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Single Gents And Swinging

By Baldrick · 29 October 2018 · ·
  1. Baldrick
    Aaaaaaaarrrrgghh it's a monster, a Neanderthal............. Worse, it's a Single Gent!

    No we're not that bad honestly. Sometimes we just need a little bit of guidance so here we are. I've had a Couples Profile and a Single Gents profile so I have seen for myself how differently peoples attitudes are.

    If only there was a guide to read, a rulebook that showed how to play the game. Who could take on such a challenge?
    A Little Fat Man from Yorkshire?
    So without further ado:-

    SINGLE GENTS - a few tips

    1. This site isn't like the Back Street Pub where you drop your pants and everyone shouts "Weyhey grab your coat you've pulled". This site is more like a wine bar, you need to put a bit of effort in to reap the rewards.

    2. Choose a username that reflects your personality rather than your sexual prowess. "MrBigDick" has been done many times. Try to be unique.

    3. Engage others in conversation. The Forums is a great place to start. Reply to posts, create threads, let your personality shine through, stand out, converse, flirt, laugh.
    Don't be the bloke that shouts "Fancy a shag" to everyone. Nobody likes him.

    4. A massive newbie mistake is joining the site and writing on the profiles of umpteen single women. It sends off a vibe of desperation.
    People will welcome you. Say hello to everyone, get to know people.

    5. When you get to know people and decide to send a private message, read through their profiles, find something to talk about. If you send a message just saying "hey how are you?", you will probably get a reply saying "I'm good ta, how are you?" This will most probably be the end of that conversation.

    6. With a bit of patience and good manners people will want to meet you. Maybe it's just for a drink at the pub to size you up, maybe more. Don't go with preconceptions (unless already discussed and arranged). Just be yourself and go with the flow.

    EXISTING MEMBERS - how we can help?

    As we know, some people jump in feet first, create silly usernames, and start randomly pouncing on profiles asking for sex. We need to guide newbies not mock them. I'm sure some feel embarrassed enough when they realise their own faux pas. We need to show that as a site community, we are friendly, we will help, offer advice, guidance and try to integrate them.
    If a Single Gent says "hello", say "hello" back. Don't shun him just because you're not interested in bedding him. Just be polite and courteous.

    Personally speaking I think our members here treat Single Gents very well and most will acknowledge them, which is an absolute credit to you all and the ethos of the site.

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  1. DaiBach
    As a new member, and single chap of a certain age, found this dead useful. Just hope Miss_Sexy_Legs approves of my avatar!
  2. Antogs
    Excellent work my man (y)
      Baldrick likes this.
  3. The_Usual_Horny_Couple
    Great article x
      Pearls and Baldrick like this.
    1. Baldrick
  4. Miss-Sexy-Legs
    The only point i will add here is chose an appealing avatar not a heres my dick one or worse a site avatar as this shows lack of imagination
      Pearls and Baldrick like this.
    1. Baldrick
      Damn I knew I missed something out. Perhaps the staff would allow me to edit? X
      Pearls and Miss-Sexy-Legs like this.
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