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Swinging Etiquette

By Pearls · 18 April 2017 · Updated 9 February 2018 · ·
  1. Pearls

    Old fashioned I guess, keys in the bowl, pampas grass in the garden or a simple box of Omo in the window..
    How have we evolved from this?
    @cinnamon_giggles mentioned in a thread, How did we manage without internet?
    Do we still have the respect to ask permission off our partners to message another half of a partner?
    We do and it's often yes :whistle:
    Not that I have in a while may I say :whistle:
    So do you guys know about what is etiquette in the swinging scene?;)
    You and No longer with us like this.


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  1. Carpediem2008
    our first and only meet was an eye opener as we had originally agreed anything goes as long as everyone was happy to girls play and own partner fun....the other male kept asking permission to touch bex which took me back a little until i thought about it... its just good manners at the end of the day.xx
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