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Discussion in 'General Chats' started by Adam, 24 June 2016.

  1. Oh my God I just fell off the chair laughing!! Poor Mr F. Well at least it cleared any wax.. lmao
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  2. Glad to be of service :D
    Yes its an experience that will stay etched on my brain forever!! :rofl:
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  3. I tried washing my clothes in it once. Still doesn't shift grass stains, is there anything out there that does? And at agree it is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. But on the other hand (no pun intended) not being able to isn't either. As long as all concerned are having their world rocked at the time that's all that matters I think.
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  4. uk2002

    uk2002 PV Sprtr

    Did it get rid of the wax?
  5. Oh here he is the bain of my life.. where you sent as some sort of torture device.. k9 :D
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  6. uk2002

    uk2002 PV Sprtr

    You'd like that wouldn't you? :sneaky:
    You want me too punish you don't you MTF:cautious:
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  7. Oh fer gawds sake!!
    You already do.. on a regular basis :rofl:
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  8. only had one person who squirted. she was my first g/f and we had some very wild sex from the ages of 17 to 20 when we broke up. I caught her cheating with next door neighbours 18 year old son. he was hung like 2 horses and yes I caught her on her screen in back porch when I got a surprise 2 days off given to me at 10 PM on a Friday night. must say the squirting scared us both and we did ask a doctor who explained it was not something wrong but a bonus that she could get that aroused. anyway she is the only woman in my life who squirted tho I know a few from various adult chat sites who did squirt while on cam as if it was some circus act. sadly them men reacted like it was just that.... oh well
  9. I personally feel for those women that can are not weird,strange or indifferent to any other woman that can't.it can be a very arousing erotic experience to share with the right person.
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