what *swings* it for you..

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Yes yes we know personally ect .. but
would you rather meet a pretty face.. with a less than perfect body, or a perfect body.. with a face only a mother could love. Blunt perhaps?
And no you cant have both.. well not in this instance whats your preference?
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A friend introduced me to a new term the other day butter face ie a cracking body but her face I know grossly sexist but mildly amusing


Naughty! So whats the opposite.. butter body? This would be me i suspect :D
27 April 2015
hmmm good faces, as we do need an attraction to play past drinks, all the bodies underneath work the same however they look xxx
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I'd have to go with face I think, a beautiful smile and nice eyes will do it every time for me :D

Deleted member 2610

Well a pretty face is not always an advantage, met gorgeous ladies who couldn't string a sentence together and that's hard work. For me it's the person and of course a nice bum and legs is a fantastic plus, but getting to know the person is key :whistle: xx
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