Ok guys and girls this is going to be a little long winded but it's something that has to be said.
So first do you all know what swinging is?

I honestly believe quite a few have some idea but not fully understand the whole life style choice this is. This is exactly what it is, a lifestyle choice.
This is not dating and I must emphasise this. Not Dating.

Dating is where you date and build up a relationship from there, there are plenty of sites out there that can provide a dating service but we are not one of them.
Swinging is all about having fun.
Couples Know exactly what this is all about, they know that having that extra person or two, or three in their bed is what it's all about.

We have a couple here looking for a gang bang, I know that men want it but haven't got the guts to approach this.
I know of one lady here that I met twice at our birthday bash, she knows exactly what swinging is, she wants to have fun with couples and singles and do so most weekends with no strings attached.

I know of another lady who has no intention of dating or looking for a relationship, she just wants fun with no commitment.
I know of many men that are the same.

People have also become couples in this scene but that has been after a fair while of meeting and realising that they were meant to be together.
What I am saying is, we have created a genuine safe site, where all accounts are real but this is a genuine swinging site not a dating site.
If you want dating then join a dating site.

The members we want here are swingers and swingers only, this is how it should be, it's about time people started having fun and enjoy what this life style has to offer.

It's great having a genuine site but we do need to realise why everyone is here and why you joined.
@Nigel&Julie it was actually you that got me thinking on this and I know you will see where I am coming from. x