Where to start? How did we begin this journey? This article is about our first steps into the swinging world.

One passionate evening, good food was eaten, copius amounts of alcohol was drunk and the evening turned into passionate intimate sex. The talking, giggling, slow exploration of each other, blindfolds, toys. The kind of evening you bring your 'A Game'. Amongst the passion Kaz says to me "I want you to watch me fuck another woman".
"Seriously?" I ask.
"Don't you want to?" She replied.
"Hell yeah!" I say enthusiasticly.

Kaz is Bi-polar and prone to changing her mind so the next day I asked her again and we talked at length about where to begin. We decided to sign up to some swinging websites. It's all just a bit of a laugh at this point.
We sent winks, likes, messages and we'd get emails from the websites. Drop dead gorgeous girls were messaging us but we had to pay to read the messages. We're not falling for that old trick, no thanks. We started getting bored of the idea and then we created an account on socialswinging.com.

This was different. Staff and members were greeting us on our profile. This felt much more personable. We were shy, polite as we found our feet. We found the chatrooms, nobody really chatted to us in there (although Kaz had a raunchy chat with another lady which resulted in me getting woken up with her lips around my old chap. I didn't complain).

Shortly after we were struck with a series of personal tragedies which made us forget all about swinging.

Six (ish) months later we start discussing it again and logged back on to the Socialswinging website. We were warmly welcomed back and pointed in the direction of the forums. We started chatting to people, getting to know them. We took our first steps creating a thread in the forums with the help and advice of the staff.

What was happening was unexpected. I had started coming out of my shell. More confident, cheeky and a bit boisterous. The most unexpected thing was that we were forming real friendships here and not just with ladies and couples either. We were wary about the other men on the site trying to get into Kaz's nix but most of the men we have spoken to have been perfect gents and will happily chat away to either one of us without trying to drag us to bed.

We started taking the site more seriously. We wrote a serious profile, we uploaded more personal pictures for our followers and we give money to support the site when we can. We were asked to go to a Social last year and meet everybody but we weren't ready for this step yet and everybody understood.

Kaz started with some personal health problems and took a step back from the site so at the moment I'm speaking for both of us. We agreed to go to the next Social in March but honestly I didn't think it would happen. I thought Kaz was losing interest and would change her mind. We had a talk and it turned out she just needed some reassurance and to establish some ground rules.

Well here we are. March is nearly upon us. The hotel is booked, we have applied to the VA for membership. Costumes are on the way. Kaz seems undeterred by it all. She is excited and looking forward to it. Full of confidence and no self doubt.
The cocksure persona I present is filled with paranoia. Am I too fat? Will people like me in person? Why do I have a daft accent? Will I make an arse of myself? Would anybody find me attractive? However I am looking forward to our first venture into a Swinging Club with a butterflies in my stomach kind of feeling.
We don't plan on swinging at this social. It's more about meeting and greeting the other members we've spoken to online but who knows what will happen.

Our journey is just beginning......

Baldrick x