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Do you find admins' involvement with forums and members a good thing/refreshing or not?

  • Yes of course!

    Votes: 21 100.0%
  • No, not keen thanks

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Don't know, please explain

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18 July 2015
Admin involvement (As in admins not just Admin) in thread and forum participation, a good thing, refreshing or not?

We - @Admin and I have been having a mingle about this for ages! And would like to ask if you find our involvement with you our members and involvement on the forums, refreshing and a good thing or not?
Thank you! :love: Pearls :love: xx
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I agree, very refreshing and as always its a pleasure interacting with all of them. As said we are all the same. Big thumbs up from us x
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15 September 2014
Haha I elected to say nothing on this thread for a little while, but how can I not respond :D
Well you know how it is Mr Therapon :p
And thank you all for your kind words and feedback. It's good for us to know as we wouldn't want to be offensive or anything but also don't wish to do what we do - any other way! :) xx
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