sorry for bad spelling it wa 4 am when i did this

its a Sunday after noon, and I found you where playing with your self, you where enjoin your self a bit too much you didn't know I was watching and getting turned on. So im getting turned on so I walk back to my bag as I had some silk rope at the bottom and found some other thing what could help so I get undress as I can still see you playing with your clit with the vibrato and you lick and suck your nipples, I look down to my hard throbbing cock. Well I think its my turn so I walk in and you got your eyes closed and you slip out the vibrator and go to suck of you juices off it and as about to pull it out you mouth I slip my cock in with one deep thrust in right to the back, you moan out so loud and drop the vibrator and grab the bedding. You shout out “ FUCK ME I didn't know you where there” I smile and show you the rope and I say “well I think your been bad where was my invite for this” “ you know now it my turn but I wont be and soft as a vibrator” you reply back but moaning first “ I did ask you but you where bizzy and I couldn't wait” I look at you with a puzzle look and say “ your lieing to me I was just in the other room” as I thrust hard once again, moan “AAaaaarr” I say “i was watching TV and it wasn't good and your in here Fucking “ and anotherouther deep thrust “Aaaaaaarr” again for you, you try to move but I say “where you think your going are you horny” as you look at me you pull out a spicked wheel what was under you “well this was digging in and then you roll it over your right breast and say “iv not been bad, im horny I got a new vibrator” and smile to me “but saying that bad it a bit over the” I thrust once again “TTTop” “ if you carry on im going to cum I was close” so I pull out to and grab your legs and start to tie you to the bed but you wasn't try to stop me as you want to cum. You say “i wasn't bad really but the new toy is good” I walk to the top of the bed and I start to tie your arms up to the head of the head board I say “i show you what toys can and cant do” and I get the last of the rope and tie your elbow and nee to gather and then walked over to the vibrator what on the floor and see the blue tooth simble on it and then the name and turn to you and say “ this is new toy? ” you smile and riggle a bit but couldn't move “yes it is!” as I walk out of the room and I hear “mardy” “MARDYYY” as I walk over to the coffee table and pick up my phone and your phone and down loud the app on my phone and the video call your phone “mardy” in a sexy way “what are you doing my phone ringing” as I walk in and answer it then place it on the dresser ant the bottom of the bed. “err what you doing” you say as I slip the vibrator in-between your legs. And then press the my phone screen and the toy start to buzz and you go “ooo that's nice” I turn a way and go to walk out you go “ where you going and what you going to do” but I don't say anything and close the door “mardy” buzzzzzzz “maaaaaady” and I turn the tv on and can see you on the bed tied up I look at the phone again and see there two controls the vibrate and a rotor I start with a 3 short pulls “mardy” “umm” and then one longer pulls and then is I see you bite your top lip it get hold of my cock and slowly rub it and every time I get to the tip I press and you moan every time “yes mardy” I keep going with the flow as I was wanking after 5 mins there a knock at the door it was some complaining about the noise I get dressed and put the phone down and answer the door and say to them “sorry I watching a movie sorry I put my head phones on” as they notices the tv it was an adult move but it wasn't. So I walk back in to the room you ask “why did you stop I was about to cum” I go well that was the door some one could hear you so we whate to make you quieter” then I giggled “ you are hot when you stuck like that” it was an other hot day in the house I go to walk out and see a ball with holes in and a face mask. So I stopped and picked them up and walk back to you “hum that look like a way to keep me quiet but there a ribbon over there too mardy” so I grab that and you open your mouth and place the ball in and then I blind folded you and I had to see if it works I walk to the bottom of the bed and pull the toy out and I go down to taste youre pussy but you moan out the ball “right stop been bad now keep it in there or you will find out what trouble your in” as you giggle from hearing what I said I put the ball back in and put the face mask on so the ball wouldn't come out. I go back down but licking your body down and you moan again and the ball comes out, gigglering coming from you “that's not going to work look in my draw” so I do and find a gag and as I click it behind your head click “I said you be in trouble” I pulled out my phone and press repeat and slip vibrator back in then what I did last time it repeated. You riggle the bed as you didn't know it was going in or start as you getting to toy vibrating I get undressed again you're muffled moaning. I get on the bed stock your body with my fingers and then my tung and your getting close I pick up my phone and stop it. You “GARR” and frash around as I know you about to cum I sip out the toy and move to your ass your head lift up as it going in but once it was in I reset my phone and put it on pules and wave you start to move with the toy. I get on top and kiss you nipples as I move up and down my cock rubbing agents your pussy and one I was ready I slip my hard frobbing cock in you start to moan but not loud with the gag in. I could feel you wanting to cum with every frust I was doing I pull out and pulled the vibrator out you get angry I move the gag “MARDY WHAT THE FUCK I was about to Fucking cum” I remove the blind fold you look me in the eyes and say “ok I was bad” I say “sorry you where bad” “teach you to lie” and I giggle as I get up of the bed “mardy make me cum im going to blow” I get my flick knife out and cut you loss as soon as I did that you force me down on the bed as the knife falls to floor. As you say to me “im going cum all over your cock and I want you cum with me” so get my cock as start to deepthrat my cock and sit on my face with your wet pussy I start to lick your clit once my cock was wet you stop and get up and turn around and site on my wet hard cock and started to fuck me. Your tits where bouncing harder and harder you fucking me and as you where going close to cumming I grab the paddle and start slapping your ass “yes YES MORE” “MARDY MORE ABOUT TO” as we move persions so your on your back with your legs up in the air and I fuck you hard and fast “YES ….............YES HARDER HARDER IM IM IM CUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMM” “yesssssss yesssss as your gushing all over my cock but you can stop from orgasming “ooooooooorrrrrr yes yes” we slow down you ask “did you cum with me” I look at you as im pulling my still hard cock then I say “roll over and bend over I show you I rub my dick on your clit as you think is was going back in I slow thy slip in your ass and I grab your arms and lock them in with my hand, slap your ass cheek and fuck your ass soft and by the time I get faster and harder cum so hard you moan out “ow mardy””yes”as im moaning as my cum