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Biggest Misconceptions About Swinging..

By Admin · 9 March 2015 · Updated 10 February 2018 ·
  1. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Well I thought this would be a good thread to get going about misconceptions, that people have about the swinging world and swingers.

    I think, as mentioned to someone the other day, that some we've come across so far are;
    All women are bi.
    All men are straight.
    Swingers will shag anything that moves.
    There's no love or sex left in a marriage so it needs saving and spicing up.
    It's sex and only sex, there's no way there can be any connection...

    And so many more, but what do you think are the most common misconceptions in swinging?
  2. I think you have pretty much nailed it there, but don't forget ALL lady swingers are just there for the single guys to shag at any time!
    I so hope this site has a better standard of member than the other one I was on!
  3. Admin

    Admin Admin

    That is one of our main goals on here :serial_Flasher:
  4. Lips_Pearls

    Lips_Pearls PV Sprtr

    There's a lot of misconceptions on this. Vanilla folk eh? :D xx
    Need education in the ways of!
  5. Admin

    Admin Admin

    whay!! :D
    That's the way.. I'd definitely make that one for a coffee n croissant ;) Cheer you on see..
    As for Vanillas, aye I think so.. and we're all dirty bastids too.. :eek: :rolleyes: xx
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  6. Mingles

    Mingles VIP Member PV

    Agree and have heard all of the above so many times, but a biggy for me with all of the swingers, vanillas and newbies I talk to is "swinging isn't for single men and women!" Particularly the men seem to be amazed that there is a place for them in the lifestyle! I know the definition of swinging is essentially couples swapping but single men and women are an integral part of the scene......xxx
  7. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Agreed, I am amazed at the amount of responses we've had from single males; "Am I allowed to join the site" and "I thought it was couples only" .. I think the biggest concept that does need battling with single males/females, is that it's not like POF or where you're just picking up someone for a one night stand.
    Okay in one respect it is, but it's not to be mixed up with dating etc.. x
  8. Mingles

    Mingles VIP Member PV

    Oh I get my fair share of those when sorting out applications, have been asked all sorts of interesting things, and I'm like...."you might be better on a dating site" lol....xxx
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  9. ShhhAgonyAunt

    ShhhAgonyAunt ShhhAgonyAunt Staff

    It's such a vast area to cover.
    Everyone's so different, we all have our own reasons....
  10. I have to say, in the couple of weeks since we joined this site, our preconceptions have changed completely. We are pretty new to this and although we have been to many swinging clubs on BDSM nights, the idea of meeting in clubs for sex always came across as grubby and seedy, and the notion of a swinging site just made us think of a swathe of wanky old men and cock avatars. Boy were we wrong, this site is a delight to be on, loads of really nice people, helpful topics of conversation, fun, flirting and frivolity. We are still a fair way off going to a swinging night at a club, but this site has radically changed our views on swinging and the people who take part in it :)
  11. Admin

    Admin Admin

    That's one rather epic statement to make!
    Indeed, the total aim and ambition was to get away from the "Wanky old men and cock avatars" - swinging and swinging sites, needn't be trashy, smutty and downright degenerate.
    it CAN be classy (for some reasons which escape me, on other sites the term classy offends!) it can be upbeat, trendy and clean, presentable.. Doesn't need to be trashy or smutty whatsoever.

    The whole ethos for me and our aims, is to be distant from other sites and stand out. Be different, be unique and add some decorum to swinging online.
    This in my opinion, is a home from home for like-minded people and everyone is treated with dignity and respect, irrespective of race, colour, sexual persuasion - sexual preference.. Non discriminatory and open, but welcoming and friendly.

    I am so glad that your perceptions and views have been changed merely by our efforts, member efforts and the site as a whole.
    That's fantastic to hear. :)
  12. I think sometimes swingers can be a lot more choosy, than people can sometimes be.. After a drunken night out! :D
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  13. Hello you two!! Where on earth have you been?! X
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  14. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Who? :p
  15. snj


    What about you get raped when you walk through the doors of any club.
    All swinging women are body perfect 6' tall and blonde under 26
    Or worst of all...swingers are responsible for the rise in STI's
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  16. The-A-Team

    The-A-Team PV Sprtr

    We would agree with that wholeheartedly, the vanilla world is NOW, such a long way away for most of us, that you forget how hard vanilla singles perceive meeting people can be !! whilst we agree their are an awful lot of misconceptions towards swingers and the lifestyle they choose, (Most illustrated in earlier threads Lol), We are still convinced, its only a minority of them, that genuinely would not try this lifestyle if given the opportunity, but due to listening to a peer group that are there friends (And probably vanilla) they follow suit and believe and trust the misconceptions !! Such a shame xx
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  17. The-A-Team

    The-A-Team PV Sprtr

    On visits we've done to clubs here in the UK, its not at all like that, their is a confidence, to be honest, but also an etiquette that seems to be adhered to, however abroad, confidence levels are so much higher and etiquette not in view at all so its different ball game.
    You will find in the UK, an attraction will be sought first, before an approach is made, and others their will gauge how you react and your body language before making assumptions xxx (Hope that helps your nerves a little) xxx
  18. TheVA

    TheVA VIP Member PV

    YES YES YES.......tank heavens someone from the fet scene took a look with new eyes....join our mission, not to convert them but to make them see we're all the same but with different kinks
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  19. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Damn I missed some pretty epic posts here!
    Apologies @Mz-Zebo @zebo @The-A-Team and finally @TheVA

    Well as you may know, my opinion is that the two do meet and do/can crossover.
    Granted to two extremes of the spectrum perhaps not, but they can meet and be an umbrella phase of both spectrums.

    I think we should look at this in a different light and look at promoting it more.
    And specifically at @zebo and @Mz-Zebo I am soooo glad you joined and can see what we're steadily achieving here.
    Granted it may take some time for it to pay off for people, some sooner than others - but trust me, it will pay off for everyone,
    ;) x
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  20. I have to say that @TownhouseTwosome have had this type of crossover activity going on for some time with the '50 shades meets swingers nights', and other themes introducing the two sides to each other. As i alluded to in my previous comment we are certainly going to give swinging a try, and its not what we thought it would be after mingling with folks on here. So basically if you can educated us, then why not others. Even when i joined SS i would never have envisioned myself going to a swingers night at a club, and yet on Saturday we will be doing just that ( i'm still taking my toy bags to try to convert some swingers to BDSM though:) )
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  21. Therapon

    Therapon Admin Sprtr

    Have to agree this site is different and why I'm still here. I get fed up of hearing that the two approaches, fet and swinging do not mix. There are a few people I know from munches who are also involved in both scenes but they are few and far between but hopefully this site will help to change attitudes. This is the only site I've been on where I am happy to say I have an interest in both scenes.
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  22. Er... :eek:
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  24. You dont scare me, bring it on i tell ya.. bring it on :prrrp:
  25. Pussy :p
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