I get messages off new members on a daily basis asking for advice and tips on where to start, most because they are new to swinging and some just new to the site. So I thought I would put together a little guide which if anyone needs it you can copy and share with anyone who needs some help.

Pearls guide to Swinging :D
Ok so first welcome to the start of a very exciting journey of complete and utter filth and debauchery. :whistle:

Any advice on Swinging, what it means and much more. We have many articles of advice here
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So couples you’ve talked about it, singles you’ve thought about it and now you have reached this site.

All a bit daunting and a little nerve racking but not to fear first of all, we were all in the same boat once. I think :D so chill.

Once you’ve had a little perv about the place the first thing is to make your little corner a bit snazzy.
Pop up an avatar, add some media and a little information about you, be creative so you appeal to others.

Pics- It doesn’t have to be a face pic but I would suggest one.
Couples- if you want to meet another couple then please add photos of you both, us girls want to see the hubby or partner too.
Guys- we have seen a dick, don’t be one and add twenty photos of different angles of your pride and joy. Ladies love a well dressed man and a good butt and chest shot.
Ladies- I think less is more works with a few peeks.

“Horny and waiting”
“Come say hi”
“Here’s my number”
Just isn’t going to do it. Have a look at other profiles to see some inspiration, be yourself and show others who you are. Trust me it works.

Right then you are looking good and ready to mingle. :p

I always say to people
“You get out of this what you put in”

Enjoy the site, use it to your advantage, there is so much available for you, use that, but most of all enjoy it. If you love your vanilla social media account then can you imagine how you would enjoy an adult only version of that. :sneaky:

Single guys, we fully support you but don’t be a dick
“Hi wanna chat”
Isn’t going to cut it in your first message.
Sending a dick pick without asking permission is an instant ban if reported.

I once had a message off a guy. This is what he wrote

Good day to you
I just wanted to pop by and ask if I could borrow some sugar seeing as we are now new neighbours. If you don’t have any then I’ll just have to walk a mile down the road to buy some but it’s pouring with rain and I don’t have a waterproof jacket. The thought of being wet through and returning home to no heating is a little off putting.
A small cup should do it.
Or should I prepare for the worst.
Many thanks

That message caught my eye.

Both should be involved, if both are meeting then both should chat at some point.

You will be caught so why go through the unnecessary task of finding photos of someone else and breaking the law.
Be you
If you are a guy
Don’t pretend to be a lady or couple just for attention. You know you won’t be able to meet so why be a plonka.
This is why a photo verification is so important but not always fool proof but fakes are always found out one way or another.
If you are a single person here but have a partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, hubby or wife at home then who are we to judge but don’t lie about it to others and pop it in your info.
Dangerous situations can occur by lying and we have witnessed it so don’t be idiots.
Honesty works.

Attend them.
You don’t have to go to every one or every club event but try to get to one, you will not only make friends but have a fabulous time.
We all have commitments but always avoiding meeting and events due to
Isn’t going to get you anywhere and if this is a constant problem for you then ask yourself is this journey for you.
There's no real reason why you can't meet someone from the same city/town or village, even if just for a coffee so you can put faces to names and at least verify them!
Give a verification if you have met, why not?
The system is there to show if these meets are good or bad but most of all real. I never understand why people don’t use the system. It’s for the benefits of others.

This is swinging which is about meeting others for sex. :sneaky:

Above all, have fun.
We all have every day life, doom and gloom but isn’t it great when you can forget about that for a little bit by logging on here.
Join in the forums, make some shit thread about whatever you like and have fun. :p

Ok so there you have it sexy peeps.
Pearls top tips and advice.
Hope this helps and happy swinging. :D