who wanted to come be in charge would soon be on his way home.
    Maybe we are going about it all wrong or something but we are a very laid back couple who want to try most things except man love shall we say
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  4. Admin

    Admin Admin

    So the answer is simple... solution maybe not so.
    @Bump-n-Grind are within this niche and can probably help elaborate more..
    From what I am reading, you would like a gent to be sexually adept not bull-ish as there'd be too much dominance from both sides.
    So someone who knows what they're doing but is capable of understanding that you yourself are not a humiliated cuck etc, but within the same realms as a 'bull'.
    Someone who is educated enough to grasp that you're almost equal within this position but he's actually there are your request too as well as Mrs B's.
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  5. Yes would go with that - Want a bloke who can have a damned good time with Mrs B but leave the macho BS at the door. Mrs B is running this gig and I am only here as the insurance lol
  6. Admin

    Admin Admin

    I hear you.. and totally understand this.
    No need for this "I am the bull and want to f... your missus while you squirm.." yeah okay mate.. :rolleyes: :palm:

    But yes totally understand that. (y)
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  7. That would get the guy a golden ticket to my driveway. Lol hell I am in the room to watch and enjoy so aint gonna be no squirming going on. Unfortunately I look at this a bit like I do work and would say you can do this 2 ways. My way or my way.
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  8. Admin

    Admin Admin

    It is achievable and there are guys around who will listen and take on board your ideas/plans and suggestions plus rules.
    But! Almost unicorn realms no doubt. Like rocking horse shit; impossible to find.
    Am sure you will though.
    Some people can't grasp the concept while others really can. It all depends on what levels of trust and companionship you have I suppose. :)
  9. Thing is this is only a spin off from our meeting couples so if the guy in question gets it wrong from the off then he is going to hit a brick wall very fast indeed. Only way a guy is even going to get his profile read by Mrs B is by either chatting with me and I would sound him out first or I would say a well put together message.
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  10. The nice thing is we can take it or leave it so either way is no problem to us
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  11. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Which is brilliant. It's not the be all and end all. :)
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  12. We as a couple have a very strong level of trust. However we have always said that neither 1 of us would ever do anything without the other present as its something fun we do as a couple. Now when I say present I would stretch that to mean in the same building kinda thing
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  13. Classic case of vet and screen all potential males. The way it was done with me and how i prefer it is do can't for a while, maybe Skype a bit(non sexual) and if all is well meet a couple of times for coffee or drinks first, again this doesn't have to lead anywhere. This way both parties can get a clear view of each other and an understanding, it's also important to lay down the law early and reinforce it throughout to stop any potential confusion. I know some don't like doing this as it's slow, but as a single male i can be just as vulnerable, so it's a good way of both parties protecting themselves and knowing what they want.
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  14. Admin

    Admin Admin

  15. Exactly!
    I know sex can be impulsive, and it may seem like i am taking my time but that's is a case of making sure i am safe, you are safe and that we are all getting what we want.
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  16. BatDan

    BatDan PV

    Then I am unicorn poo!!!
    Woneed why I smelt of glitter and rainbows!!!
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  17. The-Gent

    The-Gent PV Sprtr

    Yes my experience is gotta play soft at first, Be very conscious of all parties agreement. Build a large trust (Friendship) Really,
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  18. Interesting thread.
    I have always understood 'cuckold' to be where the female is Dominant in the relationship because her man is more submissive, though she enjoys a Dominant man often times. Being cuckold will involve different things for different couples but often humiliation, restraint, orgasm control/denial, chastity and more.
    To find a truly Dominant guy that can forfill this role is often very challenging simply because in all reality they are very rare. Those that can provide the service required, understand the couple and perform as required anyway.
    The alternative, where those things arn't involved is simply a hotwife scenario where the partner enjoys watching on occasion and the guys would be considered equals with the only person potentially being Dominated being the female. Often difficult yet again to find the guy that can differentiate between the two, understand that it doesn't mean the partner is a pussy and he is there because the partner is a failure. Can play as an equal and still perform with another man watching.
    Either scenario doesn't really interest us being the cuckold, hotwife side. However I do have a desire to be to be a couple with the female partner while the husband watches or is cuckold. I'd like to think I could play both ways and there would be two of us to tag in and out as required ;) lol.
    Not found it yet, not sure if we ever will, but we have met some equally submissive couples where I think it could work very well. Alas it's not happened so far lol. Maybe one day ;)
    Last edited: 25 April 2017
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  19. Lace

    Lace PV

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  20. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Haha what are you like.. :D I think you can trust us. x :whistle:
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  21. Lovestruckcouple:-Every single male must think that he would be the perfect man to join you and I am no exception.
  22. Bobbie, unfortunately they've not been on for over a year.
  23. What a surprise! never mind. They sounded perfect for me assuming physically OK .
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  24. The threesome scene has loads of variations.
    Those I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy albeit miles away, are with couples
    all perfectly normal people where an additional man is required and frankly feels absolutely normal.
    Sometimes for the gratification of the woman who simply likes the attention of two men at the same time
    or the gratification of the man who likes to watch.
    The treating hubby as a wimp thing I have not got involved in ever, any communication with those wimps has always
    ended in them ghosting. The males of couples I know are far from Wimps.
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  25. Theres that word again.. ghosting.
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