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The Future of Swinging 2021 & Onwards - Overview


The Future of Swinging 2021 & Onwards in the 21st Century.

Swinging itself as a community, has to change. It has to overcome some of its downfalls and pitfalls that it currently has.

Times have changed. People have changed. Society has changed and is ever changing. But lexicon is changing, attitudes are changing..
Since the Pandemic, we've realised what really is important to what is not. I mean, family and our homes, plus the work/life balance.
But there's also a more of a 'can do' attitude. More of a 'live your life to the fullest' approach.

The porn industry has boomed and as per, so has the look and approach of swinging.
More people want to explore their sexuality. More people want to explore sex, more people want to push the boundaries.
But with that comes warnings.
The oh so typical swinging labels, prejudices and stereotyping.

So let's explore some of these and put some to rest, at the same time in doing so - hopefully realise what needs to change to welcome the younger generation into this fun and liberating lifestyle.

Swinging is stereotyped for - fat, balding, seedy old men with their haggard wives.
Okay granted there are some of those around, ngl..
But overall, you will find that most people are your average couple/swingle, who puts effort into appearances, self grooming and making sure they're as presentable as if they would be out on a date.

But sites are filled with seedy old men who want to perv at my pics?
Yes, that also is true. But some sites tend to manage this and either eradicate the pic collectors, or push for those who feel uncomfortable - to actually block these members.
A lot of sites will always have those seedy people, it's par for the course, but an actively ran site, will help manage who is and who is not welcome.

Classiness to a site?
Yes. Some sites are just trash. They are trashy, they collect and gather trash.. Why? Because it makes money and lots of it!
Super League Money GIF by Anderson .Paak

Therefore your average site, doesn't give a damn about you or your problems. It's all about the money.
So choose wisely.

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Lips & Pearls. Just ordinary people, in a fun and entertaining lifestyle choice of Swinging.


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