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Jaydees Swingers Club

Discussion in 'Swinging Club Reviews' started by Admin, 13 August 2015.

  1. We cannot praise this club highly enough. We've been to most of the well known clubs in the south east/east anglia and can honestly say in our opinion that this is by far the best.
    The owners, hosts, staff and guests are fun, friendly and sociable. We've never had a bad night here. Thank you for relighting our fires :p:D
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  2. Good to know, I'm keen to try another club...
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  3. ThePantiePurse

    ThePantiePurse VIP Member PV

    Just been to the camping weekend with all The Pantie Purse goodys and gave some great event offers and sponsored their games. What a fantastic weekend, we met some amazing people and the hospitality not only from jaydees but from all the people there was amazing. Our camping neighbours were awesome, great company and they even got up and cooked everyone breakfast on the morning and their cocktails were amazing to. the staff were great really warming and well organised. both dj's were great, with funny banter and both very different. we want to thank jaydees for holding such a wonderful weekend at the best price. If you get a chance to go to one of jaydees camping weekend they are not to be missed, great games, amazing club and fantastic people. p.s the fish and chips were lovely. we have made friends for life. :) hope to see everyone in august.
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  4. I was taken to a club once... :whistle:
  5. Jaydeesclub

    Jaydeesclub VIP Member PV

    Maybe our one is next on the list ?
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  6. Question is, are you ready for me?

  7. Expect you where taken there too.
  8. Quoi?
  9. Qui vouz
  10. Sprechen sie Englisch?
  11. vorsprung durch technik? :rofl:
  12. Quadcumquae
  13. Baldrick

    Baldrick PV Sprtr

    No bloody comprende :confused:

  14. debE

    debE PV Sprtr

    Je ne peux pas:rofl:x
  15. Baldrick

    Baldrick PV Sprtr

    What happens if we say yes please?

  16. debE

    debE PV Sprtr

  17. New hot tub area that's awesome .. very user friendly and the owners are such nice people.xxx
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  18. SteLinda

    SteLinda PV Sprtr

    Not been there yet. Isn't it invite only though?
  19. No .. Anyone can go.. Its very friendly. You take your own booze and they serve it to you. Clever. Theres a disco so people dance and there are separate room for playing ..unlike VA.. but they are very seedy and I wouldn't want to go in them.
    The upstairs is mostly BDSM and theres a couples area. I much prefer VA. Jaydees is like easyjet... VA like BA.. sort of
  20. It's where it all started for me. Lovely little club. Shame the cinema is out of bounds for singles now
  21. Jaydeesclub

    Jaydeesclub VIP Member PV

    Your welcome and we are sure we are ready for you and any one else who wants to come along, single guys please fill our single guy form out though first on our website. We will then add you to our list. www.jay-dees.co.uk
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  22. Steed99

    Steed99 Oldest Swinger In Town PV Sprtr

    A party invite from friends provided an opportunity to return to Jaydees after a considerable break. A lot of time and effort has been spent in my absence making many improvements including the lovely new hot tub room. It was a very busy night and nice to see and chat to many people I have met over the years in this lifestyle. Also great to chat to club owners John and Tracey who are always on hand to make sure all is running well.
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  23. I love Jaydees, been 3 times and I'm hooked! Heading there tomorrow for a naughty weekend too!
    Everyone is so lovely and welcoming and the hot tub is the best thing since sliced bread! Xx
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