What message are you trying to get over with your photo and name?
That is basically what people think when they look at your profile picture and name...

This is all about window shopping...
So what message does a photo showing you stuffing your face with pizza Or a strand of hair . Your dog Your over hanging belly, bulbous nose or even a blurred photo send out?

What about your name.. Squirtking or danglingballs... You get the idea ..

The question is.... Would you contact any of the above?

Your profile is the your first impression to the world.. You are selling yourself to passers-by..

In truth would you really contact someone called shitonyou with the profile picture to match the name?
Welcome to the weird world of swinging where people complain that no one contacts them .. Lol..

My name is Biba .. My profile name is.... The_Bibas.. My picture is of me .. What a crazy concept...
But I get hundreds of messages a day...

Think it through before choosing a crap name and a shite picture ..
Being brutal If you can't be bothered to make an effort then why should we be bothered to look at you